Is Chaaver Based On A True Story? Let’s Find Out 

Rebellious forces are sometimes destined to make some mistakes for their motive. Sometimes, they are behind the murder of a political persona. Recently, the Malayalam film industry has been blessed by a film called Chaaver. In this article, we will discuss if Chaaver is based on a true story or not.

The film shows us the story of a group of rebellions who become so active in there area that they murder a political figure. As a result, this causes a huge stir in that place and the group is now facing the consequences. Chaaver is one of those Malayalam action movies that came out recently. Soon after it’s release, the film gained huge attention and it made a lot of people curious. They want to know – is Chaaver based on a true story? In this article, we have addressed this issue and discussed about the story.

Is Chaaver Based On A True Story? Are The Rumours True?

In most of the times, when we start watching qa movie or series, we get absorbed by the plot. Even in case of action genre, the plot often attracts a lot of people. The same has happened with Chaaver – the audience is loving this action storyline. If you have watched south indian films before, you know how good they are with action sequences. They are probably the best ones to add spice to the screens with their action films. Now that the audience has seen Chaaver, everyone is busy expressing their own opinions about the plot of the film.

Although some people have been busy calling Chaaver an absurd and imaginary plot. Well, we will talk about the nature of the story soon, but let us address the reaction part first. Of course, there might be discrepancies regarding the nature of this story – some people might think that this movie is promoting violence. It’s not true because most of these south indian films always show bloodshed in action sequences. In fact, they are famous in showing such brutal scenes for ages now. Chaaver is not at all an exception and that’s why, most part of the audience is loving this movie from the moment it came out.

Numerous media sources have covered news about Chaaver and have recorded genuine reaction from the audience all around. This is one of the most trending political crime thriller movies in 2023. Since it has garnered this amount of attention, people are now curious about how real the story is. So, is Chaaver based on a true story? Well, the movie is not exactly connected to reality in all same ways. According to some, Chaaver is based on a true story. It is allegedly based on some Kerala rebels who fought the British. So in some way, Chaaver is based on a true story.

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Plot Of Chaaver: The Greatly Botched Political Massacre 

When the British came, the only way to put them down permanently was through rebellions and revolts only. If you have not watched this movie till now, after reading this article, you can decide if you will or not. Chaaver starts with a small group of goons who often get controlled by political situations. The story initially revolves around three people – Ashokan, Asif and Musthafa are the three goons. Somehow, they have done a political massacre which definitely have some connection. Ashokan, along with Asif and Musthafa have murdered a strong political figure.

Now, the wholw situation has caused a serious stir and that is the reason why the three men must find out a way to save themselves. As a result, Ashokan, Musthafa along with their friend Asif start to seek refuge and seek help from their trusted circle. Musthafa goes to Arun to seek medical support – Ashokan was somehow injured while he was trying to mend their vehicle. If he cannot recover, the trio will not be able to continue on their journey. Arun has his sources since his father was a great figure in the communist party in Kerala.

Till now, Arun is a bit suspicious of everything since he cannot understand why they must be on their way. On the other hand, someone is instructing Ashokan from behind the scenes. As the story rolls forward, the plot reveals that he is none other than a GK leader. Ashokan us following his orders the entire time and he is telling Arun and Musthafa to do the same. He told Arun to quickly wrap up his work since only after he is done, Ashokan will let him go. They hid the damaged jeep to find a place to rest and eat. Only then, Arun overhears Ashokan talking on call – they have mistakenly killed a Theyyam doer.

The Team Behind Chaveer And Official Streaming Platform Of The Movie

Tinu Pappachan has directed this Malayalam action thriller movie. Chaaver consists of actors like Manoj K.U., Arjun Ashokan, Anthony Varghese, Kunchako Boban, Rajesh Sharma, Deepak Parambol, Jayaraj Calicut, Sajin Gopu, Murukan Martin, Sangita Madhavan Nair, Anuroop P., Anand Balan, Arun Narayanan, and Joy Mathew. Chaaver came out on 5th October 2023 – although the makers planned it’s release on July, the film got delayed. If you want to watch Chaaver, please go to the Sony Liv platform.

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