How Did Barry Seal Die? Was That A Murder? Finding The Gospel!

Adler Berriman Seal, a private pilot, an army pilot, or a drug dealer. call him by any profession and you get to know about him. Barry Seal was an intelligent man who decided to not only fly planes but also behave as a smuggler. Duty of smuggling begins just a year after he is in for the job of the pilot. Everywhere, when children are asked to go join the army and serve their nation, one or two men like these come to give a wrong face to army men. 

Berry Seal was god gifted to be a pilot. as he started flying planes at the early age of 17 and 18. But here’s a saying, that if a person gets something easily, it is difficult for him to get it respected and honored. The same goes with Seal. Since he had the power to fly off at a young age, he became the youngest of all in the battalion to fly army lanes. What he did was terrible. Seal got indulged in the task of smuggling narcotics.

Previously he worked for a known drug dealer, and when Seal was caught he was fired from his job. But later Seal changed his mind and decided to work with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the reason is yet unknown. Seeing this the famous drug dealer he worked with, decided to kill him. Seal thus ended up his life in the year 1986. But why? To know this we are here. We will let you know why this young pilot became the reason for his own murder.    

How Did Barry Seal Die?

Barry Seal while working as a pilot in an army battalion decided on his own, to not work respectfully and instead opted for illegal terms for his job. Where, he decided to smuggle drugs for a known drug dealer, Medellin Cartel. But when Seal was caught red-handed, not only was he fired from the job, but was also been threatened by the Cartel and was soon murdered.

One day on 19th February 1986 when Seal was parking his car in the area he lived, a man turned off from another car and shot dead him out of revenge. It was later cleared that the murder was done by the paid killer of Cartel for he might leak his information and ruin his entire business. Thus Seal’s death was a complete attempted murder, with six bullets showing down on his chest.

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About Barry Seal’s Life & Work

Barry Seal was a citizen of Louisiana. He took birth to a couple, Benjamin Curtis Seal and Mary Lou, who had amazing skills of being a pilot since a very young age this led Seal to get himself being a certified pilot for private planes at the early age of 16, 17 & 18. Later in the next years of his life, he opted as an army pilot in the years 1960s. But with the good comes the bad. And the same happened with him. Instead of going with the respected job, Seal decided to join the drug traffickers.

Just after 5-6 years of his loyal job, Seal turned out a drug smuggler. Seal in the 70s & 80s joined with the Cartelgroup, the most known group of drug and narcotics smuggling. He imported drugs into the United States and also was a pilot of its army planes. Later in 1972, while Seal worked as a pilot in TWA. he was caught up from his smuggling job while he was on medical leave helping these smugglers. Seal was soon fired and was kept in the bureau all days for the investigation, where he said and accepted all his guilties. 

Reason For Seal’s murder

After Seal’s prosecutions and investigations, he was marked up as an informer for the Drug Enforcement Administration of the US. He worked as their group member and provided information for these drug smugglers. So before the law provided Seal some justice or gave him punishment, Seal was murdered. A group of paid killers took off the car, while he parked his car in his hometown and shot him dead. Barry Seal left the world on 19th February 1986 with six bullets shot in his chest and was dead on the spot of firing. He left behind his six children, from three different wives. The murderers were later arrested. 

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