What Happens At The End Of Uncle Frank? Spoilers And More! 

Enjoy the holiday season with some heart-warming movies. Written and directed by Alan Ball, a classic film from 2020 happens to be Uncle Frank! A mesmerising story of a professor who is still living in fear of his actual sexuality. The modern-age movie throws light on the difficulties faced by the LGBTQ+ community, particularly centred around people who have feelings for the same gender.  The good news is now you can even stream Uncle Frank on Amazon Prime Video. When the movie premiered on the giant screen, the audience was astonished by the impressive storyline and detailing of the film. 

Again, we were also moved to see the bond between Beth and Frank, the way both supported each other was truly commendable. When speaking of the uncle and niece, we definitely cannot forget about Wally! We bet none of the members of the Bledsoe family could have ever imagined or even thought that Frank was in a live-in relationship with a man for over 10 years! Well, the story is undoubtedly complex yet heart-touching. Thus, on popular request, here is all you need to know about the popular 2020 film, Uncle Frank. 

What Happens At The End Of Uncle Frank? Spoilers And More! 

What Happens At The End Of Uncle Frank? Spoilers And More! 

If you still haven’t watched this movie, then here are some reasons for you to do so. As we have already mentioned above, Uncle Frank is one of the most eye-catching movies on homosexuality. The ending of the film truly caught our attention the most. Daddy Mac died due to a sudden heart attack, and that was the sole reason why Frank and Beth were heading back home. But during this unplanned road journey, we saw some sweet and sour glimpses of Frank’s teenage years. Wally was not his first love. 

There was a guy named Samuel, with whom Frank had shared some cosy moments before. Initially, Frank had thought of spending his whole life with him. But then one fine day, his father caught them together. The inappropriateness of the moment made the whole thing even more terrific. Daddy Mac was clearly disappointed with his son and decided to disown him forever. He even went to an extent to say that his son is an abomination against God. To cope with these horrifying events, Frank even became an alcoholic. 

But then Wally entered his life and now he was trying to become a better person for him. Fast forwarding to the time when the trio reached their homeland! As usual, the story leads us towards the will of Daddy Mac. Shockingly enough Frank was not inheriting any of his father’s property. To his surprise, Daddy Mac had disclosed in his will that his son was homosexual! As the will was read out loud, everyone in the family was now aware of Frank’s real identity. 

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Was Frank Truly Responsible For Samuel’s Death?

What Happens At The End Of Uncle Frank? Spoilers And More! 

To some extent, yes, scared of his father, Frank eventually decided to cut off Samuel from his life forever. To do so, Frank told Samuel that their relationship was not at all acceptable in the eyes of God. Disheartened by Frank’s statements, Samuel decided to commit suicide. He eventually drowned in a nearby lake! But after knowing about it all, Frank started blaming himself. When everyone in the family was shocked by Frank’s sexuality, the professor thought of running away! 

As a result, Beth was highly worried for his uncle’s safety. It was quite obvious that Frank had been insulted and humiliated in a manner that none of us saw coming. Wally was well aware of his boyfriend’s past and finally went to the lakeside to check on Frank. But then they saw only his clothes and everyone was panicked by the thought that he was gone forever. But thankfully, Frank just took a long swim and eventually returned home. After an emotional yet chaotic brawl, Frank was finally back with Wally.

Did Frank Introduce Walid To His Family?

Coming to the very end of the popular film, we see how Frank decides to introduce Walid to his whole family. Unlike his father, Frank’s mother did not really question his sexuality or his relationship with Wally. Not only that, but even his siblings had no objection against his choice of living. Except for his brother-in-law, everyone in the house was very much content with his relationship. The ending clearly shows us that homosexuality is not a wrong choice. Just like heterosexuals they too deserve a chance to be heard! 

What Happens At The End Of Uncle Frank? Spoilers And More! – FAQs

1. Did Frank disclose his sexuality to his father?

Frank did not disclose his sexuality to his father, but unfortunately, he was caught red-handed. 

2. Did Frank die at the end of the popular film, Uncle Frank? 

No, Frank did not die at the very end of the popular film, Uncle Frank. 

3. Can you watch the popular film, Uncle Frank online?

Yes, the popular film, Uncle Frank is now available on Amazon Prime Video. 

4. Was Walid accepted by Frank’s family members?

To Frank’s surprise, his whole family did accept Walid as his partner. 

5. Was Frank truly in love with Samuel? 

Yes, Frank was truly in love with Samuel, but back then, he didn’t have much courage to accept the facts. 

6. Is Uncle Frank a modern-day film?

Yes, Uncle Frank is a modern-day film that tries to emphasise more on the problems faced by homosexuals. 

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