John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ Release Date & Spoilers Unveiled! 

There is absolutely no eye-witness here, no one saw the crime happening, and no one knew what happened at Dakota. If you are someone who is a die-hard fan of the Beatles, then you must remember the 8th of December, 2023. More than four decades ago, a crime happened, and the world had to face the loss of John Lennon. The most renowned singer of the popular rock band was shot down and the police were urgently called to solve the murder mystery. 

But the cops didn’t have to do much here, as the killer, Mark David Chapman surrendered himself without any further chaos! The killer’s attitude here was highly questionable. Moreover, because of a lack of evidence, David was also not charged with first-degree murder! The killer is still alive, and thus after years, the case has been reopened! John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ is about to premiere really soon and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. 

John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ Release Date & Spoilers Unveiled! 

John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ Release Date & Spoilers Unveiled! 

Your wait comes to an end, the documentary you all have been looking for is finally ready to be streamed on Apple TV+. Narrated by the very famous Kiefer Sutherland, “John Lennon Murder Without A Trial” Episode 1 is just around the corner. As per the information gathered by us, the three-part docu-series has been scheduled for this Wednesday. Get ready to learn more about John Lennon’s murder. 

The title of the documentary says it all. The audience, particularly fans of Lennon, are surely looking to see some shocking revelations here. The very first episode, titled “The Last Day” is ready to premiere on 6 December 2023! Hopefully, with this intense investigation, some of the confusion and controversies around Lennon’s murder will be cleared up forever. 

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John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ Spoilers – What Originally Happened At The Crime Scene? How Was Lennon Shot? 

As the title suggests, we do think that the docu-series will start from the morning of the 8th of December 1980. This was Lennon’s very last day on Earth! Sources revealed that it was around morning time when Lennon met his killer for the very first time. Chapman indeed planned it all very well, after all, for months he was busy stalking him. Initially, Chapman introduced himself as his big fan and also made John Lennon sign a copy of Double Fantasy. 

At that moment, John did not hesitate much as he was always seen to be excessively humble and kind towards his fans. Sources further revealed that the following evening Lennon was also seen at the Record Plant! He was supposedly working on a new project. Moving ahead to what happened next, we did hear that later that night, Lennon and his wife Yoko were heading back to Dakota. 

After meeting their beloved son, the couple again planned to head out to grab some food at Stage Deli. But this time, when they walked out of Dakota, John felt a bit uneasy to see Chapman again! Lennon’s intuition was not wrong. As he passed Chapman for the very last time, five bullets were shot at him! Unfortunately, the singer couldn’t be saved, but the murder remains a huge mystery for all of us. 

John Lennon Murder Without A Trial – Cast & More!

John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ Release Date & Spoilers Unveiled! 

Get ready to witness some of the most eye-catching interviews of people who have delivered their testimonies against Chapman. From Synder to Dr. Naomi Goldstein, everyone has shared their part of the story. Before dropping David at Dakota, Synder clearly remembered his words. Who could have thought that this man was not joking? Again, Elliot Mintz and Jay Hastings are also a part of this docu-series. David Suggs, Chapman’s defence attorney, has also been given a chance to speak up here! 

The psychiatrist, Dr. Naomi who tried to analyse Chapman’s mental state will share her thoughts on this whole case. Before going all mad and killing John, Chapman was seen to be a loyal Beatles fan. But then some of Lennon’s thoughts and views made him change his mind. The way Chapman behaved in front of cops, jury or even Lennon is clearly not natural human behaviour. As per our anticipation, there are still some hidden truths here. Moreover, Richard Peterson, another NYC taxi driver who was present at the crime scene will also be a part of the documentary. 

John Lennon Murder Without A Trial Episode 1: ‘The Last Day’ Release Date & Spoilers Unveiled! – FAQs

1. Is Mark David Chapman still in jail?

Yes, Mark David Chapman is still in jail. 

2. Was Lennon truly killed by Mark David Chapman?

Yes, Lennon was originally shot down by Mark David Chapman. 

3. Is Mark David Chapman an unstable human being?

Some of his thoughts are highly questionable, thus, many say that Mark David Chapman is an unstable human being. 

4. Did John Lennon truly commit suicide?

The popular Beatles singer, John Lennon did not commit suicide. 

5. Is the most awaited documentary, “John Lennon Murder Without A Trial” releasing this week?

Yes, “John Lennon Murder Without A Trial” will be released this week, particularly on the 6th of December 2023. 

6. Can you watch all episodes of “John Lennon Murder Without A Trial” online?

Yes, all the episodes of “John Lennon Murder Without A Trial” can be viewed online, exclusively on Apple TV+. 

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