Is My Fault A Spanish Movie? Detailed Explanation Of The Film!

Amazon Prime Video on June 8, 2023, released a family drama Spanish film “My Fault”. Now with the title of the film, it becomes hard to know if it is an English or Spanish film. Well, people thought by the name, and that the film was released in AMzon Priem Video, it might be in global language English. To clear this query we are back here with another article. So we will be today discussing whether the film was released in English or Spanish.

Also as we have come up with this new amazing film, we won’t let you go simply. We will also let you know everything about the film from its title explained, to the film’s storyline, and of course the cast members of the film. Well, as said the film is a family drama, and so it revolves around a small family, thus it doesn’t involve much of the cast. Rather a small sweet group of family and friends, complete this dramatic film from Spain.

So let us not waste a moment and spare much time of yours. Instead, delve deep into the film’s storyline and of course know if our fans can watch it in other languages or not. And if not what will be the alternative to know the film’s plot and about its characters? 

Is My Fault A Spanish Movie?

My Fault was released on the OTT platform on Amazon Prime Video. With the release of the film, when fans got to know that the film here is in Spanish and not in English, they got quite worried. Is the film released only in Spanish? Or will their wait to see the film in the English language be worth it?

Well, the answer to this is quite heartbreaking as the filmmakers have originally released the film in Spanish and haven’t made any mind of releasing it in English language as well. But for the fans who wanna know about the film, we will be covering it in our article. By which you will get a complete outlook of the film, including its cast members. 

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My Fault Storyline

My Fault begins showing a teenage girl, Noah who has to leave her hometown, boyfriend, and best friend behind, to get shifted with her mom and her newly rich husband to another city. Noah was never interested in leaving the city and the old house. she is even happy here in her new house with her new family, as she hates her stepbrother Nick. Soon, her new father William, and her mother Rafella organized a dinner party at home to know each other.

Nick and Noah always had fights among themselves. One day by mistake Noah was brought into Nick’s party where she became friends with him. Soon Noah was introduced to Nick’s friends, Ronnie Jeebna, Lion, and Anna. Noah by her attitude impressed everyone and took a chance to enter his friend’s circle, by which she was known about Nick completely. Now enters her ex-father, Jonas who was trying to take revenge for Noah and Rafella. while Nick and his father William were there for the ladies saving them from all the threats. soon Nick and Noah fell in love with each other and later broke off due to their differences.

Later as we move forward in the film, Jonas kidnaps Noah and is in search of her mother too. But he planned a murder and in that plan got stuck on his own. As Nick came up – with a cop and shot dead Jonas. This impressed Noah and her mother, and Ncok and Noah started dating and all of them lived happily ever after. this is when the film ended, showing a message of love among the families. No matter how much you fight inside your home, you must be together helping each other at their worst. 

Cast Of My Fault

The film as said earlier is a complete family drama film, which involves only a small number of friends and family in the entire film. thus the cast of the film involves Noah by Nicole Wallace, Nick by Gabriel Guevara, William by Ivan Sanchez, Rafella by Marta HAzas, Ronnie by Fran Berenguer, Lion by Victor VArona, Jenna by Eva Ruiz and Jonas by Ivan Massague. They all are the main cast of the film.

Where Is It Streaming

My Fault is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from 8th June, 2023.

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