The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2: Will This Ever Come Out?

Very rarely, spin-off series taste success – but if you had a successful animated spin-off series, would you watch it? Netflix has come up with such an anime series called Case Closed : The Culprit Hanzawa. In this article, we will be discussing about The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2.

Imagine doing your dream job, becoming the one you always wanted to be when you were young. Have you ever heard of someone who wanted to be a criminal when he grows up? The Culprit Hanzawa shows us the story of a man who grows up to become a successful criminal. Well, he does not terrorise people around, but his works are indeed, disturbing and hilarious. People have loved this spin-off series and they want to see more of this on screen. Many of them are asking about The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2 and it’s release date.

The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2: Considering The Possibilities

Childhood dreams are often the first ones that you shake off from your mind in order to pursue your career. And as time passes, they barely even stay up there in our minds as we start to age. Probably the luckiest ones are people who turned their dreams into their profession. The Culprit Hanzawa Season 1 tells us the story of such a man who could turn his dream into reality. But this is not at all as you all are thinking – he became an anti-social in life. This hilarious animation series has definitely caused a big stir among all the viewers out there. 

Very rarely we get a series that excells in keeping us glued to our seats as well as fall out of our seats laughing. The Culprit Hanzawa Season 1 is one of the most funny and weird plots to exist out there. You must have watched the anime franchise of Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa? Well, just in case you missed watching it, let me remind you. It is one of the best comedy animes and favourite anime of a lot of otakus. Case Closed: The Culprit Hanzawa is a spin-off series that starts off from a sub-plot of that anime franchisee. Most of the audience have loved The Culprit Hanzawa Season 1.

Viewers have watched both of these two series’ and expressed their opinions regarding them. According to the viewers, they will do anything to see the hilarious and rude criminal doing his deeds on screen again. As a result, here comes the question of another season from Netflix. Will there ever be The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2? Did Netflix cancel this series just after one season? As of now, we do not have any official news about The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2. If Netflix announces, we will definitely update you with all the new information we will get about this.

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The Culprit Hanzawa: A Successful Spin-off By Netflix

Imagine a criminal being brutal but his tactics being very funny. The Culprit Hanzawa revolves around the life of such a man – Hanzawa is someone who has always longed to become a criminal. That’s why he is out to seek his first ever kill in the most brutal way possible. Hanzawa is looking for a man who himself is quite enigmatic in nature. How he will find him or how Hanzawa will try to take his life is indeed interesting for all of us. Since he has vowed to murder him in the most brutal way possible, you will be glued to your seats.

As a result, Hanzawa chooses a town where crime is absolutely reckless and any criminal roams free. There is no law there, and justice system remains rigged to let crime flow like a river. He arrives in Beika Town in search of that enigmatic man whom he targets to brutally massacre. But here lies the main twist – by nature, Hanzawa keeps a mask on his face. He wants people to take him seriously and treat him like a dangerous person. Hanzawa is of course quite brutal, but on the inside, we get to see his softer side often.

Whatever he does, in most of the cases, Hanzawa will make you roll down in laughter as while watching the series. Before watching all the episodes, the series starts to become a bit difficult for us to understand. We do not get to know much about the man who was Hanzawa’s target. In fact, we even fail to understand even why Hanzawa wants to kill that particular man out of everyone else. In the beginning, he faces a lot of problems to stay in that town. But as time passes, Hanzawa chalks out his plans to kill his victim.

The Team Of Voice Actors Behind The Culprit Hanzawa And Official Streaming Platform

Shouta Aoi leads this japanese anime series by voicing Hanzawa. Other notable voice actors include Minami Takayama, Kenichi Ogata, Inori Minase, Wakana Yamazaki, Megumi Urawa, and Rikiya Koyama. As long as the studio does not announce anything regarding The Culprit Hanzawa Season 2, you can rewatch the first one. All the 12 episodes are available for you to stream online in case you have not seen it yet. To watch The Culprit Hanzawa Season 1, please head on to Netflix.

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