Rick And Morty Season 8 Release Date: Are They Returning?

An eccentric alcoholic scientist and his curious cat of a grandson – does this sound like a good team? Even if they don’t, Rick and Morty have been successful in keeping us happy since they have been here. In this article, we will talk about the probable release date of Rick And Morty Season 8.

The story of Rick and Morty revolves mainly around a mad scientist and his grandson’s weirdest adventures. This show does not stop here, and as we move forward, things start to get more chaotic than it seems. Rick and Morty has managed to capture the hearts of a lot of viewers who chooses to watch science fiction. The series has a huge fan following and a lot of them want to know if there is a new season coming up. They want to know more about it and Rick And Morty Season 8 release date.

Rick And Morty Season 8 Release Date: Exploring The Chances

Have you watched any science fiction movies or stories that revolve around this genre? If you have watched them and love the science fiction category, then you should definitely check out Rick and Morty. Usually, animated series have a big chance for falling off due to a lot of factors in the long run. The biggest enemy is however, not continuity errors, but the main plot. As more episodes keep on coming up, at times, the creators might repeat some parts. Often, we see that the huge expanse of sub-plots makes the main plot lose it’s importance.

But Rick and Morty have managed to cross all paths to becomes one of the greatest animated science fiction series to exist out there. Honestly, after being a fan of this series for all these years, I can assure you. At first, you will feel how weird the plot is. But in the end, I am sure that you will start to get amazed by Rick and Morty. Till now, the studio has released seven seasons, and every episodes are full of surprises. If you have watched Rick and Morty, you already know how good the animated series is. Apart from some minor downsides, all the seasons have immense viewership as well as popularity.

The series has ranked at number 4 for the most searched adventureous series that falls under science fiction category. This adult animation series has always come up with something new going on in Rick and Morty’s lives. After having seven seasons, fans are excited and they are craving for their favourite characters to come back for one more season. So, what is Rick And Morty Season 8 release date? When will they actually release the new season? As of now, we just have Season 7 with us. There is no official update about Rick And Morty Season 8 release date. Season 7 will end on 3rd December 2023.

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Rick And Morty: An Amazing Mind Boggling Saga

Have you ever dreamt of travelling back in time or even forward in time? Or, let’s say, travelling further in space and roam around in an exotic planet with the weirdest looking creatures around you? Although this might seem a near impossible thing for most people, this is actually what a normal day looks like in Rick and Morty’s lives. This adult science fiction animation deals with the lives of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Rick Sanchez has always been this eccentric, sharp brained nihilistical scientist. Throughout his life, Rick has spent his life behind weird looking inventions.

For two decades, Rick was away from his home busy with his research stuff. After 20 years, Rick’s daughter suddenly spotted the old scientist back in their home porch. Within a few days, Rick managed to install a fully functional laboratory in the Garage of the house. As more days passed, Rick spent his time inventing more and more stuff that brought nothing but chaos. All these machines have not helped humanity or developed into some aid for humanity at all. They have just impressed Morty Smith, or Morty, who happens to be Rick’s grandson. 

Morty is not that experienced since he is yet to grow up fully. Almost every slight thing makes Morty sweat and shake with tension and distress. But he is probably the most curious and coward boy who is living on Earth. Together, Rick and Morty often steps foot in parallel dimensions or alternate realities. With the help of Rick’s invention, the duo can open doorways to anywhere. It just takes just some seconds to reach the furthest ends of galaxies or even the dangerous planets. Rick can even shrink Morty down to an ant, whereas Morty once got overpowered by a strange gem.

The Team Behind This Show And Official Watching Platform 

Justin Roiland has done an awesome job for lending his voice as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Other notable voice actors behind the show include Spencer Grammer, Alfred Molina, Jordan Peele, David Cross, Dan Hermon, Kali Wahlgren, Kurtwood Smith, Chris Parnell, Nolan North, Phil Hendrie, Ryan Ridley, Brandon Johnson, Echo Callum, Maurice LaMarche, Cassie Steele, and Clancy Brown. All the seven seasons of Rick and Morty are available for streaming online. Unless Rick And Morty Season 8 release date is announced, you can watch them. If you want to watch Rick And Morty, please head on to Netflix.

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