Big Mouth Season 8 Release Date: Will It Come Back?

Do you remember the difficulties you faced while you were growing up? Especially the time when you were going through puberty? The adult animated series Big Mouth focuses on this time that comes in everyone’s life. In this article, we will talk about the release date of Big Mouth Season 8.

Animated series’ are very much fun to watch – they are the best when it comes to cracking risky jokes or expressing something. As a result, the audience loves them when an interesting series comes up. The same has happened with Big Mouth and people are very excited. They want to know about Big Mouth Season 8 release date and more about the series itself.

Big Mouth Season 8 Release Date: One Final Run

If you are a fan of this series, and you are here, then you must have watched all the seasons till now. Big Mouth is a great blend of creativity, entertainment and adult humour. Just in case the name still appears new to you, please do not worry. After reading this article and knowing about the story a bit, you can start watching from the first season. The thing about animated series is that, we never understand how good the plot is. The writers weave them with good care and they refuse to leave any plot hole. Otherwise it will affect the franchise in the long run.

Look at Family Guy – the show has been running for so long now. This is entirely due to the creativity of the makers. The writers and animators have done a very good job at it (writers especially). Big Mouth has also been successful in it’s venture. The studio have given us 7 seasons till now. According to most of the viewers, Big Mouth has been absolutely amazing with the comedic timings. They have carried the plot for each season quite beautifully and this is why their viewership has gone up with every new season that has came out.

For the past few months, netizens and mostly fans of Big Mouth has expressed their love for the series. They have been quite expressive with their needs and even after 7 seasons, the fans want another one. So, what is Big Mouth Season 8 release date? Is the series coming back sooner than expected? Well, as of now, there is no official Big Mouth Season 8 release date. Netflix renewed the series for one final run. The studio has confirmed this news via an article on Deadline. Big Mouth will return for its eighth and last season but Netflix have not announced the release date yet.

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Big Mouth: Story Of Teenagers Going Through Puberty

Unless you have not watched a single episode of Big Mouth, you must have known the story. But now that you are here, I assume that you must have gone through the first few portions of this article. When we were young, we have often wondered how does it feel to become a grown up. As teenagers, often we have felt terrible while going through a certain phase. Puberty is actually a blessing for all of us in the long run, but trust me, that phase was horrible. In Big Mouth, the cartoon teenagers are also suffering from the same issue. They are going through puberty and life is no longer easy.

The animation series revolves around this group of teenagers who are slowly growing up. They are studying in the 7th grade of their school, they are experiencing new things as days are passing. Andrew is prominently struggling to control his demons while he is going through puberty. These times are weird because the teenagers are trying their best to control their sexual arousal. Mainly, they are trying to stay away from sexual activities and mastrubation. Andrew is friends with Jessi and Nick – all three of them are really having a hard time to lead a peaceful life. 

In their way, the group faces a lot of things. Some of them turn out to be good, while most of their encounters turn out to be disastrous. Big Mouth is set in the Winchester County. In the end, Jessi and Nick starts being together with one another. As Andrew, Jessi and Nick roam around the suburbs of New York City, they come across strange events on their path. They see a pillow which can conceive, a ghost figure of Ellington, and a strange Statue Of Liberty. The animated series has wonderfully expressed its ideas wither through personification or objectification. 

The Team Behind Big Mouth And Official Watching Platform

The animation series has a lot of comedians and celebrities as voice actors behind the scenes. Notable names include John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, Fred Armisen, Jordan Peele, Jason Mantzoukas, Maya Rudolph, Jessi Klein, Ayo Edebiri, Joe Wengert, Jenny Slate, Andrew Rannells, Jon Daly, Paula Pell, Seth Morris and June Diane Raphael.

All the seven seasons have immense viewership and have been enjoyed by the viewers. Unless Netflix confirms Big Mouth Season 8 release date, we cannot update you. If you want to watch this series, please head on to Netflix.

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