Obliterated Season 2 Release Date: An Intriguing Storyline

Even after saving the world from danger, what if you came to know that all those efforts want absolutely in vain? You would feel scared, shocked and frustrated, right? Obliterated is a television series that shows such an example. In this article we will talk about Obliterated Season 2 release date.

The plot revolves around a team of specialists who have assembled in order to carry out a mission. But just after getting successful in their venture, they learn that the entire target was a misdirection from the real threat. This thrilling plot of Obliterated has definitely caused a stir among the series watchers. As a result, many people have become fan of this show. Most of them are currently curious about the release date of Obliterated Season 2 and the fate of the franchise.

Obliterated Season 2 Release Date: Will This Return Again?

If you are a regular Netflix watcher, then you already know the variety of stories the platform has presented us through all this time. We have seen interesting stories, action movies, web series that have twists and turns in the plot. You must have noticed the trailer of Obliterated coming out a few weeks ago. Soon after the studio decided to release it, the trailer gained pretty much good amount of views on YouTube. The series revolves around a team of experts who went on a mission to disable an explosive. Just when they thought they have successfully done their job, they got disheartening news.

Somehow, they have failed in their mission and now they must carry it out again in order to save the day. Obliterated keeps the essence of mystery till the last episode of Season 1 along with a constant what if that wanders in our minds. The series is definitely engaging and worth giving a rewatch after all the episodes have come out. Regarding the plot, let me admit one thing first – we did not expect such a beautiful blend of thriller, comedy and lots of action scenes. Usually action thrillers suck when it comes to properly timing comedy, but Obliterated does the job pretty well.

The series makes sure that it will get enough viewers for the first season. Now that the title has gained enough attention, many viewers are wondering about the fate of it already. So, what is Obliterated Season 2 release date? Is this series going to get axed by the studio? As of now, there’s no official news about Obliterated Season 2 release date. First two episodes of season 1 are coming out on 30th November. Let’s see all the episodes and watch how the elite force solves the problem. If there are loose ends, we will definitely get Obliterated Season 2 release date.

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Story Of Obliterated: The Devil’s Worst Trick

If you see a series of elite marksmen handling a dangerous situation, you will definitely get relieved. You will start to think that everything will soon be under control because of your trust in the team. But Obliterated Season 1 shows us the worst thing you can ever imagine regarding a situation. The series revolves around a group of people who belong from the United States Army. They are all trained and have enough tactical experience to eliminate any threat to the modern world. This time, they are out to eliminate a bomb that has been set by a terrorist.

Although there were some hiccups regarding teaming up or setting appropriate strategies, the team finally reach the spot where the bomb remained. Someone has carefully hidden it in plain disguise but the team is able to spot the explosive. Soon, they assemble together and within a matter of time, they are successful in their mission. Since the group belongs from the Armed Personnels of the United States Army, they were quick to pick up the pace and respond accordingly. When they finally diffuse the bomb, all the team members were relieved and they went on to celebrate.

After a hard day at work, they become busy partying in that town. A crazy celebration full of alcohol, sex, fun follows throughout the whole night. Just when they thought it is all over, a mysterious phone call breaks their sphere of happiness. One stranger informs that they have diffused a fake bomb. The real bomb is still planted in Las Vegas – time is clicking away and it will explode anytime. Now, the team has to shake off all the blues to focus on this mission. If they fail this time, nobody would be able to save Sin City from crumbling down.

The Team Behind Obliterated And Official Streaming Platform Of The Show 

The creators of Cobra Kai has blessed this show with their creativity. Obliterated Season 1 has a star studded cast of Nick Zano, Shelley Hennig, C. Thomas Howell, Alyson Gorske, Paola Lazaro, David Costabile, Kimi Rutledge, Terrence Terrell, Lindsey Kraft, Tobias Jelinek, Eugene Kim, Ivan G’Vera, Keston John, and Costa Ronin. The first season is coming out soon on 30th November 2023. As long as it does not end, we will not get any update regarding Obliterated Season 2 release date. If you want to watch Obliterated, please head on to Netflix.

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