She Must Be Obeyed Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled?

People who are desperate to succeed in the star studded world of entertainment often become desperate to gain fame. They forget that it is impossible to bribe your way up and there are always downsides of taking shortcut routes. She Must Be Obeyed tells us such a story.

The plot is about an artist who is trying her best to succeed and be popular. But one incident completely changes her life and her fate forever. This web show is one of the most brilliant realistic takes about being famous. Within a very short period of time, this drama rose to the top list of dramas. It gained views and gradually, a good fan following as days passed. Now, people want to know if there is any sequel to that. In this article, we will talk about She Must Be Obeyed Season 2 release date and the series itself.

She Must Be Obeyed Season 2 Release Date: Will It Actually Happen?

The main purpose of a webseries is to keep you engaged and totally charmed, isn’t it? Well, with the arrival of so many stars in the sky, every now and then, you might feel like the charm has been lost. For this reason, every screenwriter does their best to develop a well knit piece of plot. But just in case the director fail to maintain a proper pace, the plot will eventually fail to keep it’s viewers with them. She Must Be Obeyed have excelled pretty well in this field I must say.

The first Season revolves around the idea of another side of the glittering coin. It shows us an unseen side, a darker side of stardom that we have never seen in our life. Every people who are up there, regularly seen on the news or social media, a thousand camera flashes scorch their faces. And if one single thing goes wrong, they lose their respect forever. Webseries entertain us, I get it. But sometimes, it is necessary to address facts instead of just pure entertainment.

Apart from getting praises for being an innovative piece, people have called it a splendid drama. They have praised it for giving them a feeling – something that feels very relatable even if it has not happened to yourself. That’s why many of them are wondering – what can be She Must Be Obeyed Season 2 release date? Did the studio delay this sequel? Right now, we can’t update you with an official She Must Be Obeyed Season 2 release date. We are speculating mid 2024 for this sequel. The studio is yet to provide us with a confirmation.

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She Must Be Obeyed: The Darkest Side Of Stardom

It is normal to long for being successful and famous in your life. You must have thought about the attention you will get and how far your life will evolve. But have you ever thought about what artists go through daily? This drama sets a good example for everyone out there who is desperate for fame. The show revolves around Siyanbola Adewale, who happens to be the main character of this web series. She is an artist who specialises in Afro Beats music. Siyanbola was one of those people who can do anything just to gain a top position in stardom.

SHE won great accolades after she amazed the audience in the Ultra Music Awards of Nigeria. Just like any other industries, in this music industry, there are rivals too. X-Cite and Tito, who does not like Siyanbola’s performance that night had something in their minds too. But, if you start thinking that Siyanbola is just a victim of hatred here, you will miss out a lot. She has gone up the stairs through manipulating a lot of people on her way who also wanted to earn their spots.

No matter how friendly or how wholesome people are, Siyanbola keeps on exploiting them in different ways. Her manipulative nature has not only helped her gaining new heights with her fame, it also helped her gaining new enemies. In that show, after some time, some of them decided to expose SHE. Slowly, her dark side and toxic nature started to come out in front of the audience. Her PRs fail to check a video of her bad behaviour goong viral. Now that people have seen it, Siyanbola will have a really hard time.

The Team Of People Behind This Drama And Official Streaming Platform 

The series consists of a set of nigerian actors who have done a pretty good job with their performances. Notable cast members include Funke Akindele, Nancy Isime, Lateef Adidimeji, Chiwetalu Agu, Tobi Makinde, Ime Bishop Umoh, Adunni Ade, Rachael Okwonkwo, Ali Nuhu, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Shaffy Bello, and Akah Nnani. This drama has 5 episodes and it came out in 2023, this year. Although we do not have any official news about She Must Be Obeyed Season 2 release date, you can start with the first season. If you want to watch She Must Be Obeyed, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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