Taranath Tantrik Season 2 Release Date: Sequel To The Classic Bengali Horror

Mystery and dark sorcery arts go hand in hand especially when the society is in peril. Just in case you were thinking about watching a bengali web series of this genre, I guess Taranath Tantrik will be the best for you. In this article, we will talk about Taranath Tantrik Season 2 release date and discuss about the story.

The story revolves around a man who practices dark arts and occult plays. He is on a mission because the fate of a famine-ridden society is resting on his shoulders. Taranath Tantrik has been one of those most dominating mystery fantasy stories in bengali as of now. There are audiobooks of this topic but this web series has risen to the top due it’s top-notch depiction of the story. It has gained a huge fandom and now, many of them are currently searching for the release date of Taranath Tantrik Season 2.

Taranath Tantrik Season 2 Release Date: Is It In The Works?

Those who gave read bengali novels, all of them have admired the works of Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. Although Bibhutibhushan waa extremely rational in his real life, he still had faith on things beyond science. He used to believe in different occults and forbidden art practices. The legend of Taranath Tantrik was created by Bibhutibhushan. After his death, his son Taradas Bandopadhyay did a great job in honouring his father’s works. His novels are not just books, they are journeys and once you start reading them, there is no going back. Taranath Tantrik had been one of his most successful creations till date. 

The character itself is so enigmatic, shadowy, grey and adventurous, that it can easily capture a reader’s attention. The first season of Taranath Tantrik focuses on an unseen side of the character. Thanks to director Qaushik Mukherjee, or as you know him, Q, who amazes the audience with a lot of his works. Q has portrayed a different side of Taranath in this web series. Rather, he has stated his take on the entire character in the form of a series which has been praised by a lot of critics. He has kept the main basis mostly on the different types of short stories about Taranath Tantrik. All the actors have given their best to take Season 1 to the next level.

Q and his brilliance recieved a lot of praises after all the episodes of Taranath Tantrik Season 1 came out. Now that it has been 4 years after the first season came out, people are curious about the fate of this series. So, what is Taranath Tantrik Season 2 release date? Was it renewed or cancelled? It’s not that Q covered all short stories of Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay on the character. But right now, there is no official update about Taranath Tantrik Season 2 release date. There is definitely a door open for Q to return with Taranath Tantrik.

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Taranath Tantrik: Story Of The Enigmatic Leader Of Dark Worlds

History has shown a lot of unfortunate and chaotic incidents – where people have died, wars have broken out. Bengal (then undivided) faced a series of bad times that left everything scattered and everyone in a hopeless state. Taranath Tantrik Season 1 takes us back to the 1930s where Bengal is dreading it’s future. A dangerous famine has hit the lands and people are losing their lives faster than a plague. In the meantime, the second World War is approaching with its open fangs and claws.

Taranath Tantrik is an occult practitioner who practices dark arts and mysterious magic that transcends beyond realms. His world collides with different worlds around him as he walks in the edges of all of them with his otherworldly mind. In Q’s web series, the shadowy enigmatic tantra-purush stays in his humble abode with his only daughter. But his introduction does not come exactly after the story starts. Bibhutibhushan along with his friend Shankar comes to visit Taranath since he was blowing up for his astrological predictions about different things.

Only for a cigarette and a cup of tea, Taranath offers to share his life’s stories. He starts telling about his adventures into haunted places and experiments with forbidden dark arts. In the series, Taranath Tantrik first shared his childhood experience with unexplainable powers. He was on the verge of a deadly flu and he had no scope of getting good medicines. At that time, he started to practice tantra and through his mastery, he cured the incurable disease. The web series then shifts to an older Taranath sitting in his room with daughter Chari reminiscing about all the things he have been through.

The Crew Of This Bengali Web Series And Official Streaming Platform

Director Q has excelled again with his use of realism along with monochrome visuals. Koushik Roy leads the series as the young Taranath Tantrik while Jayant Kripalani plays the adult version of Taranath. Other notable cast members include Satrajit Sarkar, Joyraj Bhattacharji, Uma Banerjee, Geetanjali Dang, and Saloni Pandey. All the episodes are 18 to 20 minutes long and they have preserved the enigmatic essence perfectly. As long as we do not get any news about Taranath Tantrik Season 2 release date, you will have to wait. If you want to watch Taranath Tantrik, please head on to Hoichoi.

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