How To Fight Chapter 197 Release Date & Spoilers! Is The Manga Series Coming To An End? 

It seems like this manga series will go beyond 200 chapters. If you are someone who has been following this story from the beginning, then you already know by now that the release date for Chapter 197 is finally out. It’s high time now, the readers have already begun their countdown. Brimming with mystery, adventure, action, and suspense, yet again our eyes have stopped on another compelling manga tale. 

After witnessing Song Tae Hoon’s critical condition, many fans have started to think that we are nearing the end of this manga series. Well, a lot of questions have hovered in our minds, and the readers are definitely curious to know whether Song Tae Hoon will ever get up again or not. Those deadly injuries are quite worrisome. Again, we cannot forget the fact that Song Tae Hoon has lost a good amount of blood! Keeping everything in mind, here is everything we have gathered so far about How to Fight Chapter 197. 

How To Fight Chapter 197 Release Date & Spoilers! Is The Manga Series Coming To An End? 

How To Fight Chapter 197 Release Date & Spoilers! Is The Manga Series Coming To An End? 

With Chapter 197 just around the corner, the readers are undoubtedly excited and pumped to see what lies ahead in the future of Song Tae Hoon. The intense conversation that happened between Song Tae Hoon and his dad was definitely noteworthy. It seems like Yoo Hobin has decided to take all the blame on himself. His regret is so much that now he doesn’t know what to do next. As they took Song Tae Hoon to the hospital, we saw the doctors giving their final words! 

This brings us down to How To Fight Chapter 197. The time has come when we chant the final countdown for the latest chapter of this thriller manga series. How To Fight Chapter 197 is all set and scheduled to roll out on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2023. For fans around India, Europe, the Pacific, New York, the Philippines, and Singapore, you all can read Chapter 197 from the 2nd of September itself. While for other timezones, namely, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Australia, the same will be available from the 3rd of September 2023. 

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Get A Quick Flashback Of How To Fight Chapter 196! 

Before we head to the latest chapter, let us quickly give you a recap of the previous chapter. Song Tae Hoon is currently caught up between life and death. Even the doctors are not sure about his recovery. There is also a possibility that he may not rise at all. Upon knowing that Song Tae Hoon might soon be dead, Yoo Hobin felt helpless and started to blame himself. Since Song Tae Hoon was the one who saved his life, he is surely feeling highly miserable and devastated. But despite being in one of the worst scenarios possible, Song Tae Hoon managed to calm them down! 

He assured his dad and Hobin that no matter what comes, he will try to survive till the end. Moreover, Lee Jinho is also under our radar! Since he fired the shot, Han Jaewoong is very much angry with him. It seems like things may soon turn upside down, the congressman is surely worried about his reputation. Lastly, Han Jaewoong has clearly stated that he wants Song Tae Hoon to get the best medical treatment possible. After all, at this crucial moment, he cannot afford to lose public support! 

How To Fight Chapter 197 Spoilers And More! 

How To Fight Chapter 197 Release Date & Spoilers! Is The Manga Series Coming To An End? 

Is Song Tae Hoon going to survive? Will this manga end with Chapter 200? What will happen to Han Jaewoong’s reputation? Will Lee Jinho be punished for the crime he has committed? Most importantly, is Lee Jinho planning to murder Han Jaewoong? Well, all these questions can only be answered through the latest chapter of this thriller. Hopefully, the story won’t end that soon. 

In Chapter 197, we might again hear about Lee Jinho’s corrupt organization! It seems like something even more deadly is cooking within his mind. The members of the organization are bound to hold a secret meet-up. Last but not least, fans definitely would like to see Song Tae Hoon’s next brave move.  That’s all for now, to learn more about other interesting and thrilling manga stories, stay connected with us, just right here. 

How To Fight Chapter 197 Release Date & Spoilers! Is The Manga Series Coming To An End? – FAQs

1. Do we have a concrete release date for How To Fight Chapter 197?

Yes, How To Fight Chapter 197 has been scheduled to premiere on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2023. 

2. Is Song Tae Hoon hospitalized?

Yes, Song Tae Hoon is hospitalized. 

3. Is Song Tae Hoon about to die?

There is a possibility that Song Tae Hoon will not survive for long. 

4. Is Lee Jinho planning to attack Han Jaewoong?

Yes, Lee Jinho might plan to attack Han Jaewoong. 

5. Is Lee Jinho caught by the police?

No, Lee Jinho is still not caught by the police. 

6. Who attacked Song Tae Hoon?

Lee Jinho attacked Song Tae Hoon. 

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