Is Dee Dee Jackson’s Murderer Behind The Bars? Where Is Donald Bohana Now?

A rising businessman of the 90s, Donald James Bohana, was caught in a whirlwind of allegations in the early 2000s. Ever since Bohana has been a topic of intrigue for the world. After the alleged death of a popular model, Delores Vilma “Dee Dee” Martes Jackson, Donald was considered as the primary suspect since he was the only eye-witness. Jackson and Bohana were in a relationship at the time when the former drowned in the pool in front of him. Initially, the case was ruled out as an accident but the investigation revealed a different story altogether.

ABC’s 20/20: The Murder of Dee Dee Jackson, available on Plex TV, portrays the events surrounding the alleged death of a renowned public personality. It also delves into the dark corners of Bohana and Jackson’s relationship. If you are curious to know the details of Jackson’s heinous murder and Donald Bohana’s current whereabouts, dive in!

Where Is Donald Bohana Now?

Bohana, born in the early 1930s, rose to fame due to his cunning intellect. His investments in various sectors propelled his growth and helped him attain a steady source of income. By the time Bohana reached his fifties, he established a chain of investments. Financial growth aside, Donald also tried to maintain a relationship with Jackson, who was two decades younger than him. However, despite appearing to be a harmless and flourishing businessman, Bohana camouflaged a storm inside him. He sought solace in alcohol and tried to wash down his bankrupt status with it.

He was drowning in mortgage but couldn’t grasp the gravity of his situation wholly. Though it isn’t officially confirmed, the frustration of witnessing his business crumble weighed down on his relationship with Jackson. On August 26, 1994, Jackson visited Bohana at his home, following a sort of routine set by the couple. After a round of drinks turned into ten or so, reality blurred and Bohana committed a heinous crime.

Donald Bohana is currently in Los Angeles, living away from public attention. After being convicted of second-degree murder, he was put behind bars in 1998. But recently, Bohana was granted parole after his pleas were denied for decades.

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Donald Bohana Was Granted Parole In 2022

A drunk Bohana and Jackson were enjoying a leisurely evening with the latter swimming in the pool and the former relaxing nearby. A while later, Donald called the emergency services to inform the officers that “someone was drowning in his pool”. He didn’t specify any details and slurred throughout the call, having been intoxicated to the brim. The paramedics arrived a while later and began resuscitating Jackson, who reportedly drowned in the pool by herself and was long dead.

Though the paramedics found Donald’s behaviour as uncooperative and off-putting, a lack of evidence forced them to overlook it. However, after the investigation began, his behaviour was taken into consideration and Jackson’s alleged homicide was ruled as an atrocious murder. Donald was then charged with second-degree murder in June 1998 and was assigned 15 year-long sentence. After serving an extended sentence, Bohana was granted release in December 2022. However, the question still remains prominent; Why did Donald murder Jackson?

Why Did Donald Bohana Murder Dee Dee Jackson?

After the paramedics failed to revive Dee Dee, her corpse was sent for post-mortem and the federal officers began investigating the crime scene. Aside from an intoxicated Donald, they couldn’t find any signs that could hint at a potential murder. They then decided to wait for the autopsy report, which attested to Donald’s statements. It indicated a high amount of alcohol in her bloodstream. It also claimed that Dee Dee endured several physical injuries just a couple of hours ago from her death.

However, the police couldn’t convict Donald and had to shut down the case due to a lack of evidence. However, Dee Dee’s sons–TJ, Taryll and Taj–continued to seek justice and urged the officers to reopen the case. After a thorough investigation, the officers discovered Bohana’s bankruptcy and violent nature. The only evidence they could find was an error in Donald’s statement, in which he claimed Jackson to be swimming on her own. In reality, Dee Dee was aquaphobic and couldn’t dip a finger in the pool without breaking into sweat. Though it is confirmed that Bohana murdered Jackson, it remains a mystery as to why he did so.

Where Is Donald Bohana Now?–FAQs

1. Who Is Donald Bohana?

He is an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California.

2. Who Was Dee Dee Jackson?

She was a model and former partner of the pop band, Jackson 5’s, co-founder, Torian Adaryll Jackson.

3. Did Donald Bohana Murder Dee Dee Jackson?

Yes, he slaughtered her.

4. Why Did Donald Bohana Kill Dee Dee Jackson?

The reason why Bohana committed such a heinous crime is considered to be an argument between the couple regarding money.

5. Was Donald Bohana Granted Parole?

Yes, he was granted parole in 2022.

6. Where Is Donald Bohana Now?

He is currently in California, America.

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