Is Heart of Invictus Based On A True Story? Truth Behind The Story Is Unveiled

Soldiers from every nation play a major role as countrymen. Whether they come from India, America, or Brotosh army troops, they are respected and honored with huge respect wherever they go. But what after their retirement or after they are injured physically and mentally? Some do get a chance to work for the nation, but the others who don’t, just sit beside and mourn for their injuries for not doing the welfare of the countrymen.

In order to protect the visible and invisible injuries of the soldiers and to let them win in their lives once again, the Duke of Sussex a former soldier himself, decided to inaugurate the International Multi-Sport Event for all the injured army men from different countries in the world. He says it is the only way to show them respect by nourishing their original days back to help them relive their life again.

Netflix has brought up the 5 episode docuseries in front of the world, by getting inspired from Duke’s movement. It has been releasing its docuseries in recent days and will be encouraging audiences to be brave and courageous after every move. Here we’re to tell you more about the series and the game “Heart Of Invictus”.

Is Heart of Invictus Based On A True Story?

Netflix’s new docuseries, “Heart Of Invictus” released on August 30, 2023, blows the mind of viewers around the globe, by its undoubtedly the amazing and most interesting trailer. With the release of the first look of the series, the audience asks whether the series is a true event.

In answer to this, we might be clear that the series is a docu-series meaning based on a real-life event. The Invictus game is the International Multi-Sport Event for the injured army men, inaugurated by The Duke Of Sassex, Prince Harry, in the year 2014. He has himself served as an army man in the British army.  

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What Are Invictus Games All About?

Invictus Games was started back in the year 2014, by Prince Harry, the Duke Of Sussex who wanted to give another life to the soldiers after getting injured during their period of duty. This event is held internationally to help retired army men get united with each other through sports. It allows multiple sports, including competitors from different parts of the world who come with keen interest and take part in the games. 

The games are held every two years and the injured recovering from their injuries have come a long way along with their loved ones to compete and enjoy this world of amazing games. Harry says it is his way of commanding immense respect and honor to the men and their families to have patience and live like a hero. Harry as producer along with Orlando, an Oscar Winner and the director, of the series, will air on Netflix soon.

Premise Of The Series

Heart Of Invictus, a five-episode docuseries Netflix to be releasing soon, sets the attraction of viewers from different parts of the world to enhance the mental and physical health of the injured army men. The series aims to provide every small point behind the popular Invictus game. Showing the real video clips and speech from Duke, and also some of the competitors competing in the game. 

The series will highlight the reason behind Harry starting the Invictus Game. In the trailer of the series of approximately 2 minutes, a small clip of the competition and speech of the Duke is shown till the clip cuts off. This initially made the viewers excited to watch the series and demanded its release soon by Netflix. 

The series was first announced by Netflix in the year 2021 and will be set to release in the year 2023. The series is directed by the famous, Oscar-winning director, Orlando Einsiedel. It is co-produced by Prince Harry, the founder of Invictus Games, and Joanna Natasegara. The trailer for the series was launched by Netflix on August 16, 2023, with six competitors shown in the docuseries, who participated in the Invictus games of the year 2020.

Where Is The Series Available

The series, “Heart Of Invictus” will be streaming on Netflix on August 30, 2023, with its five episodes in total. Fans can thus, watch the series here

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