The Extra Is Too Strong Chapter 30 Release Date: When Can We Expect Mord To Return Back For The Next Chapter?

Manhwa fans have showered love on their favourite The Extra is Too Strong all this while. It has been 29th chapters long and the lobe is still continuing. The manhwa is not a regular one and includes a vast variety of ups and downs which keeps the readers hooked. After the completion of the 29th chapters fans are now eager to know about The Extra is Too Strong Chapter 30 Release Date. Well, the 30th chapter is around the corner. So all the information regarding its release date, speculated storyline and platform to read it has been discussed below. In case you are wondering and are in search of the answers, keep on reading! You will be getting all the relevant and necessary information on the manhwa The Extra Is Too Strong herein. Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into it!

The Extra is Too Strong Chapter 30 Release Date

It brings us immense pleasure to bring to your information that The Extra is Too Strong Chapter 30 Release Date has been finalised by the makers. The best part is it is extremely soon! Your excitement is legitimate. Keeping in view the immense love the past chapters have been successful in getting, fans have been eager to know more about the next one. So without wasting your time and testing your patience any further, we would announce the official date here. The 30th chapter of the novel is released on the 2nd of September, 2023.

In case you are a newbie here, go read the previous chapters. Trust us, it is going to be worth a read! However, to save you some time we have brought to you a shorter and brief version of the previous chapter. If you are too tired to read all the 29th chapters, give the article a good read and you will be good to go! In this, you will be getting a shorter recap on the previous chapter which will be beneficial for you to keep you updated.

The Extra is Too Strong Chapter 29: Recapitulation

In the previous chapter, The Extra Is Too Strong Chapter 29, the mahwa took extreme turns. There were moments wherein we all were stuck to our core. Well, that’s the reality of the manhwas and the fact that keeps it separated from other kinds of books. Maybe a little higher! Let’s dive into the story.

When Mord saw a strange man wearing a cloak and judged by the magic that he had employed that the man was the individual who had set off the bomb, he couldn’t understand why anyone would draw helpless bystanders into all of that.  Despite the fact that he had no understanding of the man’s name or origin, he was unable to allow him to leave without any consequences. The individual in question was attempting to escape the situation when Mord caught up to him and hurt his arms. He was confronted with the man’s insistence on learning more about Mord, yet he responded by telling him that was none of his business. The person was punched in the face because he didn’t take Mord seriously.

Further Story!

Mord was alerted to the unusual man by a man shouting from a distance. He was urged to go after being told not to corner the man in a lonely location. During that period, the weird man took a drug that made him a bodybuilder. The man refused to comply when Mord ordered him to sit down and instead chose to flee. He was captured by Mord, who ordered him to kneel and respond to his questions. Keil was prompt in his arrival. The man was choking when he grabbed hold of his neck and strangled him. In the end, he had to answer the questions. But will he do so? Or would they fail in capturing him from flying again? The answer awaits in the next chapter!

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The Extra is Too Strong Chapter 30: Speculated Storyline

The next chapter of The Extra Is Too Strong will be full of complications and confessions. It will surely keep the adrenaline rush high. Mord will be questioning the existence of evil people and unkind notions. The man behind the blast will finally be coming uncovered. Many more instances and twists can be witnessed in the next chapter. For that, we will have to wait till the 2nd of September.

Where To Read?

In case you are wondering where to read the next chapter, head straight to KakaoPage. It will cover all the chapters including the new one once it’s released.

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