Is Bajao Based On A True Story? Plot, Reading Platform And More

If you have been a follower of the Indian Hip-hop scene for quite some time, you already know about Bajao. A few months ago, one of the biggest mainstream rappers, Raftaar, made an announcement. He announced that he was all set to make his debut in acting. People who love Raftaar immediately started to support Bajao.

This is a newly released Indian web series. The story of Bajao takes us to a world where three people are trying to make a name in the music industry. Cookie, Ved, and Dhaari are three Punjabi pop singers. They have started to explore their talents – while trying to make a living out of it, they discover a lot on their way. Their road to glory gets changed in a surprising way. Both light and darkness affect them in their ways. But before talking exclusively about the plot, let us focus on the main topic here.

After Bajao was released, obviously it got a huge response since some big names were involved here. Now, some people want to know if Bajao is based on a true story or not. If you are also intrigued about this, take your time to read through the article below.

Is Bajao Based On A True Story? Discovering The Truth

When the creators of this series first made an announcement for Bajao, it was trending on social media platforms. Of course, Raftaar is debuting on OTT platforms with his first project. So, after Bajao got out, fans were extremely excited to watch it. Within a very few days, Bajao got a huge viewership and a good number of praises from critics as well as the audience. The story was pretty much fresh. Three friends trying their best to break into the Punjabi pop music industry. On their way, they try to revive an old artist’s career too. But before proceeding any further, let us discuss something that the audience is also quite curious about.

So, is Bajao based on a true story? Was there any artist exactly like Babbar? Before going in deep with the plot, let me clear every doubt now. No, Bajao is not based on a true story. The singers and their lives are entirely a work of the imagination of the writers. This controversy started when a part of the netizens started comparing Babbar with Honey Singh. As you all know, Honey Singh, years ago suddenly took a step back from the Bollywood music industry. He was suffering from addiction issues and hence Honey Singh had to look after his health first. In this series, Babbar also suffers from addiction and he has been out of the industry for some time now. That’s why some even assumed that Bajao is indirectly pointing towards Honey Singh’s life. But in reality, it is not true and Bajao is not based on a true story.

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The Storyline Of Bajao: Worth A Watch?

As I mentioned before, Bajao showcases mainly the lives of three upcoming singers of the Punjabi pop genre. Cookie, Ved, and Dhaari are interested in making a career in this industry. They want to be the stars in this field but the problem is, all of them are new. Because of this, they need someone who has experience in this field. They need a guide to navigate through the lanes of this industry. Although in the beginning, all of them remain stubborn, as the story rolls forward, we get to see a twist. 

Cookie, Ved, and Dhaari plan something that might even change their lives forever. Before they started their efforts in this field, the trio came to know about a legendary singer. Babbar was one of the legends of Punjabi pop. It’s been ages since he has been out of the game but Babbar is the only one who can make an impact. So, Ved alongside Cookie and Dhaari reaches out to Babbar. They do their best to convince him so that he can come out of his retirement from music.

The three of them started their very own music production house. Apart from their success, they aim to restart Babbar’s career as a successful Punjabi pop star. He deserves all the fame because, without him, the music industry will not be the same. On one hand, Bajao shows the road to the glory of three upcoming pop singers in the Punjabi music industry. On the other hand, it shows the revival of an old experienced music artist who was once in his prime.

The Team Of Bajao And Where To Watch It

This comedy web series is directed by Saptaraj Chakraborty and Shiva Varma. Our favourite rapper Raftaar is setting foot in the world of acting through his role as the Punjabi pop star Babbar in Bajao. Other notable actors include Rajesh Sharma, Sahil Khattar, Mahira Sharma, Mona Lisa, Tanuj Virwani, Sahil Vaid, and Adinath Kothare.

The first season of Bajao premiered on 25th August 2023. All the episodes will be available soon. If you want to watch this series on JioCinema, click here.

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