F-Class Destiny Hunter Chapter 37 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler & Everything

Manhwa series, are all based either on the battles or the romantic tale. This series includes the protagonist who has the unique ability to get the abilities and powers of anyone from their corpse after they die. This ability of him made him a villain everywhere he went. People around him thought him to be a monster, and no one used to come near him. In reality, he never killed one for getting their ability. 

It’s time to tell you more about the series, and to let you know everything about its recently released chapters, the release date for the new upcoming chapter, and of course the time for spoiler along with it. SO tighten your seatbelts as you will be taken on an adventurer journey of an astrologer, bearing the lowest of the low ranks in the group of awakened fighters.

We’re here to discuss with you the manhwa series, “F-Class Density Hunter”, which has been ruling the hearts of manga readers for a few weeks. And is going to rule for more weeks ahead. So if you too feel excited to know more about the series, continue reading the article and by the end, it is sure to provide you with everything you must know.

F-Class Destiny Hunter Chapter 37 Release Date

After the successful release of the previous chapters of the series, in demand of the readers, the publishers have decided to release the new chapter 37 of the manhwa series, F-Class Destiny Hunter, on August 31, 2023, in their official website, Kakao Webtoon, and Kakao Page.

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Previously In The Chapters

The protagonist of the series is, Seo Kang-rim an unlucky astrologer, who has gained the power to take away the abilities of the dead bodies. This ability has made him the most cruel person in the eyes of the people around and was hated by everyone. The only friend he had and hse was Shin Soo-Ah the leader of the Flying Tiger Sect, who believed him and made him part of her sect even after all the hatred against him.

Though she had a clear aim to save his friend and that KAng-Rim had, he never had a bad omen for his friends, and not even he ever wanted to take away her abilities. Once when Kang-rim was ambushed by the ganecy, Soo-Ah killed more than 400 people in her group to find Kang-Rim. But in the end, when she was killed the readers felt it bad. Though it wasn’t- Rim’s fault he was in the criminal zone. 

When Soo-Ah killed 400 men from her group, Kang-Rim for the very first time used his power and took away all the abilities of the dead men and used it to defeat the young. From the very beginning, he tried to stay away from her, but their destinies brought them together time, from solving a case to going for training in the same camp. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 37

In the recent chapter 36, we saw Kang-Rim being summoned by the Region 1 Camp, to look at their leader, Hong Dae-Hoon. Dae Hoon called Kang Rim to warn him and even asked him to spread the message in the entire Region 2 camp, that if they will surrender and bow down, they will be saved, or else everyone there will be killed including the leader, Gong Joo.

Before Kang-Rim was to enter the 5th room of The Room of Spoken Sins, he was given a token of revenge by the leader of Region 2 camp, Gong Joo. On the other side, where the members of Region 1 were busy attacking Kang-Rim, he was indulged in escaping all their hurdles without putting in an effort. He asks all his camp members to leave the camp and find fo a safe place.

He asks them to do so because the members from Region 1 camp can attack them at any time and he doesn’t want to hurt his friends. He escaped and hid himself in the forest. Suddenly sees an explosion in his back and sees, the leader and all his members coming to kill Kang-Rim. This time from the very first time we saw him, Kang-Rim is frightened of things.

 Where Is the Series Available

The series, F-Class Destiny Hunter, is already streaming on their official website with the earlier chapters while, the new chapter 37 be released on the same web on August 31, 2023. Fans can thus read the series on Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page

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