How Did Nancy Mason Die? Was It An Accident Or A Homicide?

Recently NBC’s infamous series, Dateline portrayed the backstory surrounding Nancy Mason’s alleged death. It is due to Dateline’s new episode, Mystery At Chalk Creek, that almost two decades after her death, Nancy Mason’s case has once again gained traction. A nurturer by nature who peered upon everyone with kindness met with a tragic fate in late May 2024. Though Mason’s death was initially chalked up as an accident, investigation later revealed a conspiracy that surrounded her mysterious death.

The investigators initially trusted Nancy’s husband, Dan’s testimony, but soon found out that the Mason household is a maze of lies and two-faced people. It is obvious Nancy had to endure an agonised death but what happened to her exactly? How did Nancy Mason die? If you harbour these questions, too, here is your chance to explore the truth!

How Did Nancy Mason Die?

NBC’s Dateline is notorious for delving into unexplored crime cases and unravelling the mysteries surrounding the said crimes. With Mystery At Chalk Creek, Dateline has once again picked up a goosebump-inducing crime. The 47-year-old Nancy was a typical kind-hearted, fun-loving boisterous soul with a knack for reading. She was a nurse who spent her days nurturing infants at a local hospital, evenings with her three sons and nights exploring the latest detective novels. Mason was particularly fond of detective tales and enjoyed diving into the world of crime. Little did she know, a heinous crime was about to push her into the ocean literally.

On May 30, 2004, Nancy Mason was declared dead having fallen from a cliff. She suffered a broken neck and a severe head injury that lead to a concussion before a pool of blood soaked her and Nancy lost her life. 

How did that accident happen?

Was it truly an accident?

Several questions form the crux of the mystery that is Nancy’s premature death. The answers to all these questions remain warped in an accident that shook Mason’s life.

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What Happened To Nancy Mason?

As chronicled by Dateline and confirmed by Nancy’s sons, the tragic phase of her life began with the departure of her husband. Nancy and her first husband, Todd Linville, were dating since high school and held each other’s hand for twenty-six long years. However, suddenly, Todd decided to divorce Nancy and part ways with her for no concrete reason. His abrupt departure shook Nancy, who fell into an abyss of depression and dark thoughts. Linville’s decision might have been fueled by his own personal reasons but the reason behind his actions still remains a mystery.

To combat anxiety and depression, Nancy enrolled in a recovery group, where she met Dan Mason. Similar to Nancy, Dan, too had endured a painful heartbreak and was on the verge of desolation. The duo helped each other fight their inner demons and got hitched a few months later despite Nancy’s family’s disapproval of Dan. If only she would have listened, she wouldn’t have had to endure such atrocity.

Where Is Nancy Mason’s Killer Now?

Dan married Nancy on the condition that his friend, Efren Gallegos, would also reside with them. She naively agreed to the stipulation, desperately clinging onto the single shred of hope glimmering in her life. The trio went on several trips and adventures. When the three of them went hiking again, six months after their wedding, in May 2004, it was supposed to be a normal trip. However, it ended with Nancy falling into a creek.

Dan and Efren took the longest route back to their camp and reached out to the emergency services. Though the police initially considered Nancy’s death to be an accident, they later got suspicious and reopened the case. Later, the federal officers deduced that it was Dan’s original plan to push Nancy off the cliff and claim the insurance amount. A week prior to her death, Dan’s Internet search history revealed that he was weighing his options to rid himself of financial issues.

However, the investigators couldn’t convict him and Dan remains on the run even two decades later.

How Did Nancy Mason Die–FAQs

1. Who Was Nancy Mason?

Mason was a nurse at a local hospital in Colorado.

2. How Did Nancy Mason Die?

She died due to a broken neck and an acute head injury.

3. Did Nancy Mason Suicide?

No, she didn’t commit suicide.

4. Who Killed Nancy Mason?

Mason is allegedly killed by her second husband, Dan and his friend, Efren.

5. Did The Police Find Dan?

No, the officers couldn’t find Dan after collecting evidence against him.

6. Where Is Dan Now?

Dan has been in hiding ever since Nancy’s death in 2004.

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