Is Miguel Wants To Fight Based On A True Story?

Delving into the well-rehearsed teenage drama trope, The Last Man On Earth’s director, Oz Rodriguez has managed to pull off a gem. The said gem, Miguel Wants To Fight, is an action comedy film exploring the evergreen themes of friendship, maturity and self-discovery. Licensed by Hulu, the film aligns its focus on the titular teenager, Miguel, who is stuck in a never-ending loop of desire and disability to take action. In a world where peer pressure has become the norm, Miguel is one blessed teenager who possesses dedicated friends. However, his ambitions become a hurdle along the way.

Due to the strikingly relatable themes the film portrays, it is considered to be inspired by a true story or similar events. Fans of this coming-of-age drama have been asking around, “Is Miguel Wants To Fight based on a true story?” and wandering for answers. If you are one such curious mind, here is your chance to delve into the pond of answers! 

Is Miguel Wants To Fight Based On A True Story?

The Emmy-winning director, Oz Rodriguez has established a firm reputation for himself with his highly resonating works. His latest contribution to the coming-of-age genre is a testimonial of his abilities. The questions imposed by Miguel Wants To Fight are astoundingly relatable to every walk of life. Despite the film being void of any age barriers, it certainly diverts its focus majorly on the teenage group and aspires to leave a lasting effect. Not only the film is a cross-genre blend, but it is also a concoction of realistically gripping elements. With the story arcs incorporated into the film, it can be easily perceived as a true story.

However, the reality is a stretch away since Miguel Wants To Fight is not based on a true story. It is entirely a piece of fiction helmed by a team of exceptional writers, Jason Concepcion, Shea Serrano and Oz Rodriguez. The latter shoulders the responsibility of directing the film alongside penning the script as well which has now become a topic of intrigue for viewers.

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Is Miguel Wants To Fight Adapted From A Novel?

Other than wondering whether Miguel Wants To Fight is based on a true story, a significant amount of fans are also curious to know whether the film is inspired by a novel. With several high-charting films and series exploring the friendship theme such as Sweet Magnolias and Sintonia, even Miguel Wants To Fight runs parallel to the novel-like storyline. Themes of self-discovery and social equality take the centre seat in Rodriguez’s film which is not adapted from any novel.

The credit for penning such a realistic story goes to the trio who reportedly spent a long while brainstorming and deriving inspiration. The foundation of the film was laid by Oz who aspired to create a film that the teenagers could consider a representation of their inner struggle. And while the writers’ team were on the lookout for inspiration, their search made them travel back in time.

Miguel Wants To Fight Draws Close Resemblance From Action Films

As Rodriguez has mentioned in a pre-screening interview, he drew inspiration from the action legend, Bruce Lee’s popular works. He then delved deeper into Lee’s films to pick up some eye-catchy elements and relatable characters. After their research, the writers decided to incorporate a medieval-age theme and let the central character, Miguel be shrouded by a sense of constant confusion. While he wants to be able to engage in altercations similar to his friends, Miguel is unable to gather the strength to actually put himself in the centre of such a situation.

Miguel Wants To Fight draws close resemblance to the films hailed as pioneers of the genre. It is due to the writers having based the script on the events unfolded in action comedy films. While the film is a contemporary take on modern-day friendships, it gives off authentic traditional vibes.

Is Miguel Wants To Fight Based On A True Story?–FAQs

1. What Is Miguel Wants To Fight Film About?

It is a coming-of-age film centred around a teenager, Miguel. He is conflicted about whether to engage himself in fights or not.

2. Who Created The Film, Miguel Wants To Fight?

The film is created by the Emmy-winning director, Oz Rodriguez, who also serves as the screenwriter.

3. Is Miguel Wants To Fight Adapted From A Novel?

No, it is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is Miguel Wants To Fight Based On A True Story?

No, it is not based on a true story.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Miguel Wants To Fight?

Yes, there is a trailer available for the film.

6. Where To Watch Miguel Wants To Fight Online?

You can stream the film online on Hulu.

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