How Did Ronald Shroy Die? Did He Commit Suicide Or Did His Brother Blew His Head?

Ronald Albert Shroy, born and brought up in Lane County, Oregon, was a man with a questionable reputation. He was alleged of being overtly dominant and abusive by everyone who came across him. Shroy’s personality tilted more towards the bossy side of the spectrum as he tried to exert control over every aspect of his and others’ lives. He knew no bounds and even if he did, he couldn’t confine himself and wandered towards his area of expertise–dominance. It is due to this trait that Shroy suffered through a bloody and messy death.

As chronicled by Hulu’s Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks: Horror In the Dark, Ronald was found shot in the couch of his leaving room. Did he commit suicide or was he murdered? The major question, “How did Ronald Shroy die?” remains an intriguing topic for many even now. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and explore the reality of Ronald’s death now!

How Did Ronald Shroy Die?

Shroy migrated from Oregon to Arizona and resided with his youngest brother, Daniel. Reportedly, both Shroy brothers were unemployed and uninterested to pick a nine-to-five job. They spent their days holed up in their home, constantly engaging in verbal wars. As the neighbours have attested, Daniel and Ronald couldn’t endure each other’s presence and made it clear to the world. However, instead of coming to a conclusion or deriving a solution, the Shroy brothers continued arguing over mundane things.

After one such bizarre argument that led to a physical brawl, the neighbours called the police officers. But before the officers could arrive, both Daniel and Ronald had ended their fight. However, Ronald’s way of ending was poles apart from Daniels. On February 23, 2021, Ronald Shroy committed suicide having shot himself dead in the brain. The reason for his suicide is way more complex than it appears on the surface.

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Did Daniel Kill Ronald Shroy?

How Did Ronald Shroy Die?

After the autopsy report confirmed that Ronald shot himself, they didn’t proceed to investigate Daniel on second-degree murder charges. But the neighbourhood and everyone who heard of Ronald’s story expressed suspicion. They considered Daniel to have provoked Ronald into committing suicide. Soon, the federal officers pulled the break of the rumour train by exposing Ronald’s true nature.

Shroy committed suicide because he realized his past crimes were catching up with him. He wanted to avoid being ashamed in front of the world and opted to suicide instead of being hung to death by the judiciary. The reason why he committed suicide just a while after engaging in an altercation with Daniel remains a mystery though.

Ronald Shroy Murdered A Couple In 1977

In 1977, a young couple, Lliana Adanka and Eric Goldstrand were found dead due to gunshot after the former was brutally assaulted. The atrocity of the crime didn’t only cause an uproar in Oregon but it also caused havoc for the crime department. However, despite retrieving a DNA sample from LLiana’s corpse, the officers couldn’t get ahold of the criminal. Since the technology was yet in the development phase and the world lacked advanced DNA matching tools and techniques, the case remained closed for three decades.

Shortly after Ronald’s younger brother filed a report against him for assault charges, the officers registered the former’s DNA. The Oregon police then drew a match between LLiana’s assailant’s DNA and Ronald’s. They were in the process of conjuring a full-fledged report against Shroy but before they could reach him, the latter suicided. It is assumed that Ronald caught a whiff of the Oregon police’s intentions and chose to save himself from disgrace.

The officers closed Lliana and Eric’s murder case in September 2021 after Ronald’s death. This murder still remains one of the most barbaric assault and slaughter cases that remained a mystery for decades. It wouldn’t have been solved if Ronald’s younger brother didn’t come forward and expressed the crime against him.

How Did Ronald Shroy Die?–FAQs

1. Who Was Ronald Shroy?

He was an Arizona resident who resided with his youngest brother, Daniel in a gated community. Both Shroy brothers were unemployed and frustrated.

2. What Happened To Ronald Shroy?

He committed suicide on February 24, 2024.

3. Did Ronald Shroy Murder Lliana Adank And Eric Goldstrand?

Yes, he killed Adank and Goldstrand.

4. How Did Ronald Shroy Die?

He died due to a bullet lodged in the forefront of his brain.

5. Did Daniel Murder Ronald Shroy?

No, Daniel didn’t kill Ronald.

6. Why Did Ronald Shroy Commit Suicide?

He committed suicide due to his apprehension of being convicted of Adank and Goldstrand’s murder.

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