Where Is Cleveland Clark Now? What Happened To Spark Rai’s Murderer?

The news of a heinous homicide wreaked havoc in Atlanta, Georgia, in late April 2000. According to the press reports, a 22-year-old, Sparkle Rai, was brutally slaughtered at her home in front of her 6-month-old daughter. Her slain corpse was discovered by her husband, Ricky Rai, on the evening of April 26, 2000. He was blown over by the unfolding scenario and couldn’t contain his misery. Ricky immediately called the emergency services and reached out to the police to investigate his wife’s murder. For the next four years, the investigation kept hitting dead tracks until a name emerged out of thin air and left the world reeling in shock.

Cleveland Clark, a nobody who allegedly stabbed Sparkle multiple times and choked her to death with a vacuum cord, became a source of terror. As chronicled by NBC’s Dateline: Justice For Sparkle, the barbaric crime is a terror-inducing feat carried out by Clark. If you want to know more about the atrocious criminal, Cleveland Clark, here’s your chance!

Where Is Cleveland Clark Now?

Though several theories and shreds of evidence determine the extent of Clark’s forlornness, little is known about his origin. Before being called out on slaughtering Sparkle, Cleveland was an anonymous boogeyman. He resided in Atlanta and laid low to conceal his true identity and the nature of his job. Cleveland Clark is a killer-for-hire who was brought in by Atlanta’s federal department for more than seven charges in 2004. His trial commenced in 2009 when the officers had amp evidence and testimonies from eyewitnesses.

The trial continued for two weeks in which Clark reportedly exhibited violent behaviour. The extent of his rage-induced fits forced the officers to shackle him throughout his trial and isolate him from potential hostages. By the end of the trial, Clark was convicted of first-degree murder of Sparkle Rai, whom he barely knew. Currently, he is confined in a Georgian prison with no scope for a parol in the near future.

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Why Did Cleveland Clark Murder Sparkle Rai?

According to the predicament, Clark is an obscene hitman who doesn’t weigh morals or humanity before picking up a weapon. In Sparkle’s case, he used a vacuum cleaner’s cord to strangle her before severing her throat with a sharp knife. He didn’t jump in to rob the empty house nor did consider Sparkle’s infant daughter before walking out of the house as if he didn’t commit a gruesome crime.

As the federal officers, unbeknownst to Clark’s identity back then, investigated the crime, they couldn’t pinpoint the motive of the murder. With no traces of burglary or a breakthrough, the investigation couldn’t proceed further. The scenario was altered four years later when a sudden admission shook Atlanta’s judiciary system.

How Was Cleveland Clark Arrested?

In early 2004, the officers arrested Clinque Jackson for a different crime. To protect herself against the anonymous charges, Jackson offered to unveil Sparkle’s death mystery. She narrated the entire ordeal to the federal officers in which Clark coaxed her and her friend, Jammie Tatum, to help him infiltrate Sparkle’s apartment without raising alarm bells. Clark, who’s Tatum’s cousin, convinced her and Jackson to knock on Sparkle’s door and request to use the bathroom.

After Sparkle agreed to let the teenagers come inside, so did Clark and implemented his strategy. As Clinque admitted, Jackson didn’t hesitate to pull off the murder and knew exactly what he was doing. After he confirmed that Sparkle was no more breathing, he called an anonymous person to confirm the success of his operation. The federal officers then arrested Clark and dug into Sparkle’s case once again.

As it happens, Sparkle was betrayed by her father-in-law, Chiman Rai, who hired Clark to slaughter her. He was opposed to his son, Ricky’s wedding to an African-American woman and couldn’t tolerate that his son didn’t share his beliefs. Due to his obnoxious mindset, Sparkle had to lose her life and Ricky and Analla, their daughter, have to endure the scars forever.

Where Is Cleveland Clark Now?–FAQs

1. Who Is Cleveland Clark?

He is a hitman from Atlanta.

2. What Happened To Cleveland Clark?

He was convicted of first-degree murder and destroying the evidence amongst other charges.

3. For How Many Years Have Cleveland Clark Been Assigned To Prison?

Clark has been assigned a life sentence.

4. Where Is Cleveland Clark Now?

He is in a Georgian prison, serving his sentence.

5. Has Cleveland Clark Admitted To Killing Sparkle Rai?

No, he has not officially admitted to murdering Sparkle.

6. Who Hired Cleveland Clark To Murder Sparkle Rai?

Clark was appointed by Sparkle’s father-in-law, Chiman Rai, to eliminate her from his path.

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