Is Aakhri Sach Based On A True Story? Truth Is Unveiled

Well, our Indian Bollywood film industry is known for releasing crime and suspense thriller movies and series, that shook up the audiences from the very core. But when it comes to making series and films on true events, this becomes even more scary for the cast working in the series and the directing person of the series.

So today we will be discussing a very recent release series from our Bollywood industry that released its trailer on August 11, 2023, and has already brought the fans in so much suspense and anxiety that they can’t just wait to watch the series and know more of it. But with the trailer release another question arises that whether it is a true event adaptation or a fictional work.

So if you too feel to know the answer to the same question, or are intrigued to know more about the series, we are back here to tell you much about the series and to reveal the truth so far. So continue to read the article and we’re sure to give you the minute details covered in the series. 

Is Aakhri Sach Based On A True Story?

Robbie Grewal’s direction and written by Saurav Dey, “Aakhri Sach” is the new Hotstar Special series, to be released on August 25, 2023, and is the story of a family going through several murders and with a number of mysteries ad stories hidden behind, to be investigated by an officer who gets shaken up by the truth when revealed.

The series is taken from a true event in India, that shook up the world when the truth came in front of the world, and again with the series is going to shake the souls of every audience watching the series, and this is the reason why it is the most awaited series of time.

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What Is The Series About?

Well, for now after the trailer release nothing many spoilers can be provided as of now, but the only thing that is quite sure is that the series will be a thrilling one to be loved by everyone and will attract every lover or a non-lover of Indian series. 

The series’ trailer, shows it is based on true events and says it is adapted from the Burari deaths, where more than 10 members of the same family in the same place are found dead one by one. And the shocking truth is it all has a mystery behind it, which needs an intelligent officer to solve it. 

When Officer Anya, played by Tamanna Bhatia, enters the case she can clearly see the mysteries and theories behind the deaths of the same family, but solving the puzzle was getting worse and worse with each passing day. This was the time when the officer even gets pissed off solving the case and finds herself stuck in the town.  

Is Aakhri Sach Based On A True Story?

The trailer shows, Tamannah getting up from her sleep with a bad dream full of sweat, and the same morning she gets to investigate these mysterious cases. The case was of 11 dead bodies hanging down from the ceiling of the building. The death involved people of three generations of the same family who were quite close to each other.

Another mystery was the significance of number 1 there, the windows doors and death ws all of number 11. This becomes even more dangerous for the officer to solve the case and get to the roots of it. However, let us see in the series what happens next and how will the case be solved, and who the criminal is actually. 

Who Are Involved In The Series?

Is Aakhri Sach Based On A True Story?

The series “Aakhri Sach” has the most famous and popular actress Tamanna Bhatia as the investigating officer Anya. Along with her is the most talented actor in the Bollywood industry Abhishek Banerjee, who says playing the role of Bhuavn in the series is quite scary and relevantly shocked him from his soul while he was preparing to do eh role. 

The other cast involved to play their roles in such a sensitive and thrilling series includes Shicin Nerang, Kriti Vij, Nishu Dikshit, Sanjeev Chopra, and Danish Iqbal. The director of the series says as far as the plot of the series is involved in making it the most iconic series ever, the equal amount of contribution of these stars whose hard work has made the series successful. 

Where Can We Watch The Series?

The series “Aakhri Sach” will be streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from August 25, 2023, as it is a Hotstar Special show in production with Nirvikar Films. You can watch the series here

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