How Did Mario Biondo Die And Who Is He?

Something Netflix has been doing for the last few years is increasing the number of original documentary series and making it so much more realistic with so many aspects of the actual events that were never brought in front of us. The audience response that’s why to this documentary series has been very good and has been gaining more and more attention over the last few days. We have seen some great series, such as Jeffrey Dahmer and more. Now coming to the main topic and for those who don’t know who Mario Biondo is, he is basically an Italian cameraman, who lost his life in Madrid, in a quite mysterious way and his case is only taken up in the recent series which goes by the name of the last 24 hours of Mario Biondo. Yes, this series is basically based on the last 24 and the acts that happens according to the private investigators and other sources just before Mario hanged himself to death, or as we may also say was murdered. Yes, all of this may seem a little bit too confusing but it is a crime thriller we are in discussion of and Mario Biondo’s death was in no way conclusive enough to be a suicide of any sort. For all those who haven’t watched the series yet, you should definitely watch it because the reviews of the show are almost all positive and the details that have been covered in the show are truly praiseworthy.

Along with that the ratings of the show stand quite high followed by the main question that fans have been asking us, along with that the social media trail which has been going on for years, is whether Mario Biondo was actually murdered or was did he actually commit suicide. Now the only official statement that we can give according to the court is that he was murdered, based on the evidence that has been collected over such a long period of time, but there was no conclusion regarding who murdered him. For more facts about the case, you should definitely watch this series.

How Did Mario Biondo Die?

How Did Mario Biondo Die And Who Is He?

Now as we have mentioned based on the case that has been recently closed, Mario was murdered in the last conclusive court hearing. However, that was not the case when first it went to a hearing. Mario Biondo was first considered to be a suicidal case. However, that was absolutely not true based on the record and the evidence that has been collected over a period of 4 or 5 years by a private investigator. The night when Mario was found dead in his house in Madrid, everyone was in complete shock, as the portrayal was completely like a suicide. He was handing with a pashmina shawl around his neck.

Though soon it was discovered that his hands were tied behind while he was hanging and that is very weird if it’s a suicidal case. Following that it was also discovered that he was quite happy just a few hours before the suicide happened to his friends and family, thus such an act was quite unexplainable. Along with that marks on his body and stuff are clear signs of struggle that he may have faced before the so-called suicide took place.

The case which was closed back in 2013 with the conclusion that Mario Biondo committed suicide, finally came to an end in 2022, when the court admitted it was a suicide, but there were no charges against anyone because there was not enough evidence to press charges against anyone.

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Who Was Mario Biondo?

When Mario Biondo passed away he was 30 years old, and only 1 year into marriage with the very famous tv presenter Raquel Sanchez Silva. Biondo always loved photography and the entertainment industry from a very early age and soon he found his zone, where he started making a career from a very young age, which also provided him with quite a lot of acknowledgment and appreciation from friends and seniors in the same field.

Following this, he always dreamt of a future with his newly wedded wife and was quite a happy and jolly person with no anger issues or depression kind of problem. His death was quite shocking for the entire industry itself.

Where Can We Watch The Last Hours Of Mario Biondo?

The show is a Netflix original series and that is why it is available only on the Netflix platform and nowhere else for streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Was Mario Biondo Married?

Yes, he was just one year into his marriage before his death.

2.Did Mario Biondo have any kids?

No, Mario didn’t have any kids.

3.When did Mario Biondo’s case finally came to an end?

His case finally came to an end, in the year 2022.

4.Who was charged for Mario Biondo’s murder?

No one was charged of the murder because of lack of evidence.

5.Where can we watch the last hours of Mario Biondo?

The show is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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