Is Of An Age Based On A True Story? Kol And Adam’s Story

We are currently in 2023, and we have had several films which are based on true stories. There are certain queer-friendly movies which are sometimes based on true stories as well. Here, we are going to discuss the film Of An Age. Is Of An Age based on a true story? What do you think? If you have been having the same question, you will get your answers in this piece of information. Today we are going to discuss whether the film is based on a true story or not. To know more, you will have to keep a close look at this article.

Is Of An Age Based On A True Story?

Of An Age is having 3 different release dates if you are confused about that. The film was released for the first time on 4th August 2022 at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). After the premiere of the film in 2022, the film was released in the United States on 17th February 2023 and on 23rd March 2023 in Australia. Of An Age can be considered one of the recent films to date. Is this movie (Of An Age) based on a true story?

We have done an intense search to find an answer to your question. Alas! We have not found any concrete answer to the question. The creator of the film, that is, Goran Stolevski, has not stated anything about whether the film is based on a true story. Considering the storyline of the film, we think that the film is not based on any true story. Instead, the film is entirely based on fictional accounts. Like every other contemporary queer-friendly movie, Of An Age, has tried to provide us with a similar kind of storyline. The storyline of the movie is a big giveaway to the fact that Of An Age is not based on any real-life event.

To clear your further queries, we want to inform you that Of An Age is not based on any book for that matter. Although there has been no official confirmation of the fact that the cinema is not based on a true story, we are kind of sure that it is not. If it had been based on any real-life event, we would have got to know about it. Since there has been no such news or announcements or observations, it is perhaps safe to consider that Of An Age is not based on any true incident.

Of An Age Storyline

The storyline of the film Of An Age is quite romantic if you ask me. People have various comments to make on the film if you ask me. We can discuss that later on. Let us first get to know about the storyline of Of An Age in brief. The entire plot of the movie revolves around Kol and Adam. Yes, as has been hinted many times, this is a gay-romance film. The build-up of the film is not entirely different from the other gay romance movies if you ask me. Of An Age is an intense rollercoaster ride that you are going to like.

The movie begins with Ebony, a teenage girl who is the ballroom dance partner of one of our protagonists, Kol. Ebony calls up Kol because she is hungover and stranded on a beach. Consequently, in order to pick up Ebony, Kol rings her brother, Adam and communicates with him about the entire situation. Adam comes to pick up Kol and that is how they meet for the first time.

It is in this car that they start to talk about many different things. Adam openly tells Kol that he is gay. Kol takes a moment to digest the information. He feels something because he is gay as well, but unlike Adam, he has never faced his reality.

Where The Film Takes Us?

The film takes us on an interesting journey with Kol And Adam. Adam has to fly away to Argentina for his PhD degree. This is where the ice breaks and anxiety takes over. What will happen to Kol who is falling in love with Adam? Will their story end like this? If you are willing to find out the answers, you will have to watch Of An Age.

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Of An Age Cast And Streaming Platform

The cast of Of An Age involves Thom Green, Elias Anton, Hattie Hook, Toby Derrick, Senuri Chandrani, Grace Grazbak, Jack Kenny, Jessica Lu, Verity Higgins, Kasuni Imbulana, and Milijana Cancar.

You can watch this film on Apple TV if you are having a subscription to the platform.

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