Behind Your Touch Season 2 Release Date, Spoiler, Cast, Plot & Everything

K-Drama has been a point of attraction for most audiences who love watching series from different parts of the world. They have been demanding for a long time, a story of the genre of romance with a blend of comedy in it. This time the series and the new release of K-drama we are going to discuss is something quite amazing and will surely be liked by you. 

Behind Your Touch is the new release of the K-drama we were talking about in the above paragraph. Hence today we are going to give you a gist or the idea about what the series is actually and what you can expect from it. So if you too feel intrigued to know more about the series, continue reading and we’re sure to provide you with everything you would love reading. 

Behind Your Touch Season 2 Release Date

Behind Your Touch Season 2 Release Date

Well, for now, season 1 of Behind Your Touch, has been released with its two episodes over the weekend. that is on August 12, 2023, the first episode was released followed by the second on August 13, 2023. And the rest other from season 1 is coming on the weekends ahead this month. 

So if we talk about the series’ second season, it is yet not confirmed whether or not the series is confirmed for renewal so the release date for the second season is yet not confirmed and announced. So let us wait for something official to be announced and till then let us see what is going to happen in this season.

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Predicted Plot For Season 2

The series Behind Your Touch is about a veteran doctor who has some superpowers, and a detective police officer, who together solve criminal cases, and while solving cases they are shown to be fallen n love with each other. Their love story however starts with a strange situation and then, slowly turns into something romantic.

The story of the series begins with introducing the lead male character Jang-Yeol getting transferred to a small town Mujin in Chungcheon-do to solve a crime cass in that small town as he is a police officer. He is pissed off at the thought of being posted in a small town where definitely cases will not be as big as in the urban cities. 

Following this, we are introduced to the series’ female lead, Ye-Boon, who is a girl from the same place where Jeang is transferred and is a veteran doctor, trying to start her career blissfully solving the cases of her people in her area getting approved by her grandfather.

Ye-boon is a simple girl, who lost her mother when she was in school and studied had to complete her degree to being a veteran, and started her job by treating a cow in her hometown, but she felt some power in her to see the past and future of animals she touches. And slowly from imagination, it turned out to be her reality.

The cop on the other side is all set to solve the case in his newly appointed city, but when he meets Ye-Boon thinks he is a fool but is unaware of the fact that she can see the things of his life that she is unable to see. Thus this is where the beautiful friendship of the two opposite people starts, which will be shown ahead in the series. 

Predicted Cast Of The Series

Kim Yoon-seok’s direction Behind Your Touch is one of the most loved and unique series from all his directions and releases. The series has several best artists who have played their roles making it loved by everyone. So let us see who all are the crew members of the series.

Bong Ye-bun and Moon Jang-Yeol are the main protagonists of the series played by Han Ji-min and Lee Min-ki respectively. While the other adding to the series cast includes, Bae Ok-hui played by Joo Min-Kyung, Kim Gwang-sik played by No-shik Park, Cha Ju-man played by Lee Srung-joon, Won Jong-mook played by Kim Hee-won, Na Mi-ran played by Jung Yi-Rang, Jung Eui-hwan played by Jae Seong Yang and others.

As of now, the series’s second season is yet not confirmed so its cast isn’t sure, but still, it seems that the cast would not hinge for the upcoming season of the series, as the fans have been liking the artists so much along with the plot. 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

The series “Behind Your Touch” is streaming on Netflix from August 12, 2023, and will be available with its new episodes released every weekend to entertain the audience. You can watch it here

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