Is The Jengaburu Curse Based On A True Story? Fact Or Fiction?

As human beings, we are quite interesting. We can transform and terraform big areas of land for our own causes. With the help of science and technology, we have achieved the top position among all living beings on Earth. But a few things in which we are still falling behind is responsibility and accountability. The Jengaburu Curse deals with one of our biggest mistakes.

Over the years, we have illegally cleared forests, dug the ground in search of mineral ores, and closed down rivers. Every small mistake of mankind has led us to our impending doom. Climate change has become pretty famous since Greta Thunberg’s speech. It is already here. And if you are careful, you will already notice that the climates are altering bit by bit. But are we really doing anything to slow it down? The Jengaburu Curse shows us how bad this effect can be. Although the entirety of the plot is not absolutely scientific, still the series upholds a lot of serious stuff. The series was released in 2023 – the trailer has got a huge response on YouTube. Now, the viewers are intrigued by the series and the story of The Jengaburu Curse.

Now, is The Jengaburu Curse based on a true story? Are there any connections with reality? If you have watched this new show recently and you are quite intrigued by the gripping plot, take your time. We will be talking about every possible connection of the plot with real events and take you through a short recap.

Is The Jengaburu Curse Based On A True Story? Revealing The Truth

After popular shows like Scam 1992, once again, Sony Liv has managed to impress viewers with an action-packed series. The Jengaburu Curse is the newly released show. When Sony launched its trailer on YouTube, the response was really huge. After the series became available for streaming on 9th August, the audience is quite excited regarding this. The early reviews are in, and as per viewership records, the new show is on its way to glory. The series takes us back to Jengaburu, a village in Orissa. 

Our protagonist Priya is searching for her father when she discovers illegal mining procedures destroying nature. Now, if you are aware of situations, you can relate to this issue. After that, a lot of things take place. Whether Priya gets back her dad is a different thing. The audience wants to know something else. But, is The Jengaburu Curse based on a true story? Did these incidents really happen? No. The Jengaburu Curse is not based on a true story. But it is based on various such stories across India.

Jengaburu is a fictional place. The word Jengaburu means red hills in Odiya. Even if there was no real incident that drove this story forward, there have been tragedies like this. A lot of cases regarding mining have come to light. Nature has been harmed; lives were destroyed just for the sake of development. The greed for more resources has led humans to lose their responsibility towards Mother Earth. 

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The Jengaburu Curse: Storyline Of The Action-Packed Show

Our series is actually about some serious issues regarding the world. The show makers have concentrated to India. The story takes us back to a small village in Jengaburu. The people there actually earn some living by digging ores from the Earth. But there is one problem. They are illegal miners. Now, our protagonist is an NRI. 

Priya Das works in a popular finance firm in the United Kingdom – she is a financial advisor and has settled in London for some time. She is starting to build her career in her workplace but one day, Priya gets shocked. An unknown caller informs her that Priya’s father has somehow gone missing. Now, if you are living away from your home, no matter how happy you feel, you will always get anxious about the people back there. So, Priya decides not to waste any moment.

We get to see her coming back to Jengaburu village in Odisha. Being the only daughter, Priya is quite confident about herself. She starts an investigation on her own in search of her missing father. Soon, she finds out the damage people have done due to illegal mining. They have irresponsibly taken out as much resources as they could. To her surprise, Priya senses something else. According to her, there’s some connection between the local Bondias and the disappearance of her father. 

Team Behind Jengaburu Curse: The Show Makers

The entire series is written by Mayank Tiwari. Other notable actors include Nassar, Tushar Acharya, Haroon Rafiq, Melanie Gray, Atul Sharma, Faria Abdullah, Deipak Sampat, Sudev Nair, and Richard Bhakti Klein. 

Directed by the award-winning director Nila Madhav, The Jengaburu Curse is out for streaming from 9th August 2023. Nila was the one behind hugely successful projects like ‘I Am Kalam’ – so this time also, this project will not disappoint the audience. You can find all seven episodes of season 1 on Sony Liv. Click here if you want to watch The Jengaburu Curse.

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