Where Is Bob Lanier Now? Is The Veteran Basketball Player Still Alive? 

The all-time popular American professional basketball player, Robert Jerry Lanier Jr. has caught our attention again. All thanks go to HBO’s recent sports drama! ‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty‘ Season 2 is finally streaming on the OTT platform and we can’t wait to discuss all about it. This story takes us back to the year 1974 when this man became the epitome of basketball. He is surely counted among the most notable and valuable NBA players! 

Interestingly, despite getting a serious knee injury, his performance never dipped. Moreover, how can we not speak of his heavy contribution to the NBA? He has inspired countless basketball players out there! We all know that he particularly played for the Detroit Pistons and the Milwaukee Bucks and he has also bagged a lot of victory titles. Being an exceptional center player, his professional basketball career expanded for almost 14 years. That’s not all, but even after retiring, Lanier continued to be an integral part of the NBA! 

Where Is Bob Lanier Now? Is The Veteran Basketball Player Still Alive? 

Where Is Bob Lanier Now? Is The Veteran Basketball Player Still Alive? 

Popularly known as Bob Lanier, his life was mostly centered around basketball. From a very young age, he started chasing his long-time dream to become one of the best NBA players out there. His hard work surely paid him well. Despite being discouraged by many, at last, Bob Lanier got recognized as an exceptional athlete. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive. Last year we all lost Robert Lanier! Yes, you have heard it right, yet again we had to consume the fact that an incredible basketball player has died! As his age was increasing, his health was deteriorating.

We all know that during his active years of playing in college, he got a severe knee injury. This happened around the NCAA tournament. But even after struggling so much with his knee, he managed to survive as a strong basketball player! But last year, was pretty rough for him and his family members. Sources confirmed that he died on 10th May 2022. The National Basketball Association also officially updated us on this saddening news. The exact reason behind his untimely death at the mere age of just 73, was not declared by the board. But according to a few online sources, the veteran player was also suffering from chronic bladder cancer! 

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Bob Lanier’s Net Worth Details! 

According to the information gathered by us, Bob Lanier’s net worth had surely crossed the target of $1 million. For almost 14 years, he had played in the National Basketball Association, so he must have made a good amount for himself and his family. Again, we cannot miss out on the fact that after retiring, he was posted as the assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors. Moreover, when Don Nelson resigned, Bob Lanier took over his role as the main coach of the team. 

That’s not all, but we have also seen Bob as an entrepreneur. Sources confirm that Lanier owned and operated a company named Bob Lanier Enterprises, Inc. This was mainly a promotional marketing company that used to work alongside the Proforma network! Well, other than this, from the year 2005 till the time he died, he was also known to be the global ambassador of NBA Cares. Given all these records, we do think that Lanier’s total net worth must be between $1 million to $5 million. 

Bob Lanier Family And Relationship Status! 

Where Is Bob Lanier Now? Is The Veteran Basketball Player Still Alive? 

Next, we come down to Bob Lanier’s extremely huge family. As per the records available on the web, Bob Lanier was married twice. His first wife happens to be Shirley Lanier. Sources further confirmed that they were married for about a decade, but then in 1981, they decided to end their long-term marriage. 

For a good ten years, he was barely seen around with someone else. But then in 1992, we saw him with Rose Lanier. They got married the same year, but due to some major issues, they too decided to consider separation. Speaking of his children, he has a total of 5 children! Out of these five, you must have heard the name of Khalia Lanier. Just like Bob, Khalia too has made a career out of sports. She is seen as a good volleyball player. 

Where Is Bob Lanier Now? Is The Veteran Basketball Player Still Alive? – FAQs

1. Is the veteran basketball player, Bob Lanier, alive?

No, the veteran basketball player, Bob Lanier, is not alive.

2. How many total children does Bob Lanier have?

The veteran basketball player, Bob Lanier, had a total of 5 children.

3. How many total grandchildren does Bob Lanier have?

The popular American basketball player, Bob Lanier, had a total of 7 grandchildren.

4. What is Bob Lanier’s total net worth?

Bob Lanier’s exact net worth ranges somewhere between $1 million to $5 million.

5. How did the veteran basketball player, Bob Lanier die?

A few sources claimed that Bob Lanier died of bladder cancer.

6. At what age did the veteran sportsperson, Bob Lanier die?

As per the records available, the veteran sportsperson, Bob Lanier, was just 73, when he died.

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