Where Is Toby Knight Now? Is The Veteran BasketBall Player Still Alive? 

After an extremely long time, the very renowned and talented American BasketBall player, Toby Thomas Knight has come back on our radar. You must have seen him in the New York Knicks, but after his official retirement, we have barely heard anything about his whereabouts. This has surely concerned us a bit, thus we are highly curious to learn about his current lifestyle. His epic basketball journey definitely takes us back to the 1980s! 

Thanks to HBO’s all-time popular drama series, “Winning Time”, which yet again revealed to us about this fantastic player from the LA Lakers. The series reintroduces us to some of the great basketball players of the 1980s and how could we skip on Toby Knight’s incredible sports journey? This brings us to the episode named ‘One Ring Don’t Make a Dynasty’! This particular episode of Season 2 has become quite popular out there. So on popular demand, here is everything you need to know about Toby Knight. 

Where Is Toby Knight Now? Is The Veteran BasketBall Player Still Alive? 

Where Is Toby Knight Now? Is The Veteran BasketBall Player Still Alive? 

Born in 1955, Toby Knight indeed had worked a lot to get a place in the NBA. His journey was full of struggle and hardship. The veteran basketball player is still known for his highly impressive gaming strategy and basketball skills. He has inspired many out there and his fans are surely interested to be updated on his recent life. According to the information gathered by us, Toby Knight is still alive! 

Yes, you have heard it right, the basketball player is not dead. Coming to his whereabouts, he is not much of a social person and due to his early retirement, very little is known about his current life. Sources confirmed that he served as the President of Knight Athletics Inc. He has been with the company for over 17 years now! Recently due to the H2I Group acquisition, Knight’s post has been modified in the company.

Moreover, Knight still lives with his whole family! Various online sources confirmed that the famous basketball player lives somewhere in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With time, Toby Knight has become more and more detached from the hustling lifestyle of basketball and the NBA. But his heavy contribution to the LA Lakers will never go unnoticed. 

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Why Did Toby Knight Take An Early Retirement From Basketball? 

Before moving ahead to his life after the NBA, you must know the main reason behind his sudden retirement. As per our knowledge, it was around September 1980, when we heard about his severe knee injury. Further studies revealed that he has got a bad ligament tear in his left knee! This particular accident happened around a preseason game and this was also the main reason why he was missing for the 1980-81 games. His injury was pretty bad and it did affect his career severely. 

After completely recovering from the surgery, we saw him again in the 1983 Summer Games. But this time, he couldn’t match up with the performances of his fellow athletes. Toby obviously didn’t want to give up on his dreams. But ultimately, he was suggested to retire from basketball. And thus, at the mere age of just 28, he had to back off from the NBA league. It was indeed the most difficult phase of his life. 

Toby Knight’s Life After Basketball! 

Where Is Toby Knight Now? Is The Veteran BasketBall Player Still Alive? 

Given the fact that Toby is a private person, we barely got any details about his life after the NBA league. Sources revealed that after taking early retirement, he started working as a Regional Manager at Porter Athletic Equipment Company. For a good 15 years, he was an integral part of this particular company. Again, in 1992, we saw his name in the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame. 

Moreover, in the year 2006, he finally founded Knight Athletics Inc. It’s a company that offers a full package deal to young athletes. From sports equipment to installation facilities, everything can be found here. A few sources even claimed that the company is quite famous in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. Hopefully, in the coming years, we will get more interesting updates about Toby Knight. That’s all from our end, to learn more about other incredible sports personalities, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Where Is Toby Knight Now? Is The Veteran BasketBall Player Still Alive? – FAQs

1. Is Toby Knight still alive?

Yes, the veteran basketball player, Knight is still alive.

2. Has Toby Knight officially retired from basketball?

Yes, Knight has officially retired from basketball.

3. Who is the main man behind Knight Athletics Inc?

Toby Knight is known to be the founder of Knight Athletics Inc.

4. Was Toby Knight forced to take an early retirement?

To some extent, yes, Toby Knight was forced to take an early retirement.

5. Why did Toby Knight retire from the NBA?

Toby Knight suffered from a severe ligament tear, as a result, he couldn’t perform well in the Summer 1983 games. Thus, he had to retire from basketball.

6. Is Toby Knight a social person?

No, Toby Knight is mostly seen as a private person.

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