Revelation Of Youth Chapter 38 Release Date: Spoilers And More!

Families are safe zones. Even when we are in extreme danger, if our family stays beside us, then nothing feels impossible. Apart from being a strength, family is important when it comes to keeping trust. But the worst feeling comes when that trust is somehow broken. Every faith we had in the family member just breaks down from within. This is the story of our Manhua, Revelation Of Youth.

Now, as an otaku or an avid manga reader, you have come across a variety of plots and storylines that mainly deal with pure soft romance or extreme action scenes. Mangas are usually famous for a gripping but fantasy storyline. But Revelation Of Youth feels quite realistic. The plot revolves around the life of Lim Chungah. Lim is a high school goer – she has a lovely life and leads a life without chaos. Everything was going on well and good until one morning. Lim was extremely sad to find out that her uncle has lied to them. The man has cheated Lim and her parents all these days.

Fans are quite intrigued to know how many turns Lim’s life could take. The manga has gained quite a name, so readers now want to know about the release date of Chapter 38. So, when is the next chapter of the Manga going to release? What can be the possible release date of Revelation Of Youth Chapter 38? To know about these, please read our article below. We will talk about the probable release dates while taking you through the world of Lim.

Revelation Of Youth Chapter 38: When Are We Getting The Next Chapter?

Since the early days of its release, this manga has been hugely popular among manga readers. The otaku community and readers’ forum have praised the creators for their work with Revelation Of Youth. This is not an ordinary story of an ordinary life. The story is all about surprises and negativities surrounding Lim’s life. After she finds out that her uncle has cheated on her parents, a lot of things start to come to light. Lim Chungah gets to know that her uncle has committed a huge scam. 

Due to this interesting storyline, the readers are demanding more of the manga. A lot of them are asking about a new chapter. So, what can be the possible release date of Revelation Of Youth Chapter 38? Are we getting it soon? Is the manga ending? Before proceeding any further, let me answer all your doubts. There is no official news about the Revelation Of Youth Chapter 38 release date. The 37th Chapter will come out on 9th August 2023 in Japan and other places. As of now, we have a total of 36 chapters in our hands.

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Revelation Of Youth: A Sneak Peak Into Lim’s Complicated Life

As I was saying, the manga revolves around Lim Chungah. She is a student. The most worrying part of her life is her exams and nothing else. High school is going alright and her life at home is also good. But one fine morning, Lim discovers herself in a lot of trouble. She has a family consisting of her mom and dad and their uncle. She found out that her uncle has scammed her parents for a huge sum of money. Now this trust is broken, they are not at all comfortable with stuff like the way they were before.

But wait. Things do not end here. Lim comes to know that her uncle has also scammed a group. In fact, he has managed to scam a huge cult. The Millenium Adventist is the biggest cult in their whole locality. When the cult leader found out that the man behind their financial and moral downfall was none other than Lim’s relative, he became furious. He made Lim live with his son, Kim Yohan. With some turns and twists of events, Lim’s life is not so bad now. Because, as we go, the story starts to become heartwarming.

Revelation Of Youth Chapter 36 Recap: What Can We Expect Next?

Now, the manga has come a long way. As you can see, we have 36 chapters. So, before talking about possible spoilers for Chapter 37, let us take a look back. Lim and Kim now stay together. In chapter 36, the duo finally broke their shells. And we got to see their first kiss. First kisses are always special and Lim and Kim probably expected it to stay charming. But we saw Lim get a bit anxious due to her sudden nosebleed.

She tried to hide herself from getting embarrassed. But Kim Yohan stayed beside her like a gentle lover. He comforted her with his heartfelt words and warm gestures. After she breaks out of her awkwardness, the couple starts to plan their life together. They even discuss what can be their academic steps toward building a successful life together. 

Chapter 37 will definitely show us more about their actions. Lim still has a lot of complexes or difficulties in handing her heart to Kim Yohan. Will Kim be able to keep Chungah happy? How will their relationship evolve? To know more about these, you will have to wait till the Revelation Of Youth Chapter 38 release date. You can read the manga on Naver by clicking here.

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