Where Is Christina Boyer Now? The Recent Whereabouts Of The Lady!

Before delving right into the recent whereabouts of Christian Boyer, let us first get to know how did these questions surge up. On 3rd August 2023, the famous platform Hulu released a new series titled Demons and Saviors. This series captured the real-life story of Christina Boyer. Since the release of the series, several questions have emerged among the viewers who have watched it. Today we are going to discuss the recent whereabouts of the lady, Christian Boyer. To know more about the lady and her story, you are requested to refer to this piece of information.

Where Is Christina Boyer Now? The Recent Location

The answer to this question is Pulaski Stated Prison which is located in Hawkinsville, in the state of Georgia, United States of America. Christina Boyer had been sentenced to prison for her entire life because of a crime that she had committed. Although the entire story of Christina Boyer sounds entirely unfortunate, the fact that she was sentenced to prison for her entire life was not taken sportingly by many people. Some of these people formed a team of their own in support of Christina Boyer in her case. This team was named “Team Tina”.

Now that we have got to know about the whereabouts of the lady, let us get to know more about her. Christina Boyer never had a good life. Some people are just fated to suffer eternal pain and trouble. Boyer is one of such people. Her birth on 23rd October 1969 was not taken happily by her mother. She never had a father from the very beginning. Being only brought up by her mother, she never enjoyed a happy life because her mother did not provide her with one.

When she was fairly a young kid, she was given up to one of the charity homes in Ohio. She was adopted by Joan and John Resch. She was renamed Tina Resch. At first, she was living a good life at the Resch household, however, that did not remain the same. By the time she was in her pre-teen years, she became a victim of sexual abuse. Her foster parents did not believe her when she told them about how her foster siblings abused her privacy and her body. As a result, she was under constant mental pressure and did not have a way out for quite a few years of her life.

Where is Christina Boyer Now? The Wrong Men And The Wrong Decisions

When she could no longer endure the constant abuse and molestation that she had to go through at her foster house, she ran away at the age of 16. However, this elopement did not end up being a good decision for her. It was her first wrong decision. The other wrong decision was to choose James Bennett as her partner. At first, she thought she was in love with her so-called man, but her conviction changed after her marriage to him.

James Bennett was a big-time abuser. He not only abused Boyer but also constantly raped her. This constant violation of her body led to the birth of her daughter Amber Bennett. She was only 19 when she gave birth to her daughter. Boyer thought her life would change after her daughter’s birth, but that did not happen. She had to again run away, this time from her so-called husband. Later on, she fell for another wrong man, David Herrin. Herrin committed the ultimate crime of Boyer’s life. He killed Amber Bennett when she was only 3 years old. If Herrin killed Amber, then why is Boyer in jail?

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Christina Boyer’s Supernatural Aspect

Boyer was suspected in the case of her daughter’s murder because she has supernatural powers. You must have heard about Telekinesis. It is a power that can allow you to control external things with the power of your mind. Due to her telekinesis, her foster parents became hostile towards her. They thought she was “possessed” and turned a blind eye towards her. At first, she thought her powers would save her, but her powers paved the way towards her doom. Boyer was suspected of using telekinesis to kill her daughter along with David Herrin. Hence, she was sentenced to life.
Even if there is no solid evidence that she indeed used telekinesis to kill her daughter, she was proved guilty and apprehended by the officers for life. Since this event, people who support Boyer have formed the group “Team Tina” as has been mentioned above.

Demons And Saviors Streaming Platform

You can stream Demons And Saviours by clicking on this link.

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