The Killing Vote Season 2 Release Date: Creators’ Words!

The world is full of crimes and criminals. Sometimes they come to light, sometimes they do not. Many times, the criminals do not get adequate punishment, and the victims have to suffer the trauma forever. During these cases, we want to take the law into our own hands, but we cannot. What if there was a person who could serve justice by making the criminals face their apt punishments? This is the concept behind the new Korean Drama The Killing Vote. If you are willing to know more about the drama, you will have to read this piece of information. We have provided all the information that we have collated so far.

The Killing Vote Season 2 Release Date And More

The latest Korean drama, The Killing Vote, has received its 1st and 2nd episodes. The episodes were released at 9 pm Korean Standard Time (KST) on 10th August 2023. Korean dramas do not release their episodes altogether. Hence, for further episodes, we will have to wait. Now that we have received two episodes of the first season, do you think that there will be a second season of the drama?

It is quite early to discuss that currently. Although Killing Vote has started to receive the episodes of its first season, it is quite difficult to predict whether the show will have a second season. As of now, the story has just begun. We cannot claim to know the further story without watching the next episodes. Korean dramas usually do not have second seasons. Nevertheless, if this drama ends on a note where threads are kept loose, there will be a second season for sure. Also, a second season heavily depends upon the viewers. If the audience loves the drama and wants it back for a second season, there is a chance that the creators may return it.

The creators are saying nothing about a second season. They have not yet stated if Killing Vote is going to have a second season. Probably they are waiting to see the reaction of the audience. Reception of the drama is crucial for the creators. Hence, we think that they are only going to make an announcement about it when more audience watches the drama. Since the drama has just begun, they will not say anything presently, but they will surely let us know if there will be a second season if they decide to do so.

The Killing Vote Season 2 Release Date: Storyline Of Season 1

The storyline of Killing Vote is quite interesting and intriguing. The story has certain similarities with the famous anime Death Note. In Death Note, we saw Light Yagami getting the power to annihilate all the criminals. Here, a similar thing happens. In the drama, the citizens of South Korea who are above the age of 18 get involved in this entire scenario. An app gets installed on all of their phones. This app sends them messages about whether a certain criminal should be killed or not. If more than 50% of the people vote positively, the criminal gets killed by somebody named “Dog Mask”.

Who is this “Dog Mask”? Nobody knows the answer. However, the mysterious deaths of the specific criminals all over the country bring in a cause of concern among police officials. Officials named Kim Moo-Chan and Joo Hyun get involved in the case. They will have to catch the person named “Dog Mask”. The story also involves a person named Kwon Suk Joo. He studied law, but the law never gave him justice. Instead, he took the law into his own hands and got imprisoned. He will be playing a crucial role in the drama.

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The Killing Vote Cast And Crew: Behind The Scenes

The Killing Vote involves Park Hae-Jin as Kim Moo-Chan, Lim Ji-Yeon as Joo Hyun, Park Sung-Woong as Kwon Suk-Joo, Kim Yu-Mi as Min Ji-Young, Kwon Kim as Lee Min-Soo, Shin Jeong-Geun as Chol Jin-Soo, Heon Jung as Oh Jeong-Ho, Yu-Hwa Choi as Chae Do-Hee, Yeong-Ju Seo as Kim Ji Hoon, and many others.

This series has been directed by none other than Shin-Woo Park.

The Killing Vote Streaming Platform

The Killing Vote will exclusively stream on SBS TV Channel in South Korea. The drama is available on Amazon Prime but only in certain selected regions. As of now, the drama is only airing in South Korea and some selected other regions, but it will be made available worldwide soon enough. We will have to keep a close watch on Amazon Prime of our regions.

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