First Love, Lasting Hate Chapter 7 Release Date: The Building Relationship Between Heeju and Seungmin

As we grow up, we all want to find partners for ourselves. During this stage, the concept of love becomes truly mature for us. We start to understand love deeply and crave somebody who can have an equal or similar understanding of love. Such a mature story is the story of the comic First Love, Lasting Hate. Fans are loving this comic already. They want to know when will the next chapter of the comic is going to be released. If you are one of them, dear reader, you have come to the right place to seek your answers. Here, we are going to discuss the information that we have gathered so far.

First Love, Lasting Hate Chapter 7 Release Date And More

The comic, First Love, Lasting Hate has received 6 chapters as of now. When can the upcoming chapter be released? The upcoming chapter, that is, Chapter 7 is going to be released on 11th August 2023 at 12 A.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). You can calculate the time of the release of your place keeping KST as your reference. We are going to get the chapter within a few days. It is not going to be a wait of long period. We will get the chapter soon enough.

When will the other chapters of the comic be released? The other chapters of the comic will be released one by one as we move forward with the manhwa. Although the release dates of the further chapters have not been provided to us as of now, I am sure that once the chapters get released, the release dates of the upcoming chapters will be announced by the creators. Hence, you should not worry about that. Instead, you can read the manhwa because it is truly entertaining.

Will the manhwa be adapted into a K-drama? Currently, there has been no news regarding this. If the manga had to be converted into a K-drama, the creators would have informed us from the beginning. However, there has been no such announcement. I think that the story of the manhwa has to come to a concrete point before the creators decide to come up with an adaptation of the manhwa. The storyline of the manhwa is pretty interesting though. It definitely has the chance of getting adapted into a Korean drama.

First Love, Lasting Hate Storyline

The storyline of First Love, Lasting Hate is pretty good if you ask me. Here the protagonists have to explore their love lives. All this time, they have been in search of good partners. Now that they have grown up, they want somebody beside them. Will this wish be fulfilled? The story is going to have heartbreaking moments as well as moments that are going to make you blush. Containing several ups and downs, the storyline of First Love, Lasting Hate is going to keep you hooked to it. If you were searching for a romance comic, you should read First Love, Lasting Hate.

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First Love, Lasting Hate Chapter 6 Rewind

Chapter 6 of First Love, Lasting Hate ended on an intriguing note. This chapter made fans questions about the future of Heeju. In Chapter 6, we find Heeju in search of a job. She needs to find a job that can allow her to pay her bills, but she is unable to. When her friend, Eunha, manages to find one for her, she declines that because by that time she is already inside a café for work. Here, she gets her part-time job. Does the story end here? No.

Here, Heeju finds Seungmin. Yes! Seungmin too works at the same café. Heeju already knows Seungmin. When she comes across her again, her heartbeat skyrockets. The handsome man is utterly polite and sweet to her. It is her first day and Seungmin helps her throughout the day. He even comforts her stating that it is okay to be nervous on the first day. After work, Heeju narrates the whole incident to Eunha. Eunha cannot believe her ears. She cannot believe it because Seungmin was a big-time bully when they were in school. How did the man change so much then? To know more, you will have to read First Love, Lasting Hate. I am sure that if you love to read romance manhwa, you will love to read this one as well!

First Love, Lasting Hate Reading Platform: Where To Read?

You can read First Love, Lasting Hate on the platform Naver Comics. However, it is available in Korean on Naver. To read the manhwa in English, you will have to click here.

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