My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone Chapter 28 Release Date, Story And Expectations

The name of the Manhwa itself suggests that something is wrong at the very core. You would not want your body to be possessed by somebody else, would you? However, the heroine of the story faces this exact situation. In this article, we are going to discuss the details of the Manhwa along with the upcoming release dates. Fans are loving this Manhwa already. They are eager to know what will be the storyline of the upcoming chapter. Hence, if you are one of them, you have come to the right place to seek your answers.

My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone Chapter 28 Release Date And More!

The Manhwa My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone is an ongoing one. It has already received 27 chapters. Currently, fans are awaiting the release of Chapter 28. So, when do you think is the chapter releasing? The upcoming chapter is going to be released on 10th August 2023 at 12 A.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). It is going to be a wait of a few more days. We are already close to the release date of the Manhwa’s latest chapter.

When will the next chapters get released? The release dates of the next chapters, that is, after Chapter 28, have not been revealed as of now. However, you do not have to worry because Chapter 28 is not going to be the last one. More chapters after Chapter 28 are going to be released. As the chapters get released, the release dates of the next chapters will be provided by the creators simultaneously. Although the creators have not stated anything specifically, you can be assured that the other chapters are going to be released soon enough.

Will the Manhwa have a Korean drama adaptation? As of now, we have not received any information regarding this speculation. Although the storyline of this Manhwa is pretty good and interesting, there are fewer chances of it getting adapted into a drama version. This is because the story of the Manhwa does not fit the standards of Korean dramas. Although several Manhwas get written all the time, it does not mean that every one of them will get adapted into an anime. Therefore, it is better not to hope for any drama adaptation of the Manhwa. If there is a chance of the Manhwa getting adapted, the creators will inform us about it.

My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone Storyline

The main protagonist of the Manhwa is Lady Kanna. Her body has been possessed by someone named Ju-Hwa for 10 years. While her body was possessed, Ju-Hwa in Lady Kanna’s body got married to Duke Sylvien. The marriage was not what Ju-Hwa expected it to be. That night, the groom was not present at the ceremony causing great shame to the families present and mainly to the bride. Since that day, Ju-Hwa in Lady Kanna’s body never got attention from Sylvien. He has always been avoiding her and degrading her. Now that Lady Kanna has got her body back, she wants to divorce Sylvien, but she is not allowed to. To know more about the story, you will have to read My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone.

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My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone Chapter 27 Rewind

Chapter 27 has been a rollercoaster ride for both Lady Kanna and Duke Sylvien. He did not stop from calling her a “filth”. In fact, he is so careless, he did not even manage to understand the change that Lady Kanna went through. All these years her body was possessed by Ju-Hwa. Now that she has got back her body finally, there has been a shift in his behaviour. This shift went completely unnoticed by Duke Sylvien. Lady Kanna understands how worthless of a husband the duke is.

The chapter takes an interesting turn when Lady Kanna challenges the “virility” of Duke Sylvien. The story does not end here. Lady Kanna drops the bomb when she starts talking about the divorce that she is wanting to have. The chapter ends with the Duke asking, “Can I ask you a question?” to Lady Kanna.

My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone Chapter 27 Memorable Moments

One of the best memorable moments of the chapter is when Duke Sylvien holds Lady Kanna by her waist and says indirectly that she is “filthy”. Another memorable moment is when Lady Kanna challenges the virility of the Duke. In short, the chapter is full of memorable moments that are going to make you laugh and feel intrigued at the same moment.

My Body Has Been Possessed By Someone Reading Platform

You can read the Manhwa in Korean on Kakao Page. If you looking for the English version, you can click here and find it.

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