How Did Edward Schiller Die? The Evil Date Is The 13th!

There is a difference in why most people like the day better than the night. It is mostly due to the fact that almost no evil can occur in daylight whereas, in the darkness of the night, anything can happen. However, this view has changed in the modern world. We are not safe even when we are in broad daylight. Anything can happen to us at any given moment. This brings us to the case of Edward Schiller which took place in broad daylight. Murderers, robbers, and other perpetrators do not wait for the night any longer to carry out their acts of violence. The same thing happened with Edward Schiller. If you are willing to know more about it, you will have to continue reading this piece of information.

How Did Edward Schiller Die? The Truth

Edward Schiller sensed that his death was near. He even made his friends aware of the perpetrator long before his death. You might be asking the question as to how Edward Schiller knew about his death siren. Well, jealousy can make a person take any step. This was the major factor that led to Schiller’s death, but who could be jealous of him? There were not many persons who were jealous of Edward. In fact, he was a loved man in his family and among his friends and neighbours.

Before delving into the murder mystery of Edward Schiller, let us first get to know how did this case become popular. You have probably heard of the series Dateline. It is one of the most interesting series that comes with several such eccentric cases that are going to make chills run down your spine. In Season 18, Episode 6, titled “The Friday The 13th Mystery” was the episode that made the case of Edward Schiller famous.

Although Schiller was pretty loved, his loved ones could not save him from his impending doom. It was unfortunate, but Schiller lost his life on 13th January 2003. He was shot dead. He was in the parking lot when this incident happened to him. The parking lot was not far away from his workplace. On the contrary, it was just his office. This is why, when he was shot, people could hear the sound and could come rushing. However, he could not be saved because he was found dead on the spot. The killer shot him and ran away.

The Killer Of Edward Schiller

When the body of Schiller was found, the police department was immediately contacted. It was since then that the police were involved in the case. However, their involvement was not leading to any fruitful discovery until they started to dig up Schiller’s life.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Schiller was aware of who his killer could be. Before his death, the man was in a happy relationship with his long-lost love, Stacey Rock. Stacey’s life on the other hand was pretty turbulent. She was married to a man named James Brescia. Their marriage did not last for long. After going through a divorce with her husband, she decided to get back with Edward Schiller. Schiller and Rock were in a romantic relationship when they were in high school.

The ex-husband of Rock could not accept the fact that his wife, then ex-wife, was with somebody else. He hired a hitman named Scott Foxworth to carry out the task of killing Edward Schiller. Edward knew that James was jealous of him. He warned his friends that if anything ever happened to him, they should first charge Brescia. Even though the police knew of this information, they could not take any steps due to a lack of evidence.

Arrest Of The Killers

Later, when the police found appropriate evidence from the location of the murder, they could proceed further with the case. However, their evidence was strengthened when one of Brescia’s co-workers spilt his entire plan. She stated that it was James’ intention to kill Edward Schiller. Scott Foxworth is none but Nancy’s ex-boyfriend. The two men planned out the entire murder without anyone’s knowledge. Finally, the plan was executed on 13th January 2006.

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Present Location Of The Killers

The hitman Scott Foxworth is currently jailed in Old Colony Correctional Center located in Massachusetts. Do you think James evaded punishment? Well, he did not to your relief. He is also jailed but at a different location. James is serving his days of punishment at Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Norfolk. Hence, both the perpetrators are currently serving their days in the prison as of now.

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