How Did Amber Bennett Die? Loss Of The Little Life

Before delving into the death of Amber Bennett directly, we will have to understand the entire story from the beginning. This story of Amber Bennett has been featured in the new Hulu mini-series titled Demons and Saviors. The series was released on 3rd August 2023. Viewers who have watched the series have questioned a lot about many things shown there. If you also want to know about this case in detail, you will have to read this piece of information to know more. We have collated all the information that we have gathered so far.

How Did Amber Bennett Die?

The case of Amber Bennett has been brought up by the new Hulu series Demons And Saviors as has been mentioned above. She was born into an unfortunate household and to an unfortunate mother. Before we know the story of Amber Bennett, we will have to know the story of her mother Christina Boyer to understand the death of little Amber. Her mother, Christina Boyer, has had a supernatural power since her childhood. She is able to use telekinesis. Due to her telekinetic power, she was suspected of killing her daughter along with David Herrin.

On 14th April 1992, the little life lost her life tragically. It feels as if, she was born with an unfortunate fate like her mother did. She was born out of the constant rape of her mother, and she lost her life soon enough. When Boyer eloped with her then-boyfriend James Bennett at the age of 16, she was constantly raped and abused. As a result, Amber Bennett was born when Boyer was only a teen. At the age of 19, Christina Boyer had to run away again from her husband and get in touch with David Herrin.

Boyer thought that she was going to have a good life with her new boyfriend David Herrin, but the situation did not turn out to be so. Whenever Boyer was not at her home, Amber Bennett was constantly abused by her stepfather David Herrin. Boyer did not take any appropriate measures to save her daughter from the clutches of the monster. Consequently, on 14th April 1992, when Christina returned home from work, she found her daughter absolutely still on the bed. After immediately rushing to the hospital, Amber Bennett could not be saved. The massive injury on her head led her to speedy death.

How Did Amber Bennett Die? Amber Bennett’s Death Mystery

When Christina Boyer returned to her home, she expected the usual reaction from her daughter, however, that was not the scenario. David Herrin informed her that her daughter was not responding and was lying on the bed. Rushing to the room immediately, Boyer found her daughter unresponsive. She tried to wake her up but to no avail. Boyer immediately took her daughter to her the hospital. However, Amber Bennett was not responding to the medicines that were administered to her. After several trials, she was declared dead. The police officers were immediately informed of this.

After the police officers were involved, they started investigating the case. They ordered an autopsy of Amber Bennett. The results of it were disheartening. It was discovered that Amber Bennett was under constant abuse. There were several bruises on her body. Before her death, she had a bruise on her head. As David Herrin had claimed that she was unresponsive after she fell asleep, that was not the case. Amber Bennett went unconscious after she was injured. As a result, the three years old could not endure the pain and suffering any longer. She succumbed to these bruises that led to her death.

Christina Boyer Case

In my opinion, I feel like the case of Amber Bennett was not judged appropriately. While David Herrin was sentenced to only 20 years of prison, Christina Boyer was sentenced to life. Do you think this is the correct justice? If not, then you have similar views as the group of supporters of Christina Boyer. The group is named “Team Tina”. The name Tina is based on Boyer’s name given by her foster parents when she was adopted. Boyer became the main suspect of the case because of her telekinetic powers as has been mentioned above.

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Demons And Saviors Streaming Platform

This entire case of Christina Boyer and Amber Bennett has been adapted into a miniseries version by Hulu. As has been mentioned in the introduction, the case of Amber Bennett has been brought to light by this particular series. If you are willing to watch the series, you can watch it on Hulu. By clicking here, you will be directed to the series.

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