Is The Blockbuster Tamil Thriller Por Thozhil Based On A True Story?

Featuring Sarath Kumar, Ashok Selvan, and Nikhila Vimal, another fascinating Tamil movie has been released recently and we can’t wait to tell you more about “Por Thozhil”! Directed by Vignesh Raja, this movie surely deserves all of your attention. The film has truly impressed us a lot, after all, the highly twisted plotline of “Por Thozhil” is quite difficult to miss. You must have seen a bunch of cop movies before, but this one surely gave us chills. The intriguing storyline of “Por Thozhil”, and the various twists and turns incorporated in the movie amazed us a lot. This made us wonder whether the film has been depicted from a true story or not. And thus, on popular demand, here is everything we know about “Por Thozhil”. 

Is Por Thozhil Based On A True Story?

Is The Blockbuster Tamil Thriller "Por Thozhil" Based On A True Story?

Written by Vignesh Raja and Alfred Prakash, a blockbuster action-packed movie was recently released on the big screen and we still couldn’t get over the storyline of this particular movie. The movie majorly focuses on two things. Firstly, we will get a deep understanding of the serial killer’s deteriorating mental health. While, secondly, we were thrilled by the intense investigation carried out by Prakash and Lokanathan. Moreover, given the dramatic plotline of the film, you may think a bunch of scenarios presented in the movie are inspired by some form of true crime events. But let us clear all your doubts related to “Por Thozhil”. 

According to our studies, the mind-blowing thriller is not inspired by any form of a true story. All the characters shown in the movie are somewhat imaginary. It is best to believe that the film is a work of fiction. Yes, you heard it right, there is no such evidence present that might prove that “Por Thozhil” is based on a true story. Moreover, as of now, we haven’t received any major updates about this particular rumor. Nonetheless, no one can deny the fact that the writers did a commendable job in making Por Thozhil successful!

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Por Thozhil Story Overview! 

It all begins with a series of murder cases taking place in Trichy. This brings us to Prakash and Lokanathan. One is a new officer in charge, while the other one is among those reputed officers who have never failed in the police department. This film is more than just an investigative thriller. Whether it was the serial killer’s haunting past or Lokanathan’s bizarre childhood, the writers did try to establish a link between these two. 

Given the fact that only women were being killed, the cops soon established a pattern between the murders and thus started their main investigation process. Moreover, here we will also learn how Prakash is trying to be a good cop. Despite scoring well academically, he fails many times to prove himself as an officer. But he is now ready to sharpen his skills! As Lokanathan and Prakash team up, someone else is also ready to spread more chaos in the town. To learn more about the film, you have to book your tickets for “Por Thozhil”.

“Por Thozhil” – Should You Watch It Or Skip It? 

Is The Blockbuster Tamil Thriller "Por Thozhil" Based On A True Story?

We 100 percent recommend it to you, if you love crime thrillers, then you should definitely watch this film. “Por Thozhil” is still performing extremely well at the box office and once again we have got a crazy Tamil thriller to gossip about. The movie is pretty hard to skip. Moreover, how could you miss out on Sarath Kumar’s refined acting skills? He has done an excellent job in the movie. Not only Sarath, but Ashok Selvan and Nikhila Vimal were also under our spotlight. The killer thriller is filled with mystery and suspense and the director and writer of “Por Thozhil” do deserve a round of applause for creating this masterpiece. 

The movie also tries to pinpoint the fact that upbringing plays a major role in shaping a person’s future. But again, we cannot deny the fact that ultimately the decision of who you want to be is with you. Por Thozhil is surely worth bingeing once and in the coming days, we expect to hear more about it. That’s all for now, to learn more about other intriguing and exciting Tamil movies, stay connected with us just right here. 

Is The Blockbuster Tamil Thriller “Por Thozhil” Based On A True Story? – FAQs

1. Is “Por Thozhil” a true story?

No, the newly released Tamil movie, “Por Thozhil” is not inspired by any true story.

2. Is Por Thozhil a remake of any Hollywood movie?

The recently released Tamil film, Por Thozhil is not a remake of any Hollywood movie.

3. Is Por Thozhil a flop film?

No, Por Thozhil is not a flop film.

4. Is “Por Thozhil” a big hit for Vignesh Raja?

As per the information collected by us, “Por Thozhil” is surely a big hit for Vignesh Raja.

5. Is Por Thozhil Part 2 already in production?

As of now, production has not begun for Por Thozhil Part 2.

6. Will there be “Por Thozhil” Part 2?

As of now, we haven’t received any major updates on the second part of Por Thozhil.

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