20 Best Romantic Anime On Netflix To Watch In 2023

There are several anime available currently. If you are an anime watcher, you will know that there are divisions according to the various genres. Romance is one of the most popular anime genres. People love romance anime. However, there is one misconception, that most romance anime are shojo. We can tell you that it is not the case. Yes, a maximum of them are shojo, but some are from the point of view of the male protagonist too. Although it is not the season of love, as in it is not February or anywhere around Valentine’s Day, the manifestation of love does not have to be contained to one single day only, right? Therefore, if you are in the mood for some sweet romance, here is a list of 20 such anime that you will love to watch. Without any more delay, let us delve into the list!

Best Romantic Anime On Netflix

1. Your Lie In April

Kimi Dayo, Kimi Nandayo, you have probably heard this very famous song, have not you? If you have heard this, we have to tell you that it is from the famous romance anime Your Lie In April. It is during April when everything happens. The story of this anime is heart-wrenching as well as extremely sweet. Revolving around the world of music, we have one pianist falling in love with a violin player. You will love to follow this sweet couple on their journey. This is a good pick for sure!

2. Kaichuwa Maid Sama

Usui and Misaki are one of the most loved couples in the world of anime to be very honest. They have a sizzling chemistry between them. Both of them are good in their academics, but they both have extremely different lifestyles. Their lives are poles apart to be very honest. Misaki has to work in a maid-café due to her family issues, and Usui belongs to a super rich family. You can understand their difference probably. Will Misaki be successful in pushing Usui away? You will have to watch the anime to know more.

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3.Kaguya Sama- Love Is War

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane both have interesting positions in their elite high school. They can be said to be rivals of each other. The thing between them gets more interesting because they are extremely drawn towards each other, they want each other badly, but they are egoistic. When it comes to ego, things become difficult on the next level. Nevertheless, their fates are meant to be conflated together, and nobody can deny fate. It is a treat to watch how these two fall in love and finally surrender to their feelings.

4. Your Name (Kimi No Nawa)

Not an anime, but an anime film. Your Name is Makoto Shinkai’s one of the best works, to be honest. The visuals of the anime are tremendously good and realistic. The story revolves around two people who can switch their souls. Mitsuha and Taki can get to know each other through this mysterious phenomenon. Intertwined with this story is another story: the story of the comet. The comet is supposed to destroy Mitsuha’s village. Will she survive the disaster and end up with Taki? What will happen if Taki cannot save her? All your questions will be answered once you watch the film.

5. Weathering With You

Another of Makoto Shinaki’s creations, Weathering With You is another anime film that is going to your heart. Here, the girl, Hina has enigmatic powers by which she can transform the weather into a sunny one. It is like wherever she goes, the sun follows her around. However, to bring the sun to the city of Tokyo, she has to pay a massive price, that is herself. Hodaka has to save her anyhow from vanishing. Will he be successful? If you are willing to find out, watch the film as soon as possible.

6. Toradora

Having a crush has a different feeling involved in it all together. Do not we? Well, our guy Ryuuji knows it better than anybody. He has a massive crush on Minori but does not know how to approach her because everybody is so scared of him. No, he is not a bad guy. It is just his eyes that keep everyone away from him because they are so deep and intimidating. In this situation, how will he impress Minori? Questions like this can be answered once you watch the anime. It is dramatic and full of fun and romance! Just the perfect blend!

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7. Violet Evergarden

From the name itself, you can understand that the story is going to revolve around the world of fantasy. Set in the world of fantasy, there is one girl (a former soldier) who is trying to search for something. Some connection, some feelings, something that she has lost in the war and cannot regain anymore. She needs somebody who can help her sort her feelings out. Hence, the story of Violet Evergarden was created. She has to understand that now since the war is going to continue no more, how will she deal with the words, “I love you” of Major Gilbert?

8. Yuri!!! On ICE

It is Pride month going on, and we absolutely cannot forget about Yuri!!! On ICE, can we? The sweet building chemistry between Yuri and Victor is everything. It is lovely how the two of them slowly and eventually fall in love while Victor trains Yuri to regain his confidence in ice skating back. It is due to Victor that Yuri starts skating once again. How can these two not fall for each other? The bond and connection that they share is everything, and will make you squeal and giggle!

9. Kamisama Kiss

The anime name means ‘Kiss of the Deity’. It does sound weird, but when you watch the anime, you will like it. The story here is based on Nanami, not the one from JJK, but a different one. Nanami has a difficult life because her father is wasted most of his time. When she gets homeless one day, it is due to the kiss of one man on her forehead that gives her shelter to live under. Everything sounds crazy, however, Nanami does not find it weird anymore, rather, she is ready to face the challenges and fall in love.

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10. A Silent Voice

Romantic and Emotional, are the two apt words that are suitable to describe this piece. Being a film, it has so many emotions in just one single screen for a duration of 1.5 hrs. It is also a story of relearning and repentance and acceptance. The boy who bullied Nishimiya for her inability to hear in school repents his actions. To save Nishimiya, Ishida even puts his life at risk. This heart-shattering story will move you, and you will love it. It is unimaginable how this one single movie can be so moving.

11. Anohana

Childhood friendships are one of a kind. They are mesmerizing and very dear to us because those friends see us grow up. Based on such a friendship, the story of Anohana revolves. Menma, the girl who died, returns and wants a wish of hers to be fulfilled. She wants Jinta to solve her problem which leads to a reunion of the friends group. How do the feelings evolve, and will Menma’s wish be fulfilled? We will have to uncover the truth and to uncover the truth, we will have to watch the anime.

12. Clannad

The death of our close ones can change us to an extensive degree. We cannot even imagine the same happening to our parents. However, the unthinkable happens with Tomoya. It is her mom whom he loses to the dark lord of death. Tomoya is not the same anymore, but the touch of love has come to intervene in his situation. It is Nagisa who changes the scenario for Tomoya. Clannad is a sweet anime. The story of Nagisa and Tomoya is one of a kind. The two help each other to remake themselves, to rebuild each other through the touch of love.

13. Howl’s Moving Castle

This Ghibli movie is romantic as well as adventurous. Sophie has to save the howl to heal from the curse while she also helps herself on the journey. Calcifer, the little fire, helped Sophie and Howl to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, amidst all the curses and chaos, Sophie and Howl find themselves falling for each other. While the castle is moving, we find something in their hearts is also moving for each other bringing them closer to one another than they used to be. The ending of the movie is a sweet one and not going to disappoint you.

14. Ouran High School Host Club

School of the Elite, that is what we can call Ouran High School. Here, Haruhi Fujioka commits a grave mistake in the Host Club (God knows why the club exists). He has to pay for the mistake by accepting how others treat him. In this situation, how can romance develop you are thinking? Nevertheless, they say love develops in the strangest of places. Therefore, Haruhi faces something similar in this high school. While all other boys are involved in impressing the girls, we have something in store for Haruhi.

15. Komi Can’t Communicate

We all need somebody who will help us overcome our difficulties. Yes, we indeed have to overcome them by ourselves, but sometimes, we require somebody else to help, to accompany us in the journey. Tadano does the same for Komi. He promises her that he will help her out with her inability to communicate with other people. It is through this promise that we see the two of them developing a connection. It is Tadano who helps Komi overcome her issues of communication giving rise to their sweet and loving bond that is sure to make you giggle and smile.

16. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Yes, the name sounds weird, but we cannot help it because Nozaki-kun is a mangaka, and he creates manga. Chiyo, a girl from his school, has severe feelings for him. However, hilariously enough, when she confesses to Nozaki, he dismisses her by giving her his autograph by thinking her to be a fan. Since that is not the case, Chiyo has to find some other way to let her true feelings known to Nozaki, and she decides to assist him create his manga. Will Nozaki ever get to know about Chiyo’s true feelings? If you want to know how Chiyo finally gets her feelings known, you will have to watch the anime.

17. Ocean Waves

One of the classic anime of the 90s revolves around a high-school student and her life when she gets transferred to Kochi, the city by the sea. Her parents’ divorce has an impact on her which is why things are difficult for her. It is in this situation that she gets noticed by Taku Morisaki. What will be their fate? Will they be together or somebody else is going to enter the scenario? We will have to watch the anime to know the answers to our questions.

18. My Little Monster

There are always some students in the class who are so serious about their studies that they ultimately become the isolated electron of the class. Shizuku is in one such scenario. She has no friends because she has time for no friends but only studies. However, the scenario does not remain the same for her anymore because Haru has stepped into it. Haru and Shizuku are poles apart. One is completely notorious, the other is so much into studies that she hardly has time for anybody else. How will they bond in this case, and that too fall in love or develop feelings for each other?

19. Fireworks

Romance can never be smooth. In reality, no relationship is ever smooth, but the situation gets more disruptive when you see that somebody else has a crush on your crush. Such is the case with Norimichi Shimada. Nuzuna is unaware of Norimichi and Yusuke’s feelings for her. Once she gets to know about both of them, how exactly is she going to react? This love triangle makes the anime interesting to watch. It has fights, jealousy, anguish, sadness, and love.

20. Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai and Sakuta are stuck in a situation. Mai cannot be seen by anybody, and Sakuta is the only one who can acknowledge her presence. While being stuck in this situation, love emerges between them. It is through their love that they help each other out. Sakuta helps Mai to be known to people, and Mai helps Sakuta to remake his reputation. Hence, while romancing with each other, they also help one another to overcome their difficulties. Being a sweet anime as it is, it is also extremely popular, and one of a kind that you can watch.

Ending Note

These are the 20 anime that we have hand-picked for you to watch. While all the anime are having different storylines, you might find some of them similar like Your Name and Weathering With You. However, that should not stop you from watching any of these anime. Each has an aspect that is going to make you giggle and smile when you think about it. However, we have mentioned the anime that you can only watch on Netflix with a subscription to the OTT platform. Besides these 20 anime that is available on Netflix, there are other super famous romance anime like Horimiya, Wotakoi, and Koikimo that are available for streaming on another platform. Banana Fish is also another heart-wrenching anime that you are going to love.

In conclusion, we can say that you will enjoy every anime that has been mentioned above. If you are searching for some interesting ones to watch, you can pick anyone from the list, or you can watch all of the anime from the list only and only on Netflix.  

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