10 Movies Like Malena: A List For You To Binge!

The strongest and bravest language of all is the love language. The feeling of being in love and finding yourself and your happiness completely in the other person is considered the most beautiful feeling one can ever experience. 

The universe loves a lover. A person who has been in love and has felt that sudden heart throbbing and butterflies are called the luckiest. Nobody can deny the fact of being in love at any certain point of time in their life. In one way or another, from your ex-boyfriend who moved on or your husband picking you up from the office every day, everybody has been in love with one person or the other.

If love is something so pure and pious why are some relations looked down on? Why are they forbidden in certain cases? Why are some relations considered crimes? Well in the world in which we live relations between a minor and an adult are looked down upon. They have no right to take their relationship to a higher extent. It can result in a crime and can also be the reason for being taken behind bars.

Even though those relations are banned by the world, love is something which is blind. It is a genuine feeling and one cannot in most cases stop themselves from falling into that situation. Although in this world nobody is allowed to be in a felonious love affair, Theatres have shown us a few movies which revolve around the love affair between a minor and an adult. An illicit affair!

Movies Like Malena

In the film Malena, this taboo affair is shown without any restriction and reserve of the world. The truth, the love between two persons can be never hidden and that is what is shown in Malena. A teenage boy finds himself completely engulfed in the love of a sensual woman in Italy. It is a titillating tale which portrays the love affair in the most simple and genuine way.

In the below-mentioned list, you’ll find 10 such movies which revolve around forbidden relationships. If this genre excites you, do give it a read!

1. The Redder(2008)

Like Malena, The Redder revolves around a sensual relationship between a minor 15-year-old boy and a 36-year-old woman. It seems like it’s a real happening in the movie Malena. Herein all desires of Renato are fulfilled. It is a story exploring the sexual tension arising in a teenager by a lady to whom he used to read books to.

The situations worsen when one fine night, after completing the book they sleep together under the same roof and on the same bed. The story is dramatic, erotic and beautiful! Twists of bringing up the past and tragedies make it even more appealing.

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2. Green Chair (2005)

This movie is about a divorced woman who is a housewife. She is found seducing a young boy. When found out about the same, they, especially the woman, faced a huge amount of embarrassment and atrocities. 

In order to run away from that situation they find themselves a roof at a friend’s place. This refuge turns out to be a nightmare for both of their lives. Their mutual love and sexual tension make them take steps which were later on turned as unsuspecting moves towards the worst.

3. Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)

Discovering and exploring the sexual desires of young boys are all that is shown in the movie. Throughout the journey, the two best friends face upside-down situations while satisfying their sexual desires. This holiday they decide to find it out. They convince a much older woman to accompany them on a road trip. 

In this journey, they found out the real essence of self. They unveil the teachings regarding youthful sexuality and friendship. The elements of sex and self are correctly portrayed in this Alfonso Cuarón film. The high rating given to the movie is a witness to it being well-received by the viewers.

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4. The Second Wife (1998)

Rom-coms are the most favourite and watched genre of all time. Italian movies with sensual stories with humour included are not a new occurrence. Ugo Chitti in the movie The Second Wife shows the complexity of the household. The second wife’s husband is taken to prison because of a few crimes committed by him. In the meantime she finds herself falling for her stepson.

The stepson is more than obliged for that love. Their relationship however was something more than love and was purely based on sexual desires. But when someone uses lust in place of logic it always results in disaster. That is the exact same thing that happened in this movie.

5. All Things Fair(1995)

Teacher-student attraction is not a very uncommon one. Almost everybody must have had a minor crush or liking towards their teacher in school or college. But the one shown in this movie takes a deeper dip. 

Last and one of the best works of Bok Widerberg wherein he perfectly portrayed the controversial relationship of love and sexual desires between a student and his teacher. The teacher was almost twice the student’s age who was a 15-year-old boy. She had her own problems arising in her married life. With respect to that, she started enjoying the charm of the boy. Sooner then they were found sharing a sexual relationship together.

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6. In the Heat of the Sun (1994)

This movie shows a love triangle kind of situation arising between two young friends and an older lady. Set in the hot summer days of China, in this movie a group of young people are shown. One of those boys has a major crush on an elderly woman. This woman, later on, finds herself in love with one of the friends of that boy. This whole situation breaks the boy and makes him quite disheartened.

7. Alex Is Lovesick (1986)

It is a romantic comedy that is plotted in the 1950s set in the country of Israel. This movie is popularly known as Alex Holeh Ahavah. The punchlines and puns included in the story make it even more intrinsic and appealing.

Boaz Davidson like in most of his works generates a huge curiosity that keeps the viewers glued in their seats. The situations shown at that time were nothing to be of surprise. These were the exact same issues taking place in the 1950s.

The story revolves around a 13-year-old boy Alex who is seen falling in love with a classmate of his named Mimi. The twist comes into the picture when this love shifts from a classmate of the same age to his aunt who is double his age. The aunt is seen as more than happy to accept the boy’s love and satisfy his sexual desires.

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8. My First Sin (1977)

Curro a child of just 16 years is shown in the movie having desires and fantasies regarding his virginity. At such minor age, he has an extreme desire to explore the sexual world and is shown to be tired of him being a virgin.

With that wrath and the desperation of exploring lust and love life, he finds himself falling in love with a 10-year elder woman who is also a prostitute. Just to be around her and to fulfil his desires he tricks her by paying to stay with him. This capricious flick is erotic and heart-wrenching. It is surely going to fit the bill if you’re searching for a movie similar to Malena.

9. S for Sex (1971)

An extremely dark, erotic and cruel plot which revolves around the sexual tension inside a teenager is portrayed in this movie. In order to satisfy his sexual desires he starts having illicit affairs with the housemaid.

The shocking section arises when it is shown that it is his lewd intention and desire for his mother which forces him to do so. The complexity is worsened when his father starts having sexual relations with the maid as well.

This Daniel Daert movie will surely make you awe-struck by the twists and turns that it takes in the movie. The complexities and young desire for sex are shown in the best way possible.

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10. Jessica(1962)

Unlike the plot of Malena, this movie does not revolve around the sexual tension and desires of a minor and an adult. Instead, it’s a story of a gorgeous girl whose beauty drives all the men crazy. This young blonde lost her husband in Sicily. This brings her to take a decision to stay on the island forever playing the job of a midwife.

Her beauty makes it extremely difficult to stay there. All men be they married or unmarried has a desire to talk to her and they cannot help drooling every time they see her. This in turn makes her a villain in the eyes of the wives of those men who stops having any sexual intercourse with their husbands. This makes her leave the village as her job of being a midwife witnesses a crisis.

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