15 Best Crime Junkie Episodes: Get Hooked on the Best True Crime Stories

You never know when crime knocks at your door. From brutal kidnapping cases to shocking murder mysteries, Crime Junkie has brought up some terrifying content for us. Featuring Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, this true crime podcast show has truly taken the world by storm. You will be shocked to know, how drastic a criminal’s mentality can be!

Crime Junkie has got a ton of subscribers out there. The intriguing podcast series is very popular among the young and adult crowd. Not only in Apple Podcasts, but the show is highly famous on Spotify as well. Five years and still counting, no one could have ever guessed that Crime Junkie will once be recognized among the finest podcast series out there but guess what, their dreams actually came true. 

15 Best Crime Junkie Episodes

The podcast was originally launched in the year 2017. Crime Junkie holds more than 300 episodes now, but guess what the numbers will increase again this year. The duo has truly done an exceptional job in making Crime Junkie successful. Again, who doesn’t like true crime stories? In a way, the show creates awareness among the crowd and that’s what makes it stand out from the crowd. The way Ashley narrates the story and the way Brit throws her point of view on the same, truly impress us a lot. Well, we may not scan through all the episodes of the intriguing podcast series, but here is a quick memory down the lane, the top 15 episodes from Crime Junkie are on our radar. 

15. MISSING: Niqui McCown

When talking about Crime Junkie, how could we forget about the first and foremost episode of the fascinating podcast series? It all starts with the unusual missing case of McCown. Who would have thought that out of nowhere the bride would go missing? The wedding date is nearing, everyone is excited to be a part of the same. But then, one fine day, a shocking news broke out. The cops confirmed that Niqui was last seen in the laundrette and thus begins their long hunt for Niqui McCown. 

14. WANTED: Robert Fisher

Was he a victim or a murderer? Were the allegations true? Did he truly kill his wife and children? This crime dates back to April 2001. It all comes down to Robert William Fisher! Where did this man go? His whole family was burnt alive but where is Robert? The cops and their neighbors still remember the incident clearly. The family had a house in Scottsdale, Arizona and it was around evening or night when the fire broke out. Three dead bodies were found in the burnt house but what about Robert Fisher? Where happened to him?

13. MISSING: Sage Smith

Let’s go back to the year 2018, this episode was about 29 minutes long and was highly acclaimed by the audience out there. If you still haven’t streamed this one, then here is a quick synopsis for you. This incident dates back to 20th November 2012. It was around 7 or 8 pm went she went missing. Sage Smith, a young girl disappeared through the night. The investigation confirmed that she went out for a date night, she was even spotted in the café alone, but what’s questionable is why didn’t she return home. What happened that night? From the police to her father and close friends, everyone is looking for her but this missing case still looks like a long-lost mystery. 

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12. SERIAL KILLER: The Green River Killer

This takes us back to the time of the 80s and 90s, we are reminded of the brutal murders which happened across the state of Washington. Females were not only killed but also sexually assaulted by this mysterious serial killer. Who would have thought that the killer would not only choke them to death but also rape the dead bodies? It all comes down to Gray Ridgeway, the man who was charged with killing a total of 49 women. This case was ultimately solved after 20 years and finally Gray was behind bars where psychologists and inspectors were trying out to study Gray’s rotten mentality!

11. MURDERED: Russell and Shirley Dermond

What may look alright, might be rotten from the inside. This incident happened around May 2014, a newly married couple was under police interrogation. They still remember the date clearly. It was a sunny afternoon when they headed for Lake Oconee. It all comes down to their neighbors’ house. They knew from the beginning that some elderly people live there but they never knew that Russell and Shirley Dermond have been killed brutally in their own house. This creepy murder mystery remains unsolved and it is yet to be known who killed the Dermonds.

10. SERIAL KILLER: Ed Kemper

He was their friend or should we say he just appeared to be their friend, but in reality, he was nothing less than a venomous snake. We are traveling back to the year 1972, a bunch of female college students from Santa Cruz was found dead. The brutal murder cases truly shocked us a lot. The cops confirmed that a serial killer was roaming in the college campus. Finally, after heavy investigation procedures, they found the common man connected to all these female students, it was none other than their close friend, Ed Kemper. 

9. MURDERED: Martha Moxley

Why would someone kill a teenager? What could have possibly gone wrong here? Did Martha know something extraordinary? Some bizarre truths are revealed here. Guess what, high officials from the American royalty are involved in this murder case. She was just a 15-year-old teenager and one fine day, we heard about her missing case, and then comes the big news, Martha Moxley is no longer with us, she has departed for heaven. Her brutal murder case truly gave us chills. 

8. PRECEDENT: Polly Klass

The whole country was burning alive, everyone was voicing up for justice. This case takes us back to the year 1993 when Polly Klass was kidnapped from her mother’s house. Why would someone kill her? A mere teenager of 12 was brutally kidnapped and murdered at her mother’s place and the killer was trying to pass by his wrong deeds. This is where the countrymen started demanding the three-strikes rule and thus begins the heavy complications of this case. 

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7. MURDERED: Karen Gregory

Can you be murdered in your own house? Well, crime can happen at any place and at any time, and the murderer can be among your close ones’ too. Karen Gregory was found dead in her own house. She was indeed violently attacked and brutally murdered by someone. But, the main question is, who killed her? After 2 years, finally, her murder mystery was solved. All this time, the killer was roaming in front of their eyes but it seems like the cops forgot to take notice of this individual. 

6. SERIAL KILLER: The Freeway Phantom

A total of six dead bodies were found, all following similar murder patterns. Six young girls were killed in a row but guess what, even after four decades, police couldn’t get hold of the Freeway Phantom. The serial killer roams alive and those dead bodies still cry for justice. There is only one common link joining them all, but there is no evidence against this individual. Will this case remain unsolved for a lifetime?

5. MISSING: Dawnita Wilkerson

This takes us back to the never-ending pandemic phase. Something looks wrong here, why she is not answering the calls? The ring is going, and one day changes into a week but no response comes from the other side and thus her friends and family start looking for her. Investigation reveals that her ex-boyfriend was troubling her for a month or so. Not only her ex-boyfriend but one of her long-distance relatives was also framed in her missing case. 

4. MURDERED: Kathy Page?

Will they never arrest her husband? At first glance, you too would call this an accident, but then the investigations will shock you to the core. This reminds us of Kathy Page, the woman who seems to be involved in an accident, but in reality, she was brutally murdered. All fingers are raised on her husband but the evidence is nowhere to be found. Three decades pass by, but that aggressive man is still roaming free of any charges. 

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3. MURDERED: Jenny Lin

A 14-year-talented soul was killed in her own house. Sources confirmed she was living in her parent’s safe house. As the name suggests, it was supposed to protect her but then comes her brutal murder case. This murder didn’t happen overnight, this was planned for years, and everything was calculated carefully. The investigation went on for a total of three decades but the case remains unsolved.

2. SURVIVED: Jaycee Dugard

She was just 11 when she was abducted out of nowhere. Her survival case is a lesson to all of us. That little kiddo went through a lot. For the past 18 years, no one heard a word from her and then one fine day, Jaycee was released free. Two cops were involved in this case. To know everything about Jaycee Dugard, head to Spotify.

1. MURDERED: Aaron Taylor

He was burnt alive. A 36-year-old man was murdered on 25th December 2007. Why was a homeless man killed so brutally? The police know who could have possibly killed him but the solid evidence supporting the same, is nowhere to be found and thus this mystery murder case went on for years and years. To know who originally killed Aaron Taylor, stream Crime Junkie, exclusively on Apple Podcasts. 

15 Best Crime Junkie Episodes – FAQs

1. Will Crime Junkie end this year?

The rumors are false, Crime Junkie is not ending so soon.

2. Where can we stream Crime Junkie?

All the episodes of Crime Junkie are available on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

3. Is Crime Junkie renewed for next year?

Our estimates say, Crime Junkie has been renewed for next year, but it is yet to be double-checked.

4. When will the new season of Crime Junkie premiere?

The new season of Crime Junkie is expected to premiere this December.

5. How many total episodes are there in Crime Junkie?

As of March 2023, more than 305 episodes of Crime Junkie have been released so far.

Can we stream Crime Junkie from an official website?

Yes, there is an official website for Crime Junkie, all the episodes of the podcast series are available on the same.

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