Lookism Chapter 454 Release Date, Characters And What Will Happen?

Lookism Volume 20 is finally here! As the chapters are passing by, the gripping storyline of the manga series is getting even more interesting and eye-catching. The very popular South Korean manga series is about to be continued further! They have recently crossed the target of 450 but the story is not over yet. This brings us to Lookism Chapter 454! The story is getting even more jumbled up now and we surely can’t wait to see what happens next in the upcoming chapters of this crazy manga tale. Written and illustrated by Park Tae-Joon, a few more compelling chapters of Lookism are waiting for us. So let’s not push it any further and straightaway jump into Lookism Chapter 454. 

Lookism Chapter 454 Release Date

The Release Date Of Lookism Chapter 454 Is Here! 

Chapter 453 is in high talk, it seems like Daniel has cracked the code to the building, and on that note, we can’t wait to begin our discussion on Lookism Chapter 454. New chapters release every week and Volume 20 is surely ready to go beyond Chapter 453. Thus, we come to Chapter 454! Fans of Lookism are highly pumped to learn all about the upcoming chapter of this intriguing manga series! Daniel Park along with all his teammates was successful in finding Alexander Hwang! It seems like they have finally cleared the first level of their mission. But this is just the beginning of the quest, they have a long way to go now.

Before we discuss more about the plot of Lookism Chapter 454, let us quickly update you on the release date of the same. If you are following this manga from the beginning, then you already know by now that the latest chapters of Lookism release every Thursday. Going by the same timeline, Lookism Chapter 454 is set to roll out next Thursday, particularly on 22nd June 2023. So what are you waiting for? We have already begun our countdown for Lookism Chapter 454 and we recommend the same to you all as well. 

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Get A Quick Recap Of Lookism Chapter 453! 

In the previous chapter of Lookism, we all saw how Alexander helped out Daniel and his team. But sadly, he has no idea about Park Jinyeong’s existence! Get ready to read how Daniel will be handling all the challenges of the Time Limit. This time Hudson Ahn has decided to stay back from the whole operation. After all, they need someone to keep an eye on every other person out there. Thus, Hudson will be staying back in the basement. But Daniel still needs to face the “Forever Man”. Slowly and steadily as the story moves forward, we will see how Daniel finds everything about the detainees staying in the building. 

But this is not going to be an easy task for them. For this particular operation, they must work together as the Workers in the Mental Ward can be highly dangerous sometimes. The fourth level is still quite far from them. They cannot forget that this is their only time to escape from the enemy territory, they must work fast to avoid all discrepancies present in the Mental Ward. To learn all about Chapter 453, you have to read all of it online. 

What Will Happen In Lookism Chapter 454?

The Release Date Of Lookism Chapter 454 Is Here! 

Daniel and his whole gang are ready to rescue Kwak! They must stay alert as numerous problems are set in front of them. This is surely going to be the main storyline of Lookism Chapter 454. The gang is ready to discover more about the Dark Side. Deep mysteries lie here and we are highly intrigued to see what all new challenges are set ahead for the team. Moreover, we cannot forget the fact that Kwak is not alone! 

Other detainees as well want to be rescued, all of them are looking for help! It has all come down to Daniel and his team now, they must come up with a solid plan this time, they must do something to reach out to all the captivated detainees. Clearly, a lot of power-packed action moments are set for us in Lookism Chapter 454! Hopefully, in the coming days, we will get a few more interesting updates on the plot of Lookism Chapter 454. 

The Release Date Of Lookism Chapter 454 Is Here! – FAQs

1. Is Lookism Chapter 454 releasing next week?

Yes, Lookism Chapter 454 is releasing next week.

2. When will Lookism Chapter 454 come out?

Lookism Chapter 454 has been scheduled to roll out on 22nd June 2023.

3. How many total volumes are currently present in Lookism?

Currently, the manga series, Lookism holds a total of 20 volumes.

4. Can you read all the chapters of Lookism online?

Yes, you can read all the chapters of Lookism online.

5. Is the South Korean webtoon Lookism available in English?

Yes, the South Korean webtoon Lookism is also available in English.

6. Is the webtoon, Lookism ending with Volume 20?

As of now, there is no concrete information available on this one yet. But let’s hope, the webtoon, Lookism, is not ending with Volume 20.

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