20 Shows Like Alchemy Of Souls That You Must Add To Your Tour Watchlist!

Are you among those die-hard fans of romance and fantasy movies? Are you waiting for a new Bollywood movie with intrinsic and appealing characters as well as a great story? Well, you may have to wait quite a long for that one! 

If you are bored of the same old cringe storyline getting dubbed in English, Hindi and other vernacular languages, there’s a solution for you!

Maybe it’s time for you to switch to Korean dramas! Despite the long history of the Korean film industry, it has gained immense popularity among people all over the world in the recent past.

Not just confined to films but Korea as a whole of a country has grabbed the attention of people all over the world. Out of five every fourth person has a dream to visit Korea and live their main character’s life.

The biggest reason behind the hit of the Korean film industry over the last two decades has been the storyline, love angels and fantasies involved. Along with it, the little hint of past and history add ons to the extreme love that it gains today. The complications and reliability that the youth finds in the character make it their favourite of all time.

A Short Synopsis Of Alchemy Of Souls!

Korean movies have never disappointed their fans. One such amazing work by Korean filmmakers can be attributed to the making of Alchemy Of Souls. One of the finest series of all time! It serves a perfect mixture of romance, fantasy and the last on a fine platter. In contrast to other cinemas being genre specific, the Korean series has always given its viewers a mix of different genres. It perfectly reaches its audiences and attracts the maximum number of viewers due to the involvement of different genres.

It is a series written by the Hong sisters which is available on TVING and Netflix. Till now there have been two parts of the series. 

The story revolves around love and complexity arises due to the spell of the Alchemy of Souls. By this spell, souls get the power to switch bodies. It takes place in a hypothetical country, Daeho. It is a love story of an elite warrior in the body of a weak person and her lover, who comes from a noble family. During the course of teaching him, they fall in love. The second part includes a huge amount of killing and action scenes wherein a close resemblance of Nak- su comes into the picture. 

1. Jinxed at First(2022)

As recently as seven years ago, Soo Gwang had a perfectly normal, happy life. However, everything changed when he happened upon Seul Bi, a woman he had begun seeing shortly before he met her. Despite their brief encounter, she was able to change his life forever. There are times when people can be linked to each other, and in a fantasy world, anything can happen to you if you dream of Seul Bi every once in a while.

Since the day he had seen Seul Bi, he has had terrible dreams about her. There is nothing more awful than always thinking about someone, and then something terrible happens, which means that Soo Gwang will have to find her again in another life, if not in this one.

2. Lovers of the Red Sky(2021)

One such TV series which can be considered similar to the Alchemy of Souls is Lovers of the Red Sky. It was released in the year 2021. It was directed by Jang Tae- yoo and written by Ha Eun. It is a fantasy romance drama with hints of the past and history in it. 

The movie is set during the times of ghosts and gods. It involves a hypothetical situation wherein human life is surrounded by demons and angels. It shows a relationship brewing between an astrologer and a painter. The curse of the demon king In the movie results in widespread drought in the area.

The love story between Ha Ram who is an astrologer in Seomungwab and Hong Cheon- gi a brilliant painter starts again at the later stage of the movie with the reunion. The complications because of one being associated with the demon and the other as divine lead to their separation. 

The complications have succeeded in keeping the curiosity alive among the viewers and audience. This has led to the immense love and appreciation of the series.

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3. Tale Of Nine Tailed(2020)

As a mythical nine-tailed fox or gumiho, Lee Yeon, the reincarnation of the mythological nine-tailed fox, had to settle in the city centuries ago. Able to transform into human form, he eliminates supernatural beings who threaten the mortal world, but his real purpose is to find his lost first love, reincarnated into him. Known for her talent as a television producer, Nam Ji Ah is involved in a show that features urban myths as part of its content. 

Several years ago, her parents lost their lives when they were involved in a mysterious car accident. She suspects Lee Yeon might have been involved in this accident. The captivating Lee Rang is a half-brother to Lee Yeon and is an equally captivating half-brother of Lee Yeon. Despite the fact that he is half-human himself, he harbours a deep-seated hatred for all people.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself to him he will unleash his seductive prowess upon his human-du-jour, promising to grant them whatever dream their heart desires, and then tricking them into paying a pretty penny for the pleasure he intends to provide.

4. The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) 

The storyline revolves around a modern Korean Monarch. He had a charming personality and no lady in the whole empire could stop themselves giggling on seeing him. One fine day he finds himself passing through a mysterious portal. This portal takes him to a different universe, more of a parallel universe. There he finds a police detective who is a cunning and independent lady.

The emperor’s life is surrounded by tons of struggles and problems after passing the portal.

5. The Beauty Inside (2018) 

As the series unfolds, it follows the story of Han Se Gye, an actress living in someone else’s body for a week out of every month, and the love story of Seo Do Jae, a man suffering from Prosopagnosia, and Han Se Gye. While she is in another body, she also experiences love differently, which changes her view of love and how she deals with it, which leads her to change her perspective on love. This film has an interesting concept and highlights the beauty standard in a different way.

6. The Untamed(2019)

In addition to a genuinely engaging story about friendship, The Untamed is character-driven and filled with battle scenes. The story is filled with clans, wars, alliances, murders, sleight-of-hand relationships, and deeply rooted bonds that lead to conflict and division.

It explores the interpretation of good and evil here, as well as the difference between face value and true intent. If you pay attention, you might wonder who, exactly, is wearing the black hanfu.

The commitment of 50 episodes is considerable, but once you have seen a few chapters, you will understand why this drama has become so popular. All three elements, fantasy, romance, and drama, are well-represented in The Untamed.

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7. Hotel del Luna (2019)

This Korean drama has been a big hit and is loved all over the world, as Lee plays the owner of a special hotel that only caters to ghosts in order to prepare them for their transition into the light. Yeo plays the hotel manager as well as Lee’s love interest. 

In addition, the make-up and costumes of the show are the best on the market which makes it different from the average silly Korean drama It gets dull from time to time, but that doesn’t take away from its amazing quality of production. In addition, the costumes worn by the cast were incredible. The designer deserves a huge round of applause for the same.

8. Arthdal Chronicles(2019)

Generally accepted as the first Korean ancient fantasy drama, Arthdal Chronicles transports the audience back to the Bronze Age and is loosely based on the founding of the first Korean kingdom of Gojoseon, which was a Korean kingdom during that era.

The story takes place in the mythical land of Arth, where its inhabitants – the legendary heroes – go through a series of struggles with power and hardships of love and unity as they struggle to establish a new society in which they are going through numerous struggles.

A fascinating look at Korea’s early civilization with its diverse tribes and the amazing display of stars such as Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won is provided in this inspiring epic fantasy. This show keeps you on the edge of the chair and provides a fascinating look at Korea’s early civilization with its varied stars.

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9. The Crowned Clown(2019)

Awash with tension, twists and turns, The Crowned Clown is a drama with a political edge. This Korean drama reaches a satisfying conclusion and has impressive cinematography throughout.

As a result of numerous uprisings among the unhappy populous, the Royal family is in a state of disorder in Joseon. Soon, there is a power struggle for the throne, with maniacal Lee Hun ruling with an iron fist while Queen Dowager and her close advisor Sin Chi-Soo plot to overthrow the King.

In order to avoid any assassination attempts, Lee Hun switches places with an entertainer who bears the exact same picture as the King. Eunuch Jo and the Royal Secretary help Ha Sun navigate the murky waters of deceit and deception to avoid being exposed as an impostor while he takes the throne unprepared and in over his head.

10. Familiar Wife (2018) 

There are quite a few similarities between Alchemy of Souls and Familiar Wife. the similarities of the genre make the obvious one. The other details are given below!

This drama revolves around a married couple. One fine day, they get up and find themselves in a different universe altogether. Their fates and destiny have been changed by a spell.

In spite of the disputes arising between the married couple, they do realize after getting a chance to wake up in a different world. The realisation is that those fights shall never come in between them and the bond.

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11. Fights Break Sphere: Season 1(2018)

Xiao Yan is a genius child who suddenly loses all of his powers in Fights Break Sphere, a well-written and captivating C-drama. Family members find him an embarrassment because of his lack of talent. After 15 years, Xiao Yan summons Yao Lao from his mother’s ring accidentally. As a result of the elder’s guidance, Xiao Yan’s skill improves. In a martial world at odds with peace, Xiao Yan sets out on a journey to find the killer of his family and bring it peace again.

12. The Bride of Habaek (2017)

The supernatural elements and the involvement of the parallel universe, then comparing and bringing it back to today’s present world is something which is focussed on mostly. The Bride Of Habaek involves such a plot.

Herein the God of water comes to the earth to complete his expedition. For this, he takes assistance from his servant whose forefathers have made a pact to fulfil all the demands and orders of the Water God, Habaek. The servant has no knowledge of such a promise and helps the god as a normal human being. It covers the orthodoxy of people and blind belief in supernatural elements and how that can be dangerous.

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13. A Korean Odyssey(2017)

In a modern adaptation of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West from the 16th century, A Korean Odyssey is a fantasy drama narrated by Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, and Oh Yeon-seo in leads and starring Lee Seung-gi, Chan Seung-won, and Oh Yeon-seo in supporting roles. 

A show like this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s simple, unique and refreshing, centred around Son O-Gong and King Wooma, who are permanently at odds but who bond over looking for light amidst an evil world. The show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, it’s a simple, unique and refreshing experience.

As pleasing and entertaining as the plot is, the bond between the two main leads adds to the appeal of the show and makes it one of its strongest points.

14. Goblin(2016)

The movie, which was released in South Korea in November 2016 with Gong Yoo playing the title role as well as Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na, and Yook Sung-jae in supporting roles, became an immediate cultural phenomenon when it was released.

There are a lot of people who are interested in the story of an immortal goblin who has to find one true love to remove a sword which is invisible from his chest. Due to its high audience rating, it has become the fifth highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. Apart from being most loved among audiences it has gained high standards for k drama because of the art and cultural involvement in the series.

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15. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

This K Drama is a historical fantasy drama based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin. It features the most popular woman solo singer in South Korea, Lee Ji-Eun, and Lee Joon-gi as the leading love triangle. In the movie, a 21st Century woman is transported back in time during a solar eclipse to the Goryeo Dynasty, falls in love, and becomes involved in political conflict unintentionally.

The complications with fantasy and fictional twists have resulted in the show getting a huge fan base. In contrast to a normal and cringe love triangle, it offers high-standard and appealing moments.

16. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)

The whole concept of homosexuality in movies and shows is a very new phenomenon and visuals in the hundi cinema, the Korean shows have involved such prospects for a very long time. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth is one such show. It revolves around the love and friendship relationship among the elite group of men. The outstanding star cast is something which acts as a magnet and attracts its viewers. 

Just one part of the show which makes its fans disheartened. The first part was a big hit and grabbed the attention of its viewers and fans.

17. I Can Hear Your Voice (2013) 

Viewers will meet Jang Hye Sung, a sharp-tongued female lawyer in this drama who speaks everything that comes to her mind without filtering it in any way. A few years go by, and not long afterwards, she begins working with Cha Kwan Woo, a passionate public defender who has a lot of perseverance and a lot of drive to stay motivated in order to make her work enjoyable, and she finds it increasingly difficult to muster any motivation to make her work enjoyable, as she is nearing the end of her career.

The brewing chemistry between the two is something which is going to make you simp for them throughout. The relationship between the two is just not about love but also includes banters and arguments thrown at each other in the court. This is surely going to keep the viewers glued on their couches.

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18. Gu Family Book (2013)

As the title suggests, Gu Family Book is a fusion of martial arts action and historical fantasy drama, starring singer-actors Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy in the leading roles. This story revolves around a half-human/half-were-fox man, who is on a desperate quest for the centuries-old book that will enable him to become fully human by transforming from werewolf to human.

We are in for a lot of tragic backstories and a lot of crying in this show. It is a little unconventional and does not take itself seriously, but it quenches the thirst for watching a lot of different genres in one: it has action, comedy, fantasy, strong male and female characters, and lots of suspense.

19. The Moon Embracing The Sun (2012)

There is something about the shaman plot line that makes South Koreans tick and The Moon Embracing The Sun is no exception. Set against the backdrop of a traditional Korean palace, Kim Soo-hyun portrays a fictional king of the Joseon Dynasty and his passionate love for a woman shaman, played by Han Ga-in.

The show features a lot of political conspiracies and conflicts as is common with television films of this type. It won awards in the category of Best Drama Award in the television category.

Several critics have argued that the teen actors had a much better performance in the series than their adult counterparts. When you watch the series, you’ll quickly realize that the series has deserved the good reviews that it has received and the high ratings that it has.

20. Faith (2012)

Last but not least we have ‘Faith’ of 2012 in our list. The story is as fascinating as it could be. The story of this K drama revolves around the future queen and a captain. The queen is injured heavily in one of the scenes and the captain who is Choi Young takes her to a wormhole. From there the path of heaven is reached which is nowhere other than present-day South Korea.

The story brings up the scenes involving the passage to heaven and the pathway to it which makes the viewers curious about the whole plot. The humanity in people today and the kindness in them are portrayed in the show.

A long list of 20 shows like Alchemy Of Sould has been provided above. The amount of fanbase and love which these shows have gained because of their punchlines, story, plot and moreover the performance of the casts is unfathomable. No doubt you can find yourself hooked on the screen while watching these shows. What are you thinking about now? Go take a day off from all the chores and enjoy the weekend binge-watching these shows!

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