Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Like Rana Naidu! 

Featuring Rana Daggubati and Surveen Chawla, the blockbuster crime thriller, Rana Naidu is still in talks. The new-age thriller series has surely exceeded our expectations! All ten episodes of Rana Naidu Season 1 are now available on Netflix, the twists and turns incorporated in the thriller drama have truly impressed us a lot. Whether it was Rana’s unbeatable intelligence to handle high-profile Bollywood clients or his sharp fighting skills, Rana Naidu has surely managed to grab most of our attention. 

We are quite confident that the crime drama will soon be renewed for Season 2. After all, who is not interested in binging Rana Naidu Season 2? But hey there, Rana Naidu is not the only crime drama that is worth noticing! There are a few more series that are just as intriguing and exciting as Rana Naidu Season 1. So let’s not push any further and jump straight into the main discussion of the day. 

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Are you up for some more enthralling crime drama? If mystery and thriller are your preferred genre types, then you have surely come to the right place! We have scanned through all the renowned OTT platforms and noted down some of the best thrillers for you. It’s high time that you refresh your binge list! So, here is an exclusive list of 20 intriguing and enthralling crime drama series, which are not only filled with an immense dose of mystery and suspense, but some of these have also exceeded our expectations. 

20. Hostages

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Let’s begin our discussion with a blockbuster Indian crime thriller series, Hostages! The very first installment of the show premiered on 31st May 2019. All the episodes of Hostages Season 1 and Season 2 can be viewed on Disney+ Hotstar. It is indeed true that the series was well-received by the audience. The crime drama started with a woman named Dr. Mira Anand, the renowned surgeon who was supposed to perform a routine operation on the honorable chief minister of the state. But just a night before she was meant to do the operation, something drastic happened with her family! Someone has captured her family members and she must do everything they say to save them. 

In Season 1, we will see how a doctor is constantly forced to kill her client and in this urgency, she must make a decision to save the ones she loves! CM Khushwant Lal Handa plays a major role here! Similarly, in Season 2, we will see how the story drops them all to Nepal. The bone marrow operation must be performed soon. Handa is still in danger and the situation got even worse for him! Some new characters will also pop up in the picture! Slowly and steadily, the real motive of the criminal gets revealed! Meanwhile, we will see how Prithvi Singh tries to save them all, most importantly he must save his daughter! 

19. City of Dreams

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another famous crime drama from Disney+ Hotstar happens to be City of Dreams! As the name of the series suggests, we are about to get a closer glimpse of Mumbai. It all begins when a sudden attack is made on her, this particular shoot-out is about to affect everyone’s life. Someone is plotting a full-fledged plan to kill Ameya Rao Gaikwad. A prominent politician’s life has come in danger. Get ready to learn everything about the Gaikwad family and their extremely bitter relationships. This is not just about who is trying to kill her, but it is also about power, money, and much more than one can ever imagine! A giant pit of lies, some hidden truths, and some drastic revelations, City of Dreams is surely worth binging once. To know what lies in Ameya’s future, binge all three seasons of City of Dream. 

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18. CAT

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Featuring the very talented and eye-catching Randeep Hooda, CAT is surely one of our personal favorites! The thriller drama can be viewed on Netflix and has a total of 8 episodes. This story centers around Gurnam Singh, popularly called CAT by the police department! It all dates back to the end of the 90th century. Hopefully, you all remember the Insurgency which took place in Punjab. This particular drug peddling case has taught him a lot! Along with Officer Sehtab Singh, Gurnam was fortunate enough to save the life of his brother Sunny!

But yet again, he has been hired by Sehtab for another important mission. The drug business is still very much active in the city and he must get all the details he can gather from the underworld. As he tries to learn more about the drug-peddling activities, he discovers a shocking truth about his parent’s death! It seems like Sehtab knows every little thing about Baljit Singh Rajpuria! Interestingly, Baljit was the one who had killed Gurnam’s parents! This is where the story turns upside down! Gurnam will no longer serve Sehtab and is ready to avenge a deadly plan against Rajpuria! 

17. Aranyak 

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another intriguing crime drama that can be viewed on Netflix is Aranyak! Directed by Vinay Waikul, this crime drama surely deserves a place on your binge list. Starring prominent Indian actors like Raveena Tandon, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Ashutosh Rana, Aranyak has surely managed to grab our attention. Set around a fictional town named Sironah, this story begins with two prominent cops of the police department! Both will do everything possible to hunt down the devilish rapist!  A mere foreigner who was enjoying her vacation period with her mother is suddenly missing. Further investigation revealed, that the teenager has been brutally raped and murdered! In this emergency, Inspector Kasturi Dogra and Angad Malik must work hand in hand to get the real culprit behind bars! 

16. Sacred Games

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another eye-catching crime thriller happens to be Sacred Games. Featuring prominent Indian actors like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte and Pankaj Tripathi, Sacred Games Season 1 and Season 2 surely impressed us a lot. The whole story starts with a mysterious phone call. Ganesh Gaitonde, the notorious crime lord who has been missing for the past 16 years has finally contacted a cop named Sartaj Singh! He soon learns that within 25 days, India will be shattered into ruins, and in this emergency, he must save the country. Meanwhile, we will also see how the RAW officer Anjali Mathur decides to help him out!

From seeing how Ganesh came into the underworld to understanding how he gained the title of Mumbai’s crime lord, the first season of the show truly entertained us a lot! Most importantly, the series ends with a major cliffhanger where we saw how Sartaj establishes a connection between Gaitonde and his father. Going into Season 2, we will see how Sartaj learns about the mysterious ashram and Khanna Guruji. Moreover, we will also learn about Gaitonde’s days in Kenya with Kusum Devi Yadav! Slowly and steadily, the story leads us forward to Shahid Khan, the dangerous extremist who surprisingly happens to be a cousin of Sartaj! To know whether Sartaj was able to catch the culprit or not, binge all the episodes of Sacred Games, exclusively just on Netflix. 

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15. Shoorveer 

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Directed by Kanishka Varma, this action thriller surely deserves a special mention here. If you love binging jam-packed action series, then you can surely binge this one. A classic story of frontline warriors who will do everything possible to save India! It all begins when the country comes under an emergency alert! A special unit is employed to handle the whole scenario. Our brave soldiers must stay alert, they must chalk out a brilliant plan to save the country from the deadly attack. To know how these young officers fought in the battleground, whether they succeeded in their mission or not, binge all the intriguing episodes of Shoorveer, exclusively just on Disney Plus Hotstar. 

14. November Story

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another intriguing thriller mystery from Hotstar Specials happens to be the November Story! The series holds a total of only 7 episodes, but the interesting mystery tale surely didn’t disappoint us at all! This story revolves around a daughter and her father’s attempt to get themselves out of a criminal case. A prominent crime novelist of the town, Ganesan who has lost his ability to think well has somehow got trapped into a crime scene! Given the fact that he has Alzheimer’s, he couldn’t recall a thing about the crime sight! Somehow Ganesan has now become the main suspect in the case. In this critical situation, it is Anuradha’s ultimate duty to free her father from this complex police investigation. To know how the mastermind Anuradha Ganesan solves this critical murder mystery, binge all the episodes of the November Story! 

13. Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Featuring the very talented Ajay Devgan, you can say that Rudra: The Edge of Darkness is just an Indian remake of Luther! All the episodes of this psychological crime thriller are available on Disney+ Hotstar. This epic story starts with DCP Rudraveer Pratap Singh, better known as “Rudra”. Finally, after months, he has come back to life, but things have drastically changed now. There is no doubt that he is one of the finest cops in the Mumbai police department. As he tries to solve different murder cases, something drastic happens in his life! A series of dangerous things are happening in the city, there is a serial killer who is killing them all. Meanwhile, we will also see how Rudra is framed for killing his wife! To know what lies ahead in Rudra’s future, watch all the episodes of Rudra: The Edge of Darkness. 

12. Class 

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Unlike other crime thrillers, this drama comes with an element of teenage romance and other interesting social issues. It all starts with Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli. They didn’t know what a lavish life looked like until they got into an elite private school in New Delhi. Sadly, their local school was destroyed by Ahuja Properties. Thus, comes their scholarships, and that’s how they got lucky enough to study at Hampton International! But what appears to be shiny from the outside is indeed rotten from the inside. These three working-class kids will surely be tortured and traumatized by the other wealthy students of the school. But as the story moves forward, their lives will be changed forever. All of them will soon be trapped in a dangerous murder mystery! To know what ultimately happens with these school students, watch all the episodes of Class, exclusively just on Netflix. 

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11. Farzi

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Next on our list is Farzi, a black comedy crime drama that is quite popular on Prime Video. Featuring Shahid Kapoor, you surely can’t miss out on this particular crime series. The story starts with Sunny, a talented artist who soon understands how corrupt the Indian industry is. The income inequality present in the country has truly been a triggering point for him. There was a time when his grandfather used to run a revolutionary printing press, but now that he owns the business, he finds out that he can barely keep it alive! And this is when the idea occurred to him, he decided to counterfeit money and thus the scam began. Thanks to his long-time best friend Firoz who decided to be his partner in crime. But hey there, he too will face the consequences of his fraud! After all, the renowned gangster of the town, Mansoor, and the rowdy cop, Michael will do everything possible to trouble him. 

10. Abhay

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Coming next is a ZEE5 Original Indian psychological crime thriller, Abhay! This story begins with SP Abhay Pratap Singh. With his fellow officers, he has cracked a bunch of criminal cases out there! But as they say, your family often has to pay for your deeds. Abhay lives only for his son, Saahil, and is highly overprotective of him. But it seems like, his worst nightmare is about to come true. After a long time, Govind has come back to town. According to him, Abhay was the one who killed his family and now it’s his time to get revenge. Abhay has always been 100 percent loyal to his duties and responsibilities! And this is the only reason why he does everything possible to punish the culprits! But even the incorrupt officer has to fight with his inner demons. Sometimes, Abhay can be more aggressive than one can ever imagine and this particular habit of his will surely cost him in the long run! 

9. Khakee: The Bihar Chapter 

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another interesting Indian crime thriller happens to be Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. Created and written by Neeraj Pandey, all the episodes of this thriller drama are currently available on Netflix! This story revolves around three main districts of Bihar, namely, Sheikhpura, Nalanda, and Patna. It all begins with Chandan Mahato, who was originally named Pintu Mahato! As we dig deep into his life, we will learn all about the Ashok Mahto gang. This infamous gangster group of Bihar is still quite sound and active. Thus, to wipe off the crime from Nalanda and Sheikhpura, IPS Amit Lodha comes into the picture. As he digs deep to learn all about the Ashok Mahto gang, he discovers a huge truth about them!

8. Mai: A Mother’s Rage

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Next on our list is another entertaining thriller Indian drama series which was released back in 2022. Mai: A Mother’s Rage, speaks about Sheel Chaudhary, a middle-class mother who strives hard to feed her daughter! She was a full-time nurse who used to work at a small old age home! But her simple life soon turns upside down, when her daughter died in a mysterious truck accident. She saw how the speeding truck went over Supriya’s body! As she prepares herself for her daughter’s funeral, those haunting events of the brutal accident keep flashing in her mind. In these very moments, she realizes that her daughter didn’t die in a normal accident, but was a victim of pre-planned murder. And thus, starts her mission to find out the culprits who killed her daughter! A simple middle-aged mother turns into a beast to punish all those who killed Supriya. 

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7. The Night Manager

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Next on our list is The Night Manager, a highly twisted crime thriller. The story revolves around Shantanu, a former Indian Navy Lieutenant who is now a night manager in Dhaka! It all begins when Safina Kidwai, a 14-year-old teenager who has been forced to marry Freddie Rehman, the major owner of the hotel, meets Shantanu. Fortunately, she manages to escape her husband’s view and decides to approach Shaan! He has to help her out, he must do something to lead her back to India. In the first instance, Shaan obviously refused her request but then she steals his phone and records a very crucial video which might help Shaan in his real mission! As the series moves forward, we will see how Safina records a meeting between Shaildendra Rungta and Freddie. 

They are speaking about importing illegal arms into Bangladesh. She also took some pictures of all the documents she found in the room and thus passed down the information to Shaan! Upon learning everything, Shaan decides to approach Vikram Bhagwat, and thus the information reaches the prominent RAW officer, Lipika Saikia Rao! Finally, the RAW officer can now make a crucial move against this dangerous duo, this is her chance to catch Shelly and Freddie. But what’s even more important is Safina’s safety! Shaan must make sure that Safina stays alive but it seems like their plan will soon hit rock bottom. The police document that Safina has committed suicide for the misdeed she has done and this is where the second part of the story begins. 

Two years later from this drastic incident, Shaan is finally found in Shimla, working as a night manager in a five-star hotel! But his past is not going to leave him so soon, it will continue to haunt him. He failed to save Safina and this will bother him for a lifetime, but once again fortune is giving them a chance to unveil the wrong deeds of Shelly! She is about to come to Shimla and is planning to stay in the resort. To know what lies in the future of Shantanu, binge all the episodes of The Night Manager, exclusively just on Disney Plus Hotstar. 

6. Breathe: Into the Shadows

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

When speaking about intriguing thrillers, how can we miss Breathe: Into the Shadows? A promising thriller crime drama that features Indian actors like Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, and Nithya Menen. This story revolves around Dr. Avinash Sabharwal and his 6-year-old daughter, Siya who has been kidnapped by a mysterious man! Given the fact that the kidnapper was wearing a mask, detecting him is not going to be an easy task for Avinash. We will see how a father will do everything possible to reunite with his loving daughter! The kidnapper has only one demand! To see Siya alive, Sabharwal must become a murderer, he must kill a man. And this is where all the jam-packed action scenes begin! To know whether Sabharwal ever reunites with his daughter or not, watch all the episodes of Breathe: Into the Shadows, exclusively just on Amazon Prime Video. 

5. Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another highly twisted and intriguing Netflix crime thriller of all time happens to be Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein! This particular Indian romantic crime thriller surely took us by surprise! We weren’t expecting to see so many complicated turns in the story. It all starts when Purva saw Vikrant, it was indeed love at first sight for her! But little did Vikrant know that Purva was interested in him. On the other hand, we will see how Vikrant is deeply in love with Shika and planning to spend a lifetime with her. Given the fact that Purva is Akheraj Awasthi’s daughter, she knows very well how to win this love game. 

A politician’s daughter is well accustomed to politics, you better not try to fool her! Whether willfully or forcefully, Purva will do everything possible to convince Vikrant to marry her. She is from a high-class family and Vikrant is just another average middle-class boy, so we all know who had the upper hand here. Surprisingly enough she succeeds in her plan but this game of war and love is not over yet! Vikrant might be her husband now, but he continues to love Shika! As the story moves ahead, we will see how Vikrant decides to be strong and end this game for once and for all. He is planning to kill Purva now but this revenge game is not going to be an easy task for him to pull off. 

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4. Criminal Justice

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Next on our list is Criminal Justice, a thriller legal drama that is a part of Hotstar Specials! This series starts with a middle-class cab driver named, Aditya Sharma. He still remembers that night clearly, he was planning to meet his friends but all his plan soon went down the drain! All because of Sanaya Rath, a high-class lady who kept abusing him for no reason. He still couldn’t understand why she was changing her location continuously! But after talking for a while, soon they realized that they were part of the same college. But as the story moves forward, we will see how Aditya gets trapped in a murder case. The police claim that he has raped and murdered Sanaya. 

What’s even more shocking, is that they assumed that he was the one who had the murder weapon! In this critical scenario, he calls for justice, and thus comes Madhav Mishra, the lawyer who is about to fight for Aditya! The cab driver pleads not guilty but the Magistrate was not ready to hear his statement. As a result, he stays in the Police custody for 14 more days. As the story moves forward, we will see how Mandira Mathur takes over Aditya’s case and manages to prove that he is not a rapist! But the murder charge continues to stay, meanwhile, we will also see how Aditya starts getting accustomed to the prison environment! To learn whether justice will be ever delivered to Aditya or not, binge all the episodes of Criminal Justice! 

3. Aarya

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Another enthralling crime drama of all time happens to be Aarya! A mother’s constant struggle to hold her family together and her keen determination to find out the man responsible for her husband’s death will surely give you goosebumps! She is the strongest here! Her world turns upside down when her loving husband is suddenly shot to death! Slowly and steadily, the whole rack of lies comes out! 

From handling uninvited police raids to looking out for the bag full of drugs, this is just the beginning of destruction! Aarya has to fight like a tigress, that’s the only way out she can protect her three kids. From getting betrayed by her father to killing her brother, slowly and steadily we will see how Aarya too becomes an integral part of this underworld! Featuring the very gorgeous and talented Sushmita Sen, binge all the interesting episodes of Aarya, exclusively just on Disney+ Hotstar. 

2. Mirzapur

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

When speaking of power-packed crime thrillers, how can someone not talk about Mirzapur? This particular Prime Video series has surely exceeded our expectations. The twists and turns incorporated in this crime drama will shock you to the core. Featuring renowned actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Shweta Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, Ali Fazal, and Vikrant Massey, we can never get bored of this particular series! The story of this small town revolves around Akhandanand Tripathi, the renowned businessman who is better known as the mafia boss of Mirzapur! Even he didn’t think that one day his mere exporting business of carpets will make him a millionaire! But as they say, with money comes power, and with power comes greed and jealousy! 

His highly spoiled son, Munna is planning to sit on his throne! He can’t wait any further to inherit everything which his father owned once. As the story moves forward, we will see how Munna meets Ramakant Pandit, a respected lawyer in the town! It seems like a dangerous idea is cooking within Munna’s mind. Meanwhile, we will also learn everything about Ramakant’s two sons, namely, Guddu and Bablu. As the story moves ahead, we will see how destructive the gameplay of power can be! To learn what lies ahead for all of them, binge all the episodes of Mirzapur, exclusively just on Prime Video. 

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1. The Family Man

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! 

Last but not least, comes the most entertaining crime thriller of all time, The Family Man. Featuring Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari, there is literally no one who can point out any fault in this crime drama. The Family Man created by Raj & DK is surely one of the classic Indian thrillers out there. This story revolves around a mysterious man named Srikant Tiwari, who appears to be a middle-class man but in reality, works as a senior intelligence officer. He is indeed an integral part of the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell! The outside world thinks he is just another married man who has two kids, but soon we will learn about his true capabilities. He is among the finest officers in our country and we can’t wait to see him in action again.

Season 1 introduced us to Mission Zulfiqar, there are some dangerous extremist groups out there who are trying to provoke other Muslims to march against the Indian government and it is their task to stop them from accomplishing their mission. But as they say, sometimes even you can misjudge scenarios. Sadly, Srikant along with his fellow officers misread the plan of those college boys and ended up killing them all. It seems like the officers will now have to deal with this grief all alone. 

In the second season of the show, we will see how Srikant has decided to lead a normal life and sticks now with his ordinary office job! But an emergency alert in Sri Lanka brings him back into action! It seems like Srikant can never go off-duty! Moreover, in this very season, we will also see how his daughter gets kidnapped by the terrorist and this time he must do the required to rescue his daughter! To know more about The Family Man Season 1 and Season 2, head straight to Amazon Prime Video. 

Here Is A Complete List Of 20 Blockbuster Shows Just Like Rana Naidu! – FAQs

1. Is The Family Man coming back with Season 3?

Yes, the thriller crime drama, The Family Man has been renewed for Season 3 and is set to premiere somewhere in 2023.

2. Has the production started for The Family Man Season 3?

According to various sources, production has already started for The Family Man Season 3. Some sources even claim that the filming has already been wrapped up!

3. Is Mirzapur Season 3 coming out this year?

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but according to other inner sources, Mirzapur Season 3 has a strong chance to roll out this year.

4. When will Aarya Season 3 rollout?

The concrete release date is yet to be revealed, but as per our estimates, Aarya Season 3 might roll out by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

5. Is the 2023 Netflix crime thriller, Class coming back with Season 2?

Yes, the rumors are true, the 2023 Netflix crime thriller, Class has been officially renewed for Season 2.

6. When will CAT Season 2 premiere?

The concrete release date is yet to be revealed, but according to our estimates, CAT Season 2 might roll out by the end of 2023, particularly around November or December.

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