20 Shows Like 1899 That Will Blow Your Mind!

A mix of mystery, chemistry, suspense, drama, and everything which happened in 1899 is reflected in this brand-new Netflix series. 1899 deals with European immigrants who are ready to face the critical weather conditions of the sea. They are ready to board the steamship, Kerberos. A Netflix series based on a real historical event. These European immigrants are set to begin their journey from London. As the weather conditions deteriorate, we will see how these immigrants stand still to survive. 

A story that will give you goosebumps, a series that will tell you about the deadliest journey of European immigrants. They have to reach the New York port. As they start the ship, we will also learn some shocking facts about the disappearance of Prometheus, a ship that vanished out of the eye! Complicated relationships, love triangles, and complex dynamics of society are a few of the sensitive things which have been highlighted in the series. As the people hear about the death alert, the panic begins. It’s a true story of survival.

20 Shows Like 1899

1899 was released last month and within a very few weeks of its release date, 1899 started to impress the crowd out there. A series that presents us with a blend of mystery and suspense. The popular sci-fi Netflix series has got a good amount of ratings out there. The gripping and highly intriguing storyline of the series truly leveled up our binging tastes. There are numerous series like 1899 which are worth binging once. To make the process super easy for you, we have curated a special binge list for you. If you have loved binging on 1899, then we are pretty confident that you will like these as well. 

20. Fingersmith 

Let’s open the segment with the early 2000s, when the highly popular thriller drama series, namely Fingersmith grabbed our attention. A romantic drama series that is filled with suspense, mystery, and crime. We are going back to Victorian England. The show is based around a thief named Susan Trinder. Maud Lilly was a jackpot for her! When she got the opportunity to scam her, she initially realized that her poor days will be over soon. It was always a simple game, she has to defraud Maud and sent her to the mental asylum. But as she steps up into Maud’s maid, her mindset will shift. Instead of focusing on her plan, she will fall in love with Maud! 

19. The Society

The Society is a sci-fi thriller drama series based on the teenagers of West Ham, Connecticut. This little town was once filled with numerous human beings. As the teenagers came back from the canceled field trip, they will be shocked to learn the harsh reality of the land. Their friends, all the elderly beings living in the town have vanished! What happened to them? How did they disappear? What will these teenagers do without their parents? These teenagers of Connecticut are ready to face the unimaginable. They are ready to run their town. They cannot give up. Without any connection with the real world, we will see how this young group of men and women decides to deal with the reality of the town.

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18. Dracula 

Released in 2020, a mini-drama series that is scary enough to give you goosebumps. The story revolves around Bram Stoker’s famous book of the same. The series only had a total of three episodes but these three are worth binging once. The story is set around Mina, the one soul who falls in love with Dracula, who happens to be the sole woman who trusted him. She is the only girl who can change his mindset. For once, he will even try to get better for her but the brutal behavior of the people will not let him achieve his goal.

Witness one of the unusual yet warmest love stories of all time. It’s not a black-and-white love story where happily ever after exists. A three-episode love story that will melt your heart. The gripping storyline of the series is filled with dynamic complexities. Will Dracula end up with Mina? Will the people of the society accept Dracula’s existence? 

17. The Great

A historical drama series that tells us more about the age-old prevalent norms which were forced on females. The story revolves around Catherine the Great. We are ready to revise the history chapters. Get ready to see how she rose as the L Empress of Russia. Catherine the Great is ready to become the long-standing female ruler of Russia. We will see how she breaks the old-school method of ruling the kingdom.

Unlike other past rulers, she is not going to accept the wrong things which existed before she stepped onto her throne. She is ready to bring a change to the age-old Russian society. The series is undoubtedly one of the best series centered around important historical figures. It’s not an intense drama series, but a fun take on Russian history which is also packed with a generous dose of humor. The series rests upon the pillar of women’s empowerment in Russia.  

16. Midnight Mass 

Midnight Mass takes us to a small, isolated island! Everything was going at a mediocre pace, the community was trying to deal with the ups and downs of life. But it all changed when the disgraced young man came back to the island. But he wasn’t the only one who was planning to settle down on the island.

The series introduces us to Father Paul, a charismatic priest. As he steps onto the island, unusual events start happening on the island. Suddenly, the community starts enjoying great wealth and prosperity. But this is not a happy story, this is a horror series. Good things don’t come without a price. Get ready to learn everything about Crockett island. When everyone was busy celebrating the sudden richness of life, a few will see the unusual side of the story. 

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15. The Third Day 

Another iconic series happens to be “The Third Day”. A story that is divided into two parts. Featuring Jude Law, the series is about Sam and Helen! On one hand, we have Sam, we will see him on a subtle summer day. That’s where his summer journey begins on the island. But this is not an ordinary sea Island, deep secrets are buried in the mud. Sam is about to collapse with the group of islanders who will tell him about their rich culture. While on the other hand, we will capture a glimpse of the winter season. Helen is curious to resolve the mystery. She is looking for answers. But little did she know that on the other end of the tunnel, trouble is waiting for her.  

14. Medici

The show survived for three years on Netflix! As the name of the series suggests, we are ready to dig deep into the Medici family which existed in the Renaissance period! They are taking us back to Florence, Italy. The series displays some of the crucial moments which happened during the Renaissance era. From political disagreements and disputes to religious conspiracies, the series will blow your minds.

From complicated and twisted family strings to wild love triangles, the series is packed with mystery and suspense. Things will shatter apart from Cosmino learns the truth about his father’s death. It was not a sudden death, it was a planned murder. He is ready to take control of his father’s wealth. In addition to this, he must take care of his whole family, he must protect them from the murderer. Moreover, can he solve his father’s murder mystery? Can he find the culprit who killed Giovanni?

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13. The Nevers 

An exceptional blend of sci-fi, thriller, mystery, and fantasy, The Nevers surely didn’t fail to impress us. The story revolves around a group of unusual Victorian women who have supernatural abilities. They are about to step up for the mission. The world is filled with creepy and dangerous creatures and this sassy group of girls is ready to handle the heat of the world.

They are ready to board the adventure train. We are going back to 1899 when women never had a chance to speak up in society. This popular HBO series doesn’t follow the normal streamlining of supernatural movies and series. Most of the movies of this genre are based on male strength and power, but this series talks about the sheer will of females to break the societal norms prevalent in the town. They are ready to protect the world from the unusual death threat.

12. Vikings

A TV series that survived for more than 5 years, Vikings is undoubtedly one of the most interesting series present on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.  The series is inspired by the sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok! Get ready to learn everything about the Vikings, the most renowned Norse heroes of history. The story revolves around Ragnar. It all started when he carried out the raid on England. He is the sole caretaker and leader of the Viking tribe. The fearless, intelligent Ragnar is about to change his life.

From a mere farmer to becoming the king of Scandinavia, it’s not going to be a simple battle for him. He couldn’t have pulled this alone. His loyal army base stood by his side. They faced the deep side shocks of the battleground and finally, Ragnar was crowned with the prestigious title of the Scandinavian King. In the further episodes and seasons of the show, we were introduced to his sons and fellow heirs, who will also face the hard reality of battlegrounds. They will also face a fair share of hardship and struggle.

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11. Downton Abbey

Next on our list is Downton Abbey. Based on a fictional country named, Yorkshire, the story tells us the history of the Crawley family. A direct take on historical drama series which has a blend of everything. Complicated relationships, the gap between the rich and poor, and complex friendships, this series throws light on the age-old aristocratic culture prevalent in western countries. As the years pass by, we will see how each one of the family members adjusts themselves to the brutal events of their life. From the drastic sinking of the Titanic to Russian exile, we will see how the family faces the crucial historical moments of the 1900s. 

10. Turn: Washington’s Spies

Ready to travel down history lane? Turn: Washington’s Spies, a mystery historical drama series that revolves around the storybook of the same name penned by the renowned writer of all time, Alexander Rose. We are turning the pages of American history. Get ready to learn everything about America’s first-ever Spy Ring. We hope you all have heard a bit about Culper Ring. Well, if you still don’t know who this man is, then this show deserves a place on your binge list. A group of highly intellectual spies who are ready to operate under the command of George Washington. This series holds a true and accurate picture of the American Revolutionary War.

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9. Frontier

Featuring the very talented celeb, Jason Momoa, Frontier takes us back to the popular fur trade business of Canada, which was originally set up by North Americans. The story revolves around a half-Irish and half-Cree outlaw named Declan Harp. The corrupt practices prevalent in the fur trade are very well known to him and he is ready to change it all for once and all. Here begins the historical event of the 1700s, when Declan rose to disrupt the market.

He is ready to bring a change in the fur business. The company led by Hudson Bay has forced strict monopoly policies in the fur business. Power holders are enjoying the benefits of this policy but the poor fur trade dealers are not happy with this strict monopoly rule. On one hand, we have Harp while on the other hand, we have Lord Benton who is ready to chalk out cruel plans to attack Harp! After all, the survival of Harp is becoming a tight threat for them. 

8. 1983 

Another series worth binging would be 1983. A Polish thriller that takes us back to a bizarre terrorist attack. Are you ready to witness the downfall of the Soviet Union? A story that had a drastic impact on Poland’s liberation. Enough of the struggle, a new revelation is set to begin. A highly bright law student and an intellectual police officer, are about to uncover a conspiracy that was always kept inside the carpet.

Poland is determined to establish itself separately. The journey of freedom is about to start. But those who have the power of control, those who don’t stand change, will they accept the new Poland? Fans initially expected to see another season of the show, but 1983 never came up with season 2. To know what happened in the Polish land, watch 1983, exclusively just on Netflix.

7. The Crown

Another epic drama series of all time based upon true historical events and facts happens to be “The Crown”. The show is still running successfully on Netflix. The series takes us back to the age-old royal history of Great Britain. All the twists and turns which had ever occurred in the Royal family are portrayed here. The dirty politics prevail behind the Royal doors, the complicated complexities and stress which rest between the Prince and the Princess, every brutal story around the Royal Family is addressed here. It all started with Queen Elizabeth II. We will see how the Queen takes critical decisions for her family and her kingdom. The series also throws generous light on Princess Diana’s relationship with her beloved husband, King Charles III. 

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6. Outer Banks 

How could you skip Outer Banks? Get ready to learn everything about the Pogues and their treasure hunt. A highly intriguing and exciting crime drama series that is continuing its lifetime on Netflix. They are looking to unfold the hidden secret. They are ready to follow the treasure map. A story about love, friendship, greed, and relationship. Not only are they chased by the Kooks but this group of teenagers is also looking for John B’s father! Till now, we have only binged on two seasons of the show and we can’t wait to see what happens in Outer Banks season 3. If we are not wrong, the third installment of the show is set to drop out next year.

5. Stranger Things 

When talking about thriller mystery series, how could we forget about Stranger Things? A highly popular Netflix which started back in 2015 and is continuing to surprise us. A mix of sci-fi and fantasy, Stranger Things is all that you are looking for. Get ready to dig deep into the land of Hawkins. It all started with Will Byers. We hope you all remember the day he goes missing. 

His sudden disappearance from school worried his friends, classmates, and family. Being a quiet child, he had spent most of his days alone. No one knew what happened to him. As the search for Wills begins, we will see how the group of teenagers unlocks the hidden secret! His parents, friends, especially his only best friend, and everyone are caught in a trap. The supernatural elements involved in the movie truly won our hearts. 

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4. Outlander

One of the best shows on Starz network happens to be Outlander. A historical drama series, which also presents a blend of sci-fi mystery. She is ready to do a time travel. It’s a story about Claire Beauchamp Randall, a former WWII military nurse who was living a mediocre life in Scotland. But things change when she finds herself in 1743. A story about love, relationship, friendship, hardship, cruelty, and everything which lies in between these complex phenomena of life. We will see how Claire finds the love of her life! But the hustle has just begun for her. She selects to be with Jamie Fraser, they even get married, and they are ready to hold upon one another, but will Claire decide to stay in the 1700s? 

3. The Last Kingdom

We are coming down to the second last wire of the day, another popular Netflix series is “The Last Kingdom”. A piece of a classic novel penned by Bernard Cornwell. The historical book eventually made its journey to Netflix. The series is based on the journey of Uhtred, and how he rose to power. We see how this young man gets accustomed to the Danish war camp. Heir of Bebbanburg, the small boy is now a young man, who is ready to recapture his lost throne. It’s a battle of survival. From recapturing the land from the Danes to fighting all the battles fiercely, it’s a story about power and control. Uhtred remembers the betrayal of his uncle and he will not stay quiet until he gets back to his original land. 

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2. Yellowjackets 

Another popular scary drama series of all time happens to be Yellowjackets. It all starts with the horrific plane crash. They were among the few survivors of the crash. The story centers on a group of high school soccer players. This girl gang survived the hardships of the Northern wood. A journey that they will never forget, those bizarre flashbacks scares their soul. They are trying to readjust to the normal reality of life. But can they ignore the past shocks of the accident? After a fair gap of 25 years, they are again troubled with their past lives. The more you run away from reality, the more it will hunt you down. We also heard a few firing rumors out there that say Yellowjackets might soon be renewed for another run.  

1. The Girl in the Mirror 

Last but not the least, we have another exciting Netflix series, namely The Girl in the Mirror. Released this year, a Spanish horror drama series that is packed with complex twists and turns. This is the story of Alma, who survived the accident. The bus crash took away her memory, she doesn’t remember a thing, and most importantly she cannot recall anything about the accident.

Everything feels unusual for her. Forget close friends, Alma doesn’t even remember her family members. Waking up in your own house feels strange when nothing around you feels familiar. This feeling of missing out will destroy her. She feels everyone is speaking up a dressed-up lie. As she tries to connect the dots of the accident, she will undergo a drastic change. To resolve the mysteries around her household, she decides to skip the current reality of her life. 

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