Is The Famous Hulu Mini-series The Dropout Based On A True Story? 

This is not just any miniseries, but a Hulu show where we again get to hear about Elizabeth Holmes! By now, we all know how much the world dislikes her, but there was also a time when she was renowned as the youngest self-made billionaire in the world! We travel back to the time when she started her million-dollar company. From getting huge amounts of funds for her start-up to seeing how Carreyrou managed to reveal the whole truth to the public, The Dropout is indeed counted as the finest miniseries ever presented on Hulu.

But what’s worth noticing is, how the series narrated the whole story to us! Yes, it is a true story, but how much of the tale is based on genuine facts and records? Do you think everything we saw in the series is line-by-line true? Well, this is where you are wrong! It’s not a documentary but a thriller drama and here is everything we know about The Dropout! 

Is The Famous Hulu Mini-series “The Dropout” Based On A True Story? 

Is The Famous Hulu Mini-series "The Dropout" Based On A True Story? 

Well, Elizabeth Holmes is not unknown to any of us! We all know about her scandal! There was clearly enough source material available for the creation of this mini-series! But it all comes down to this one podcast show which was released back in 2019, where we get to hear a refined yet highly dramatic version of the scandal. Being a young mind, the world was highly impressed by Elizabeth’s sound business planning. From suddenly dropping out of her college to managing to build a start-up like Theranos is not an easy task to pull off, but she made it possible! Had the company been a genuine one, Theranos could have been a game-changer for the whole industry! But this is where Holmes made a huge mistake, the technology she was trying to improvise was faulty from the very beginning. 

As we saw in the series, Theranos somehow managed to crack a deal with Walgreens! Accordingly, the new technology was supposed to be incorporated into some kind of “Wellness Centers”! This was a brand new initiative of Walgreens, which in turn will increase their goodwill in the market. Holmes along with her other teammates brainwashed Walgreens so well that they were forced to believe that they had to implement the latest technology in their stores. After all, their rivals were doing the same! This happened in real life as well! Not only this, but many scenes shown in the show occurred in reality! 

From Balwani following Kevin to the bathroom to organizing the secret sushi lunch to the awkward karaoke, all these events are based on facts! Moreover, the whole scenario where Carreyrou carried out the investigation, gathered all the necessary documents, and revealed the scandal to the whole world is also quite well narrated in the series. To sum it up, we would like to conclude that most of the story we saw is actually true. Not line by line, but most of the scenes portrayed surprisingly occurred in real life as well. We cannot forget the fact that this series has been made for entertainment purposes, and what’s a thriller without a bit of spice and drama? Yes, to increase the thriller factor, the story has been twisted here and there, but not all of the things we saw are false or written by anyone!

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Was Elizabeth Holmes A Rape Victim?

Is The Famous Hulu Mini-series "The Dropout" Based On A True Story? 

You will be highly shocked to know this, but it is 100 percent true! This particular thing is portrayed in the famous Hulu series as well! Whether it happened at a party or not is quite questionable. But it is indeed true that Holmes was raped brutally in her sophomore year. We all know that Holmes did drop out mid-way from the very reputed Stanford University, but the actual reason behind her action was not known to many until she spoke up during her trial period. According to her testimonies, she was raped and sexually assaulted at the university. Thinking that no one will ever believe her, she decided to drop out of her college and start her own biotechnology company! 

That’s not all, but in this very same testimony, Holmes also accepted the fact that Balwani was no good as a partner! He used her for his own motives and left her when he knew that the scandal was about to be revealed. She also said that there were times when Balwani used to sexually assault her! Yes, they had a long romantic relationship but it wouldn’t be fair to say that Balwani was a good human being! Sunny initially supported Holmes when no one was with her and this was the only reason why she was committed to him! 

Interestingly enough, this bittered love-and-hate relationship angle is held forward in the famous Hulu series. In The Dropout, we did see how Balwani took the most of Holmes! It is indeed true that Elizabeth Meriwether, the renowned director of the show, tried her level best to showcase the actual story to us. Coming back to the question, it is quite clear that being a teenager and also as a young adult, Holmes has gone through a lot. It is quite sad that the real culprits who raped and sexually abused her will never be behind bars. But this cannot change the fact that she too stands faulty due to her fraud and scam company! 

The Real Elizabeth Holmes Is About To Start Her Sentence Period! Amanda Seyfried Comments On This News!

The hearing we all have been waiting for is here, the final judgment has been ruled out. The original scammer, Elizabeth Holmes, has been finally sentenced to prison. She will be serving for 11 prolonged years! The much-awaited ruling of her court case has been made. The news broke out recently and thus the famous Hulu series, The Dropout again came back into the picture! To some extent, we all know that Holmes cannot run away from the frauds she has committed. And finally, she will be paying for all her misdeeds. Amanda Seyfried who has received huge popularity for portraying the role of Elizabeth Holmes in the renowned Hulu series was recently captured in an exclusive interview! She was obviously questioned about Holmes’ sentence period and this is what her answer looked like. 

It seems like she made a huge comment about her arrest! Given the fact that Elizabeth had two very young kids, Amanda did feel a bit sympathetic for her. Seyfried is also a mother and she understands how difficult circumstances can be for motherless kids. They will surely miss out on their mother’s love and affection. But again, she had to pay for her wrong deeds. And thus, Amanda personally felt that the sentence was quite justified. As per Amanda’s statement, Holmes’ 11-years sentence period was quite fair and necessary. That’s all for now, to get more updates on interesting and intriguing series and movies, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is The Famous Hulu Mini-series “The Dropout” Based On A True Story? – FAQs

1. Who was seen as Elizabeth Holmes in “The Dropout”?

In the famous Hulu series, The Dropout, Amanda Seyfried was seen in the shoes of Elizabeth Holmes.

2. Did Amanda voice up Elizabeth’s prolonged sentence period?

No, Amanda didn’t voice up for Elizabeth’s prolonged sentence period!

3. How many children does Elizabeth Holmes have?

Elizabeth Holmes has a total of two very young kids.

4. How many total episodes are there in The Dropout?

The popular Hulu mini-series, The Dropout, holds a total of 8 episodes.

5. For how many years, Elizabeth is meant to serve in prison?

Elizabeth Holmes has been sentenced to prison for a prolonged 11 years.

6. Was Elizabeth Holmes married to Sunny Balwani?

Elizabeth Holmes was in a really long relationship with Sunny Balwani, but they were never married.

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