Mixed By Erry Review And Ending Explained: A Counterfeit DJ Becomes The Spotify Of The 90s!

Nobody could deny the importance of Spotify in our lives, certainly, I can’t. Our personal music store with millions of songs and mixtapes, Spotify holds the majority of the music industry these days. In the early 1960s, people relied on cassettes to satisfy their music cravings. Netflix’s latest musical drama, Mixed By Erry is an Italian film centred around three brothers who utilized the blooming demand of music and mixtapes to their benefit. An aspiring DJ becomes Italy’s most-wanted pirate even before he realizes what the term means–and no, he isn’t as naive as you might be thinking. Instead, he is an ambitious musician who couldn’t read the lines between passion and piracy.

Mixed By Erry is centred around copyright infringement in the decade when almost half of the population didn’t understand the term. In a broader sense, however, it is a compilation of brotherhood, betrayals, passion, identity crisis and much more. To help you better understand what Netflix’s Mixed By Erry is about, here is a quick recap and review!

Mixed By Erry Recap

Mixed By Erry Review And Ending Explained

The Fratassio family is your typical loud bunch of folks who have to strive harder than the rest to put food on their table. As the film commences, the director Sydney Sibilia introduces us to the main protagonist of the series Enrico Fratassio (Luigi D’Oriano) as he is assigned a bunker in prison. He then begins reminiscing about his past, right from his childhood when he used to spend all of his time in a radio shop. Erry’s brothers, Angelo (Emanuele Palumbo) and Peppe (Guiseppe Arena), are outgoing with little passion for music. Erry, however, breathes music. 

His father, Pasquale (Adriano Panteleo), is a smuggler. He tricks his customers by letting them have a sip of a branded wine, only to gain their trust and sell tea packaged in wine bottles. Erry, Angelo and Peppe grew around this environment. As they grew up and Erry is attacked by some bullies, Angelo comes to his rescue. But he kills one of those attackers and ends up in prison. Meanwhile, Erry decides to become a DJ. Erry tries auditioning for a few DJ roles but in the end, his pliant nature becomes an obstacle.

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The Fratassio Brothers Are Now Franchise Owners

If being rejected wasn’t enough, the record store Erry worked at is closing down, too. With no other option left, Erry decides to start selling his mixtapes. With the help of his brother, Peppe and his girlfriend, Frances, Erry starts his own business. They pick on a loan from Don Mario, buy advanced machines and start selling DJ Erry’s compilations. However, they come across a hurdle when a Moroccan mafia man suddenly takes an interest in their business. At the same time, Angelo is released from prison and the Fratassio brothers overcome this issue. Since Angelo has strong connections with all the wrong people, it comes in handy.

Erry comes across Teresa, a music geek to whom Erry has promised a personalized mixtape and things start to get serious between them. Angelo, Peppe and Erry become a brand, Mixed By Erry. They started dominating the music world with DJ Erry’s compilations being released prior to the original songs. However, they only got to stay at the top of the world for too long.

Mixed By Erry Ending Explained: Who Betrays The Fratassio Brothers?

Be it mafia men or music lovers, Mixed By Erry has now become a name on everyone’s lips. Their fandom is extended to the police as well, with one special fan Captain Fortunato Ricciardi (Francesco Di Leva) crossing to lengths to meet Erry and his brothers. His reasons, however, are vicious. Ricciardi threatens them with everything in his power but the Fratassion brothers are ten steps ahead of him every time. They move their business locations, conceal their laboratories–where the compilations take place–and win thousands of people’s hearts so that they would help them against Ricciardi.

As the mess with Ricciardi settles down, the Fratassio brothers come across Arturo Maria Barambani (Fabrizio Gifuni), an entrepreneur in the business of selling blank tapes. He signs an exclusive deal with them and wins the trust of the Fratassio brothers. Entire Italy is now aware of the enticing compilations by DJ Erry. Now, more than 180 million of his tapes are being pirated and sold at a cheaper rate. When Barambani witnesses Mixed By Erry dominating the music world, his insecurities rise and he succumbs to Ricicardi’s plan, betraying the Fratassio brothers.

As the lawsuit progresses further, Erry, who never wanted to become a pirate just a DJ, gives in and pleads guilty instead of innocent. He goes against the plan and ends up being sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison. Their money, which was buried beneath the tennis court is their only reprieve now. However, given that Italy’s currency, Lira is now being replaced by Euro, they are back to square one.

Mixed By Erry Review: The Thin Thread Between Passion And Piracy Is Well Executed

It is a nostalgic tale of three brothers caught in the web of compilations and counterfeit misses a note. No doubt, Sibilia has done her best and the characters feel highly realistic. The end, however, could have been done better. Arturo betraying Erry didn’t come off as a surprise, just like the entire 2-hour-long film is predictable. If you want to be amazed by some twists, Mixed By Erry has none to offer. It certainly possesses a suave charm to it and the portrayal of the vintage Italy is indeed engrossing.

It isn’t a fulfilling experience though. Mixed By Erry does nothing over-the-top to grip my attention. It is a slow-paced musical drama that has the potential but is not utilised wholly. It is a tale of dreams, of weaving through dire financial conditions and of being misled unintentionally. The phenomenon is great, portraying the Fratassio brothers in their natural nonchalant manner is the reason Mixed By Erry is not a total mess. It is all on the sophisticated storytelling, the mischief instilled by Peppe, the courage flaunted by Angelo and the innocence portrayed by Erry that this film earns a 6 on 10 from me.

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