A Beautiful Life Review & Ending Explained – A Splendid Journey From The Docks To The Music Studio! 

If you are not living for someone, then are you even alive? Someone has said it right, the symphony of all our lives does depend on someone or the other! A beautiful yet so simple love story recently flourished on Netflix and we still couldn’t get over how perfect this story was! A Beautiful Life, a classic romantic tale is now available to stream on Netflix and we can’t wait to discuss more on it. 

Directed by Mehdi Avaz, and written by Stefan Jaworski, the recently launched, Netflix film, A Beautiful Life has genuinely impressed us a lot. With a few twists and turns here and there, this new-age romantic movie surely marked the right notes for us. When you expect the least, that’s when life offers the most to you! This story speaks about Elliott Winther, an ordinary fisherman whose life is about to change forever. 

A Beautiful Life Review – A Splendid Journey From The Docks To The Music Studio! 

A Beautiful Life Review - A Splendid Journey From The Docks To The Music Studio! 

Elliot is a daily wage earner and a normal fisherman! His days are mostly centered around the docks, he barely spends anything and dreams one day to sail around the whole world! Thanks to his best friend Oliver who managed to get them that gig, it was this very moment when his life was about to turn upside down. He was lucky enough to get a chance to perform at the renowned Suzanne Taylor’s birthday party. But guess what, he did quite well, but Oliver messed up big time! Given the fact that he can do everything for his best friend, he even ended up in jail for fighting with some roadside goons! But it seems like Oliver wasn’t so near to Elliott!

But as they say, when everyone abandons you, that’s when you shine through! Suzanne and Lilly Taylor took keen note of Elliott’s performance! As a result, Suzanne decided to bail him out of jail! In return, Elliot just had to spend a few hours with them. After Vincent Taylor passed away, his only daughter Lilly is now too scared to produce anything out there. This was their golden chance to get the world a new voice! It has to be Winther, they knew he had something special and that’s why even Lilly decided to stick around with him. 

A new-age star was about to be born and Lilly will be the face behind him. After all, there is always a woman behind a man’s success, and Elliot Winther has Lilly’s back! From making him free from his inside demons to holding him tight, a heart-warming love story evolved through the tune of music! This classic romantic movie, A Beautiful Life is surely worth bingeing once. Considering everything, this movie deserves a 7.5 from us. 

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A Beautiful Life Ending Explained – Did Lilly Finally Meet Elliot? 

A Beautiful Life Review - A Splendid Journey From The Docks To The Music Studio! 

The one who abandoned him decided to appear back in his life! Oliver returned to Elliott and once again he was about to lose it all. Little did he know that Oliver had different motives. He blamed Elliot for stealing his song and then demanded to be on his upcoming album. Elliot, who truly cared for his friend, did exactly as Oliver told him and this was the final nail in the coffin! As Patrick, Lilly, and Suzanne are opposing Elliott’s decision, they can clearly see a different version of him. 

At this exact moment, Lilly announces she is pregnant and thus, Elliott gets even more troubled and scared. Things got even worse when his father’s only boat was set on fire. Meanwhile, Lilly packs her belongings and leaves for London while Suzanne and Patrick decide to stick along with Elliott! He has lost it all and now he cannot ruin his upcoming concert or TV show! 

In the climax of the movie, we saw how Patrick comes up to Elliott and tells him that he too didn’t have anything other than music. He tells Elliot that he cannot lose it all, he reminds him that now, he, Suzanne, and Lilly are part of his family. Surprisingly, Lilly came to see his performance, and staring above at the love of his life, he sang his brand new song! It seems like our singer is finally ready to be a father! He is no longer scared to spend his life with Lilly and thus the two get their happy ending. 

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