Doctor Cha Episode 13 Recap And Ending Explained: A Deja Vu Envelopes Jung-Sook And Flips Her World!

It is the semi-finale week and the writer, Jung Yeo-Rang, is driving us closer to the ultimate phase of our main protagonist Cha Jung-Sook’s life. Jung-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) is a first-year resident who decided to pursue her passion after being a stay-at-home mother and daughter-in-law for 2 decades. After she was diagnosed with jaundice and almost tasted death, her world flipped and Jung-Sook transformed into a medical intern at Gusan University Hospital. Her husband, Seo In-Ho (Kim Byung-Chul) is a professor at the same hospital along with his girlfriend, Choi Seung-Hee (Myung Se-Bin). They have hidden their alleged relationship from the world for decades–their daughter Eun-Seo (So A-Rin), too.

Now that Jung-Sook and the entire family have discovered In-Ho and Seung-Hee’s relationship, Netflix’s Doctor Cha is steaming. This new episode is brimming with steaminess, reunions and secret revelations. In the last episode, In-Ho fell unconscious with blood streaming down his nose after Jung-Sook revealed her plans. She wants a divorce and In-Ho is adamant about destroying her plans. Here is a rundown of Doctor Cha Episode 13!

Doctor Cha Episode 13 Recap: Jung-Min And So-Ra Reunite

Let us begin with some good news! In-Ho’s tripping and falling was just another act, he isn’t suffering from any disease and Jung-Sook’s revelation didn’t stagger him. The entire family–his children Jung-Min (Song Ji-Ho), I-Rang (Lee Seo-Yeon) and his mother-in-law Ae-Sim (Park Joon-Geum)–watch as Jung-Sook uses her medical knowledge to figure out his act. Later, they learn about Jung-Sook’s decision and while I-Rang and Jung-Min are supporting, Ae-Sim isn’t. She doesn’t want to let go of Jung-Sook and mind you, it isn’t because this vile woman is attached to her daughter-in-law but because it is all reputation and responsibility to her.

The next good news is Jung-Min and his girlfriend, So-Ra (Jo Ah-Ram) reunite in this episode! They broke up after Jung-Min asked So-Ra to think about their future and she refused. This good news is a product of another delightful news. Jung-Min got himself in deep trouble after the death of his patient, Yoo Ji-Seon. Ji-Seon’s parents hold Jung-Min accountable and while In-Ho is trying to blame the Family Medicine Department led by Seung-Hee for the death, his efforts have proved to be futile.

It is Doctor Roy Kim, Jung-Sook’s best friend that comes to Jung-Min’s rescue and convinces Ji-Seon’s parents that it wasn’t Jung-Min’s fault. They forgive Jung-Min and decide not to file a lawsuit against him. Jung-Min, however, is riled up that he is forgiven this easily. So-Ra once again stands by him, salvaging their relationship from hitting rock bottom. They are back together! Though they haven’t officialized it yet, it is rather obvious that Jung-Min and So-Ra are not ready to give up on each other yet.

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In-Ho Changes His Colours Again

Doctor Cha Episode 13 Recap And Ending Explained

Even though In-Ho has been maintaining two families at the same time, he hasn’t been wholly devoted to anyone. He never let Eun-Seo have a proper father. In-Ho has always been just a guardian to him and a lover to Seung-Hee. While I-Rang and Jung-Min got to witness his fatherly side, Jung-Sook never got a husband. He’s a chameleon who changes his colours according to his wish–and the demand of the situation. Now that Jung-Sook has announced her decision to get separated from him, In-Ho changes his colours again.

The man who couldn’t even bother asking his wife about her health is now suddenly worried about her meals and residence. In-Ho, like a clingy kid, latches onto Jung-Sook, sending her pictures and cliche notes. Jung-Sook scorns In-Ho’s attempts and tries to dodge him as much as possible. But as the circumstances–and the writer’s imagination–have it, Jung-Sook cannot stay away from In-Ho for long.

Doctor Cha Episode 13 Ending Explained: Deok-Rye Now Knows About The Truth Too

One more mystery that surrounds Netflix’s Doctor Cha is Kim’s biological parents. He has been trying to search for the parents who gave him up for adoption ever since the series premiered on Netflix. Now, his search leads him to the DNA registration centre where Kim registers his DNA and keeps his hope illuminated. Talking about parents, Jung-Sook’s mother, Deok-Rye (Kim Mi-Kyung), is spiralling down. Her shoulder ache has severed to the point that she cannot move her hand at all.

Jung-Sook discovers her mother groaning in pain and immediately admits her to Gusan University Hospital. Guess who’s in charge of Deok-Rye’s case? Yes, it is none other than Jung-Sook’s archnemesis, Professor Choi Seung-Hee. Though she is keeping her grudge aside, In-Ho and Jung-Sook are unable to believe it. Well, she could be petty so no surprises there. The surprise is In-Ho’s sudden reaction towards his mother-in-law’s health, his concern isn’t just baffling but also frustrating to Jung-Sook.

In-Ho oversteps the mark when he offers Deok-Rye a lavish dinner with the entire family and figuratively showers her with money. It is a deja vu moment for the entire family. They have been through this pretence once before at the time of Jung-Sook’s birthday Doctor Cha Episode 13 is a buffet of surprises. Ae-Sim who has been dating a professor at Gusan University Hospital is also having a quiet dinner with his wife which Ae-Sim interrupts rather violently. Ae-Sim doesn’t only indulge with her boyfriend’s wife in a verbal fight, they also start snatching each other’s hair like three-year-old kids. In this fight, the professor’s wife calls Ae-Sim the mother of a cheating son. She reveals In-Ho’s affairs in front of Deok-Rye, leaving him stunned.

The level of drama intensifies when Seung-Hee and her daughter, Eun-Seo walk into the hotel. The melodrama is left for Doctor Cha Episode 14!

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