Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap And Ending Explained: It Is The Season Of Break Up At Gusan University Hospital!

Netflix’s most-popular weekly drama, Doctor Cha dropped with a new episode again and it is brimming with melodrama, tears and breakups. As we all know, this K-drama follows Doctor Cha Jung-Sook as she resumes her career after devoting 20 years to her husband, In-Ho, mother-in-law, Ae-Sim and kids, Jung-Min and I-Rang. But then, she was diagnosed with liver disease and a charismatic doctor, Roy Kim, entered her life. Jung-Sook then started pursuing her career and is now a first-year resident at the hospital her husband, In-Ho, works with his girlfriend, Seung-Hee.

In the last episode, Jung-Sook discovered In-Ho and Seung-Hee’s alleged affair. While her reaction leaned towards the colder side, this episode highlights a different Jung-Sook and what a fireball she is. It isn’t her relationship that is broken though, there is a season of break up at Gusan University Hospital ongoing! Here is a full recap of Doctor Cha Episode 11!

Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap

The creators, Kim Dae-Jin and Kim Jung-Woo have been slowly feeding scraps to us, holding this piece of Jung-Sook for a while now. While I adore Jung-Sook’s gentle side, this fiery side is absolutely heart-warming. In the last episode, Seung-Hee’s daughter, Eun-Seo, and Jung-Sook’s daughter, I-Rang got into a heated clash. Granted, this wasn’t their first time. But this one certainly was the most physical one, with Eun-Seo ending up in a hospital. She has her wrist fractured just like I-Rang is injured. Seung-Hee and In-Ho rush towards their daughter with Jung-Sook following them.

So-Ra, Jung-Sook and Jung-Min’s senior doctor–who also happens to be his girlfriend–take her on a ride and help her momentarily forget things. Sadly, when Jung-Sook returns back to her dorm room those dark memories descend down on her again. So, she decides to confront Seung-Hee and In-Ho. Now that Jung-Sook is aware that I-Rang knows about her father’s sordid affair, all her restraints snap.

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Seung-Hee Flips On Her Words Again

Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap And Ending Explained

Seung-Hee asked for a break-up in the last episode and planned to move to the United States, right? Well, she flips on her words as soon as Jung-Sook brings it up. 

With her face fuming with anger, Jung-Sook interrupts Seung-Hee amid a conference and orders her to call In-Ho immediately. The two of them have no chance to absorb the fact that Jung-Sook discovered them before Jung-Sook explodes. After throwing a myriad of accusations and taking out her anger on both of them, Jung-Sook asks In-Ho whether they are going to break up or not. She meant it in a condescending manner but In-Ho grabbed the opportunity to appease her and finally admit the truth; he is not planning to let Jung-Sook go for Seung-Hee–or for anyone else.

Seung Hee, however, has different plans. She contradicts In-Ho, claiming that she isn’t planning on breaking up with him and it should be Jung-Sook to leave In-Ho. They engage in a heated conversation with Jung-Sook losing her temper for the first time. Kim overhears her and silently wishes her good luck before walking away. Jung-Sook ends their fight by ordering Seung-Hee to leave Gusan University Hospital within a month.

Jung-Min And So-Ra Break Up

While they might not be the ideal couple, they certainly possess abundant love for each other. Initially, like you even I perceived Dr Jeon So Ra to be a cold-hearted, ruthless woman but this episode proves us differently. So-Ra’s father was a cheater, too. When So-Ra and her mother discovered his relationship, their family almost broke apart. To prevent it, So-Ra threatened her father with suicide and made him stay but it only worsened their condition.

When So-Ra shares her story with Jung-Sook, the latter isn’t only moved but is transformed, too. She changes her opinion towards So-Ra being unfit for her son. Now, though when Jung-Sook accepts their relationship, Jung-Min tears them apart. He isn’t wrong though. So-Ra isn’t ready to own up to their relationship, she hardly treated Jung-Min as if they were a couple and yet shared chemistry. It is a respectable, mutual break but that doesn’t mean it isn’t gnawing on their conscience, right? Both of them are deeply hurt but are firm in their stands.

Doctor Cha Episode 11 Ending: Kim And In-Ho Get Into A Major Fight

Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap And Ending Explained

Doctor Cha Episode 11 reaches heights of melodrama and jealousy when a fire breaks out at Jung-Sook’s dorm due to a short circuit. While everyone else rushes out as soon as they can, Jung-Sook sleeps like a baby. In-Ho finds out about the fire and rushes to save his wife but before he can reach her, Roy has already taken on the role of a knight. However, In-Ho snatches Jung-Sook from his arms and carries her down only to be pushed away. With no place to turn to, Jung-Sook walks into the hospital, hoping to catch a place.

There are no beds available for her. So-Ra suggests she take refuge in Kim’s house since he has released a group message stating that he is opening his house for the residents who have no place to go. Watching her discomfort, So-Ra decides to go along with her. Kim’s beaming smile when Jung-Sook arrives at his place makes for the highlight of the episode. They share tea together when Kim opens up to Jung-Sook about his search for his birth parents.

In the morning, So-Ra, being her straightforward, no-holds-barreled self, asks Kim to go for Jung-Sook. She is aware that Kim knows about In-Ho’s relationship with Seung-Hee. Though he brushes her off, his reaction towards In-Ho speaks a different language. They get into a fight verbally twice before making it physical. The outcome of their fight depends on the next episode.

Doctor Cha Episode 11 is now premiering on Netflix and it is quite a dramatic ride!

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