Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story? Or Is It An Imaginary Horror Thriller?

If I ask you whether you are a believer, an atheist or better yet an agnostic, what would be your answer? Each of us has a different perception of the magical entity that God is. Different opinions, different theories and different emotions. Some believe that God exists, some don’t and some people, like Tin (Carlos Gonzalez Morollon) and Tina (Anastasia Russo) are obsessed with God and religion. They can hardly think about anything else. Then there are people like Maria de los Dolores aka Lola (Milena Smit) and Adolfo (Jaime Lorente) who are believers but they are not as obsessed with God as Tin and Tina are. 

After an accident that steals Lola of her belief, Tin and Tina arrive in her life as rays of hope. Or are they the symbol of darkness? Netflix’s latest psychological horror thriller possesses severe questions that demand answers. One of these questions is whether Tin And Tina is based on a true story. Are Tin and Tina, the two pale-skinned absurd twins, real-life people? Are they innocent kids or cold-blooded murderers? Here is your chance to find out!

Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story?

Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story?

The plot is quite simple to be honest, nothing too complex, nothing extravagant. Lola and Adolfo are two newlyweds who lost their unborn child to an unknown cause. Lola cannot conceive again now, her loss leading her to tamper her relationship with God. She has become a walking ghost, numb to her feelings and lost to the world. One day, Adolfo decides to adopt a child and help Lola find a reason to live again. Though their initial plan was to adopt a toddler or a younger baby, Lola is mesmerized by the eight-ten years old Tin and Tina and their piano-playing skills.

What Lola doesn’t realize is Tin and Tina might appear surreal but the level of their surrealism is beyond the realms of her imagination. They are obsessed with their religion and God and they can cross any line to prove their faith true. Will Lola forego her grudge against God and embrace her religion? What price does she have to pay for that?

The storyline does seem to have a tinge of reality to it, doesn’t it? With the creator, Rubin Stein using these questions to grip the viewers, the question becomes prominent. The answer is an astounding no. Netflix’s Tin And Tina isn’t based on a true story. There exist no such kids–or they didn’t exist in the early 1980s in Spain–called Tin and Tina or the atheist Lola and her pilot husband, Adolfo.

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Tin And Tina Is Adapted From A Short Film By Rubin Stein

All the characters and the plot arcs used in Netflix’s Tin And Tina are fictional. The instances used to depict the religion-obsessed twins and the objects such as the crucifixes are all used to help the viewers stay rooted in the movie. They bear no significance to any real-life person or scenario. Rather, it is adapted from an eponymous short film released in 2023. It was directed by Rubin Stein who serves as the directed and screenplay artist in this Spanish thriller as well.

This short film received a warm response and mixed reviews from the audience. Now, this feature-length film is being hosted by the streaming giant, Netflix. It was first released in Spanish theatres before Netflix acquired the rights to broadcast it, helping Rubin’s short film and feature-length film to garner attention.

What Do The Makers Think About Tin And Tina?

Is Netflix’s Tin And Tina Based On A True Story?

This movie marks the first feature-length film directed by Rubin Stein. Produced by Olmo Figueredo Gonzalez-Quevedo, Tin And Tina is a tale targetting motherhood and the complexity of raising two children that are completely opposite of their mother. It isn’t a satirical or a punchy tale, rather Tin And Tina subtly deals with these issues by combining them with horror elements. Shot in picturesque locations of Seville, Gerena and Santiponce, Tin And Tina is a 2-hour-long movie that completed its shooting within just 7 weeks.

Tin And Tina is an ambitious movie that enjoyed a theatrical release in late March 2023 in Spain. Since then the makers, especially Stein, have been eagerly anticipating the Netflix release to make their project available globally. Rubin is attached to Tin And Tina deeply with this movie being his first feature-length film. He has expressed his eagerness to recreate the 2013 film. The future plans of this psychological horror thriller lay under covers and are yet to be unveiled by Stein.

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