Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained: Crisis Surrounds Jung-Sook, In-Ho Is Left Bleeding!

With the finale only two weeks away, Doctor Cha has upped the dose of melodrama, tears and issues. There is hardly anyone in this Netflix’s K-drama that is left unscathed, each one of these characters is dealing with issues on their own–some brought it on themselves, while some are stuck due to their fate. The leading protagonist of the series, Doctor Cha Jung-Sook, a housewife-turned-doctor, has a lot on her plate. She caught her husband, Seo In-Ho and his girlfriend, Seung-Hee red-handed in the previous few episodes and ever since her life has been distorted.

In-Ho is conflicted and Seung-Hee is torn. Meanwhile, Jung-Sook and In-Ho’s children, I-Rang and Jung-Min, are left to deal with their own problems. While I-Rang appearing for the most important exam of her life, Jung-Min is dealing with his breakup with So-Ra. On the other hand, Doctor Roy Kim, the half-American-half-Korean surgeon is struggling with finding his birth parents. So-Ra is crushed, too. And it seems like the makers are in no mood to easily sort their issues because Doctor Cha Episode 12 takes the melodrama and the issues a level higher!

Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap

In the last episode, In-Ho and Kim were brawling like randy teenagers and were soon joined by the chief surgeons of the hospital. Doctor Cha Episode 12 commences with a highlight of this brawl. Jung-Sook tears these teenager-slash-adults and drags In-Ho and Kim onto the hospital terrace to give them her piece of mind. After scolding both of them, mostly In-Ho though, Jung-Sook saunters away only to be stopped by Seun-Hee.

She asks Jung-Sook whether she is planning to divorce In-Ho and takes her on a guilt trip. In their college times, when Jung-Sook and In-Ho got close together–even if In-Ho was in a relationship with Seung-Hee–the former had to bear the weight of her guilt throughout the semester and beyond that, too. Now, the situations have reversed and Seung-Hee is unable to process it.

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In-Ho Breaks Up With Seung-Hee

Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained

Yes, it finally happens! After cheating on both, Seung-Hee and Jung-Sook, In-Ho has finally made up his mind and his choice isn’t the one he led around like a fool. While Seung-Hee is no child–she has a child of her own–she was certainly delirious. She believed when it came down to choosing between her and Jung-Sook, In-Ho would choose her. She naively assumed that In-Ho would give up on Jung-Sook, his kids and his mother for her and their daughter, Eun-Seo.

But as it happens, In-Ho doesn’t choose her. Of course, it was obvious right from the start. If he truly wanted to be with her, would he hide her as if she is a sin? Seung-Hee ignored the alarms and now, she has to pay for her choices. Though she is yet to accept it and free In-Ho of their relationship, In-Ho is done with her and he makes it as obvious as possible.

Seung-Hee isn’t the only one who lives in the denial land though, Kim is a resident of this place, too. When Jung-Sook’s best friend, Min-Hee catches Kim looking for Jung-Sook, she corners him. After a round of drinking, she coerces Kim to admit his feelings for Jung-Sook. Even in a drunken state, Kim finds a way to avoid disclosing his obvious feelings towards Jung-Sook.

So-Ra Sticks By Jung-Min As He Deals With The Consequences Of His Actions

Yoo Ji-Seon, the patient who recently gave birth to a daughter after repetitive obstruction from her parents due to her cancer, loses the fight eventually. She was discharged just a while ago before her abdomen pain got her back to the hospital. The optimistic mother didn’t stay long enough to get properly diagnosed. Just a while later, when Jung-Min discovers her condition and gets Kim to operate on her, it is too late. Ji-Seon is dead and the blame has fallen on Jung-Min who signed her discharge papers earlier. 

Now, Ji-Seon’s parents are blaming him and there is nothing Jung-Sook or Jung-Min are able to do. Initially, Jung-Min hides away after hearing about Ji-Seon’s death. Despite being sick himself–both physically and mentally–he tried to give his best but he couldn’t save Ji-Seon. Even though the entire Gusan University Hospital and Jung-Sook try to get hold of him, it is So-Ra who eventually gets to him. We all know So-Ra isn’t high on words but when she claims that she will be beside Jung-Min as he deals with it, she steals the episode.

Doctor Cha Episode 12 Ending Explained: In-Ho Tumbles Down After Hearing Jung-Sook’s Resolute Decision

Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained

In-Ho is adamant about covering Jung-Min’s mistake by blaming it on the Family Medicine department–which is led by Seung-Hee. For the first time, In-Ho truly appears like a responsible father by trying to protect his son even if his method of doing so is wrong. Not only is In-Ho risking his already deteriorating relationship with Seung-Hee but he is also jeopardizing his efforts. If he continues walking on this path, Seung-Hee could most likely ruin his image by revealing the nature of their relationship. But In-Ho’s decision is firm.

Just like In-Ho, Jung-Sook has made a resolute decision as well!

Back at home, Jung-Sook starts preparing for her late father-in-law’s memorial. She keeps hinting at how she wouldn’t be forever doing this. Ae-Sim declares that she is seeing someone and would like to stop the memorial ceremony. Even though In-Ho is shock-struck, Jung-Sook’s admission shakes him to the core. Jung-Sook demands a divorce from him but as you and I know In-Ho doesn’t want that. Upon hearing it, In-Ho freezes for a moment before his nose starts bleeding and he stumbles to the ground. What happens to him will be seen in the upcoming episode of Netflix’s Doctor Cha.

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